Chapter 11:


Good Luck in the Golden Classroom: The Golden Waltz

 When my mind is focused on one thing, I tended to process only what is relevant to that one thing. And by that thing, I mean studying. There was a point in my life when I hesitated to input my name into the enrolment form.

It was embarrassing, but fortunately, no one witnessed it since it was online. I quickly calculated my age thrice before I confirmed how old I was.

After cringing in the realization of how old I was, and how many years I have potentially wasted, I typed in ‘15.’

And that scenario applied in my current situation. I failed to promptly answer. I thought helping your friend was the natural thing to do. And that thought came to mind; that I used as an answer.

“Because he’s my friend?”

But, Eriki was skeptical, looking at me with doubtful eyes.

“No other reason?”


“No ulterior motives?”

What did she think of me anyway? A manipulating bastard?

“I don’t.”

“I guess you wouldn’t answer truthfully anyway when asked directly.”

“Are you going to ask a leading question next time?”

“Why, aren’t you sharp? This is why your façade is near-impossible.”

“Façade? What façade?”

“Since you’re so sharp, figure it out yourself.”

As if she premeditated, the elevator stopped and opened. She exited and walked a short distance before turning.

“I’m going to figure you out, Yajima.”

The doors closed shut, and I stood there confused.

What was she even talking about? Was she implying that I expected benefits in exchange? Did she think that I treat relationships as connections?

I didn’t know if I should be furious or not. I rarely interacted with her, and yet she has now made assumptions about me.

People like them are dangerous. The next thing I knew was that they have gossiped and slandered me. I’ve seen that occur several times back in my junior high school. And what I’ve learned was that: instead of being on guard, I should be attacking.

I exited the elevator which hadn’t moved yet. And since our destinations were on the same floor, I saw her walking down the hallway.

I jogged to her, but she didn’t spare me a look despite my loud footsteps.

When she was at her room door, I went behind her. “Isn’t it awkward when you planned a triumphant exit when you’ll be meeting me just seconds after?”

At those words, she dithered. Her hands froze in place, but she refused to face me. “…away.”


“Get away from me, you stalker!”

“Woah—woah, d—don’t shout that!”

Almost instantly, men in black suits appeared from both ends of the hallway.

“Hold on, this is all a misunderstandi—”

“He tried to harass me! This sexual scholar!” she pointed.

“What the—” I was about to lose control of myself, but I closed my eyes and unwinded. “I’m sorry,” I bowed profusely. “I was getting ahead of myself. Please don’t report me.” I glanced at the guards and fiddled in my pocket.

Then, the guards stopped midway and assessed the situation. I knew they had nothing they could do.

Grabbing Eriki’s arm, I grinned, “Now, this is harassment.” I pushed her against the wall, our faces centimeters away. “And this is a sexual scholar.”

Eriki pursed her lips and closed her eyes. She moved her face away in disgust as I breathed down her neck.

“U—um… sir?” The baffled guard froze in place, only lifting his hand toward me.

“You’re right. This is enough.” I pulled away, setting her free.

The guards left the scene while Eriki leaned against the wall.

In her eyes, there was fear and confusion. Her cheeks were blushing too. Her hair was disheveled. She wrapped her arms around her chest. She was trembling all over.

She spoke in a tiny voice, “W—who are you?”

“I’m a humble scholar——a meek, sexual scholar. Have you now figured me out?”

She shook her head.

“That’s unfortunate.”

I successfully had my revenge. This time, I made my triumphant exit into my room. With my display of boldness, I hoped that I made her understand that I wasn’t who she thought I was. I wasn’t a weak, easy-to-flick, dastard.

Since then, I’ve sensed Eriki’s observing stares directed at me, but when I’d make eye contact, she’d cower behind something. She could investigate me all she wanted, but I had nothing to hide.

Well, it was made that I had nothing to hide. Now everyone knew of my performance in the first quarterly exams. Just like I expected, many classmates began to ask me for help in their studies.

But there were still certain groups that were adamant about asking for assistance. I was sure they’d pose a problem later.

At that time, there was this certain clique I had my eyes on; that was the conservative group that attempted to cheat or have successfully cheated during the exams.

I planned not to report them yet. I didn’t need to initiate. Besides, I came here to make friends and not enemies. But at this rate, my first year of high school will be underwhelming.

And to make things worse, there seemed to be someone displeased with my recent success; that wasn’t Eriki.

The weekend passed, and it was a mundane Monday again. I expected Ito to come over to my desk and chat, but he seemed too busy for that today. He hung out with his usual group of friends. Having nothing to do, I observed that group, specifically Ito. I noticed that his demeanor was worse than usual. Instead of the laughing smile, he displayed towards his friends, he showed an oppressed smile.

And Ryuu had been scolding Ito more harshly and was giving lengthy, menial orders to him.

It was routine for Ito to meet me and treat me to lunch. The lunch wasn’t much since he only had an adequate allowance, but he had a generous heart. I waited for him at lunch, but he didn’t come. Our eyes met, but he quickly averted his eyes.

I was uneasy, not because my stomach was growling, but because he acted strangely and hasn’t interacted with me at all. So, I approached him.

I got close, but one of Ryuu’s friends blocked my way, letting Ryuu take Ito to the first trip of elevators.

It wasn’t as if they could get away from me. Where were they going to go? They could only go to the cafeteria. As expected, they were there at their usual table, eating. But, I felt the situation has worsened, so I left them alone.

Finally, after class, Ito talked to me.

