Chapter 8:

Chapter 8


I was close to the other end of the bridge when the snake rose and broke the bridge. I wasn’t falling instead I was flying.Bookmark here

‘I will open a portal and you better move through it fast before it closes’. The voice inside me said.Bookmark here

A black hole was visible in front of me but the problem was that every passing second the hole shrinks. The snake rose from the volcano again and I am sure this time it was aiming to eat me alive.Bookmark here

‘Oh shit’ Bookmark here

I tried to move towards the black hole but moving in mid-air was hard and especially without my body. The snake was close, so close.Bookmark here

‘Ahhhhhh’Bookmark here

I closed my eyes. Suddenly! I felt something different, it was as if my surroundings became liquid. I opened my eyes and stared down, the snake was returning to the volcano and the hole was getting bigger instead of shrinking. Bookmark here

‘I have reached my limit, I can’t help you anymore. You should know this, I won’t help you again until the final battle so live strong and right.’ The voice inside me said.Bookmark here

I rushed towards the hole using all of my strength. I was an inch away from the hole when the snake rose again. I entered the hole before the snake devoured me. Bookmark here

The red aura window appeared in front me.Bookmark here

WARNING: interference with the punishment has detected, the hacker hasn’t been detected.Bookmark here

A new punishment will be inflicted upon the successor but it will be of the lowest rank. The successor should not run or he/she will die. FIGHTBookmark here

I reached the end of the black hole. Bookmark here

‘Mother I am home.’ Bookmark here

My mother stared at me for a while with this strange look. That was when the door opened and the old me entered the house.Bookmark here

‘Mother I am home’ Bookmark here

‘Welcome home my mother replied’.Bookmark here

The old me went upstairs. My mother was there reading a book when a female voice spoke, a voice so frighting .Bookmark here

‘It is going as planned your son is now using the catalyst we gave him. What do you expect from a plan made by him. Sadly Reina you should be eliminated because you living will be an obstacle for our grand scheme. Death mist’ Bookmark here

A red curtain of red mist covered the living room. A lady appeared in front of my mother, another lady appeared and another until there where 27 ladies.Bookmark here

‘Death if you think I will let that happen you are gravely mistaken, I won’t let anyone do anything to my son and specifically will of evil.’ Bookmark here

In an instant All of the ladies dashed and tried to stab my mother with their swords but she deflected all of them with her kicks. Two ladies rushed forward, my mother just disappeared from her position and stabbed both of them in the head. Bookmark here

‘Reina you are strong really so strong. Ok let us finish all of this sh*t. Death Stroke.’ Bookmark here

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