Chapter 7:

Chapter 7


The girl covered in blood was getting closer and closer, she was holding a knife and spear. Her name was War which was written over her head. I looked at Adriana, she had this look of fear in her face.Bookmark here

‘I have never trusted in fate but.’ Bookmark here

Before she could complete the sentence the girl War dashed, she tried to kill me with the spear but Adriana deflected it, and punched her in the stomach hard. War fell to the floor and coughed blood. War tried to kick Adriana but she grabbed her leg and threw her. A beast with a joker face appeared over War, the beast was playing with War as if she was a marionette.Bookmark here

‘Fenrir you dare come to face me again’. Bookmark here

Suddenly! Adriana was covered in a gigantic red aura which Sent just one message: kill. She was covered in a red Valkyrie armor, she carried a sword and a shield. Before I could notice anything Adriana killed the beast. She carried War to the tent. Adriana’s hands were shaking while she was looking at war. Bookmark here

‘Why are you afraid of a teenage girl, you are a will and I think one of the strongest’. Bookmark here

‘Look Adrian the way my will powers work is different from other wills’ she replied. Bookmark here

She went out and gestured me to follow her, we walked until we reached a waterfall.Bookmark here

‘Now try to channel ki through your body, focus’.Bookmark here

I concentrated a tried opened each gate but still I can’t. ‘She looked at me and said ‘ok so if you can’t master ki, we are going to focus on physical training’. I was again transported into the blank world and again in front of me was the blue window. Bookmark here

[the skill physical mentor has been initiated to support player’s growth]Bookmark here

[Daily preparations]:Bookmark here

PUSH-UPS(0/50) Bookmark here

BICYCLE CRUNCHES(0/50)Bookmark here

SQUATS(0/50)Bookmark here

RUNNING(0/5km)Bookmark here

Any incomplete exercise by will cause severe punishment to the user and the user won’t be able to leave.Bookmark here

Time left: 4 hoursBookmark here

‘How can I even trust this thing, what even is it, I think it’s better not to do the exercise and wait for the time to pass’. The 4 hours passed and a red window appeared in front of me.Bookmark here

The user hasn’t completed the daily preparations for the skill physical mentor and should be punished. Bookmark here

I was transported into a glass bridge, beneath me was a massive volcano. Bookmark here

‘Run now if you value your life’ a voice inside me shouted. Bookmark here

I ran in full speed towards the other end of the bridge when suddenly! A really gigantic volcanic snake rose from the volcano and broke the bridgeBookmark here

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