“Hey, could you come with me to the rooftop?” he asked with a worried tone——a tone that was foreign to his personality.

Something was amiss. His face and tone told me that I shouldn’t go, but his words said the opposite——a juxtaposition of impressions.

I concluded that it was a trap of some sort.

“Sure.” But I went anyway.

As suspected, I was lured into Ryuu’s company. When I stepped out with Ito, they surrounded me, imposing strength and determent.

Meanwhile, Ito left my side to the Ryuu’s side, and Ryuu stepped in front.

I worried they were hiding something behind their backs——a bat, a knife, or a weapon of some sort. Then, I was terrified of what would transpire.

It would be plausible that even if something awful will be done to me, no one would blink an eye since I was a nobody. They had every reason and excuse to kill me right here and now.

As for me, even if I fight back, justice would side with the wealthy. I’ll be left with nothing. I imagined scenarios after my fantastical escape, and none of them were beneficial.

Having no choice or a future course of action, I decided to wait for their next move.

Ryuu spoke up first, “So, I’ve heard you’ve been teaching my boy recently, no?”

Should I nod or shake my head? I guess I should settle with a “Yes.”

“That’s cool, but I don’t like that. You know why?”

I shook my head.

“No one does a good thing without profits, especially with you, poor people.”

I was insulted. I wasn’t even that poor, but on behalf of all impoverished people, that was a rude thing to say. The wealthy people are the ones who tend to be more greedy, is it not?

“So, I’d like you to stop interacting with my good friend, Ito, from now on.”

But wasn’t that a selfish request? Wasn’t he being too possessive to his friend? And if he knew what I was doing, with ulterior motives or without, he shouldn’t, as his good friend, refuse him a better future just to have him for himself.

Also, it wasn’t cute for a male to be over-possessive like that. I’d probably reconsider if it was a woman because it was cute.

“Ryuu, you like your friend, don’t you?”

He was caught off guard by my question. “W—wha— of course, but of course, not—”

“You love your friend, Ito, right?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘love’ per se, but yes. Still—”


“—I mean in—what did you say?”

“You know I’m tutoring him to have better grades, and yet here you are, refusing a better life for him. What does that make you? A life-wrecker?”

“You… What are you saying?”

“I’m letting you reevaluate your decisions.”

“What are you implying? Don’t you see your position here? Should I teach it to you?” Ryuu signaled with his hand, and his friends encircled me closer.

“Don’t you understand?” I asked. “I tutored your friend. He benefited, and now you repay me evil?”

“What’s evil about protecting my friend? I don’t know what you’re planning, Amahiko Yajima. You’re not just some lucky scholar. I don’t know how your ‘scholarship’ allowed you in this school, but I’m sure it was through clandestine methods.”

I pondered for a moment. They waited for a response. I looked around me deeply in thought. I was not as confused as before. I came to a clear conclusion.

“Fine, I’ll stay away as you wish. I won’t tutor him anymore. But I guarantee you, if I stop, Ito’s grades will drop, and if it drops, he will flunk and be expelled from the school. And I won’t be lending assistance to your group anymore; because of that, all of you will follow suit. I won’t help with your homework anymore. I won’t help with your school works anymore. My support ends here. Do you still want to proceed?”

Ryuu clicked his tongue. “You thought we needed you? Never! How do you think we survived through junior high school in this academy? You’re a nobody. You’re just an extra.”

I sighed. So, that was how they thought of me? That was disheartening.

“Ryuu Morimoto, of the Units Construction Limited. Born in Sanno Hospital on October 2, 2004. Seventeen years old. Entered elementary school in a public school before enrolling in MONO Academy for junior high. Reportedly failed the entrance exam twice before successfully enrolling mysteriously. Has a tough appearance but a soft heart on the inside, particularly when related to his close friends and relatives. Always has a leader-like attitude but has an inferiority complex toward the ones he deemed superior to him. Over-protective and often distrusting of people interacting with him and his friends.”

Ryuu grew pale as he froze in shock. His words failed to communicate the fear in his eyes. He was probably thinking, ‘Who was this guy?’ as evident from his face.

“Don’t you worry about the future sometimes, Morimoto? I do not know how you enrolled, but I’m pretty sure it was by clandestine methods. Didn’t you regret not studying after failing the entrance exam twice? But your parents were appreciative of your efforts and passed through loops for you to get into this academy. But after you entered this school, you began to realize it wasn’t as great as it was advertised. And you began to realize your inferiority, so you gave in to the superior students, just like that president, right?”

“N—no, I did not give in!” he yelled, gritting his teeth.

“If you truly did, then you should have fought the president—no, you already did, but failed, I assume.”

He clicked his tongue once more.

“Now, that I have your unbroken attention, if I may—”

“Get him!!”

Suddenly, everyone around me went for a tackle. I quickly brought out my phone and showed its screen to Ryuu.

“Stop!” he shouted in panic, and everyone stopped.

“You should think twice before you do.” I returned the phone to my pocket. “As I was saying, I propose a contract: You and me, let’s be friends. In return, I’ll share my knowledge with you guys. How’s that?”

Ryuu struggled with his conflicting thoughts. He was contemplating longer than I expected.

“Come on, Ryuu. Think about the future. Would you want more regrets or satiating contentment?”

“So… this was what you were after…” he muttered.

But I heard him. “My motives weren’t worth distrusting for, wasn’t it?”

“Y—yeah, I was wrong about you.” He lifted his head. His strained face grew relaxed. Then, he approached me with a handshake. “Let’s be friends.”

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