Chapter 1:

Introduction: Ardelien vs The Previous Holy Knights

Six Holy Knights

~ Grace magic: Glazing Imitating Sun~Bookmark here

The Holy Knights have arrived to the scene, with the knight of courage at the forefront, wielding a glowing, yellow sun which while just an imitation of sun, it's size is no mere joke. The heat being emitted from the fake sun manages to even melt the ground they walk on. The Demons of the lower classes freeze in fear as the Holy Knights approach full force.Bookmark here

However, behind the Demons lurks their leader, the Demon God Ardelien; the one who was involved in the start of the Holy war. His power level is said to peak 5,000,000 , far greater than any of the Holy Knight's power levels however the knights wield no fear in rushing forward through the vast demon army to get to their leader.Bookmark here

As the Holy Knights march onward towards the demons, the knight of courage lunges the colossal sun towards the army, tearing through the enemy lines and burning the demon's skin/bone to ash. Under the protection of a magical cloak provided by the knight of reason, they were able to defend themselves against the boiling temperatures but the Demons were no match. Even Class A demons struggled to stand while the heat of the sun brushed past them. That is, until Ardelien responds and crushes the fake sun with his own magic.Bookmark here

Next, a huge dial showed up in front of the Holy Knights. This was use of dial magic, one of the most advanced types of magic that could be used by a mage, allowing for more complex and powerful attacks. As such, the knight of reason came forward, floating in the air to announce the next attack they would thrust upon the Demons:Bookmark here

~Dial Magic: Eternal Blizzard~Bookmark here

The attack sent huge icicles, snow and ice hurling towards to the demons, freezing almost all the lower class demons (ranked D and C) and even mid class demons (B). The Knight of reason next used one of her magic spells to transport all of the holy knights straight into enemy lines, each to deal with a portion of the demon army, slowly progressing towards Ardelien.Bookmark here

However, Ardelien had no intentions of waiting. Ardelien was currently stuck at the back line as he waited for his right hand (A demon mage of rank S+) to recover his magic to full capacity by absorbing the demon magic that floated within the atmosphere of the wicked realm into an orb that allowed him to utilise all his magic at once, as his body could not contain all his magic.Bookmark here


The Mage responded:Bookmark here

"But master, your magic has yet to recharge to its maximum, I don't know how strong those Holy Knights are, but they are no joke. Rushing in would be foolish."Bookmark here

"My Demons are being crushed out there by those stupid knights right in front of me and you dare question me!? Give me my magic."Bookmark here

"Very well, however it is barely even at 10%, I can only transfer about 9% of your maximum power, it would only bring your power level up to 450,000."Bookmark here

"That's fine, I'll get rid of them in a few seconds."Bookmark here

*Ardelien, through the help of his mage, transports directly to the Holy Knights, crushing the ground beneath him as his makes his presence ever so dominant*Bookmark here

"So you stormed directly in the Demon Realm thinking you really stood a chance against us?"Bookmark here

The Knight of Courage responded:Bookmark here

"Ardelien, we've prepared for this day for ages, we are more than ready to take on you."Bookmark here

"How bold of you. Very well, I shall put an end to your worthless lives."Bookmark here

*Ardelien swings his sword straight down on the ground, causing a massive crack in the floor of the demon realm, however ,the holy knights  leap into air for combat*Bookmark here

~Dial Magic: Ray of Condensed Ice~Bookmark here

*Ardelien receives a gushing ray of ice straight to his face, partially startling him but removing his sight temporarily and the Holy Knights go in for their next attack, with the Knights of  Love and Passion coming closer*Bookmark here

~Fusion Grace Magic: Blistering needles of love and passion~
Bookmark here

*The needles slowly jab and tear at Ardelien's armour, and the Knight of Courage lunges even higher*Bookmark here

~Grace Magic: Ray of the Sun~Bookmark here

*A ray of blistering concentrated heat pounds straight at Ardelien, causing him to fall to one knee as they begin to tear fully through his armour and pierce his skin. The Holy Knights grin in recognition of their likelihood to defeat the Demon God once and for all.*Bookmark here

It was clear that Ardelien is no match for the Holy Knights in the weakened state he is in, being pummelled by the Holy Knights and so his mage teleports him back before he is defeated. The Mage opens a portal using his magic to take Ardelien elsewhere within the Demon realm, closing directly after they leave through. The rest of the Demons fly/run away, fleeing for their lives, retreating into the shadows of the Demon Realm.
Bookmark here

It was clear the Holy Knights had won this battle, but they had a long way to go till they had won the Holy War for the demons would return eventually...Bookmark here

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