Chapter 2:

Arc 1 - Chapter 1: The Knight's call

Six Holy Knights

Approximately 100 years later...Bookmark here

Deep within the halls of the castle of the Kingdom of Hadeland, two mages conversed among themselves...Bookmark here

"It is time, you must go and get the others, I fear their attack will come within only a matter of weeks."Bookmark here

"Very well. Will you be okay while I'm gone, it may take me a few days to recruit all of the holy knights once again?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I'll be cautious, I'll protect the kingdom in the mean time. Now go!"Bookmark here

"Ok, I'll see you soon....father."Bookmark here

*The Mage teleports from the room to a distant land in search of the rest of the holy knights.*Bookmark here

"She sure has grown a lot. I just hope the other knights are ready to face the Demon King and his army. In the mean time, I should carry on working on this plan..."Bookmark here

*Further within castle's walls, at the throne room, the King and the prince discuss their own matters*Bookmark here

"Father, are you sure we can't afford to stock up more knights across the kingdom's border. You've heard your mage's warning. We cannot afford to be under prepared when the Demons arrive."Bookmark here

"Son, you still have a lot to learn, our resources are not abundant. We must take precaution in how we utilise our knights, they have been reasonably portioned outside the kingdom to protect from any invasions. We needn't worry."Bookmark here

*The prince snaps back*Bookmark here

"But Father, the knights are not merely as strong as you think, they are not like us and our royal graces. They are barely capable of any magic."Bookmark here

"Son, I have thought many of these demons before, this is not my first rodeo with them. Demons of the lower class stand no match against the knights of Hadeland, and if ever they shall outnumber our knights, we shall arrive on the scene and take them down by ourselves. Now go back to your training along with the rest of the knights."Bookmark here

*The prince reluctantly walks off, grunting and muttering under his breath*Bookmark here

Suddenly, within the Kingdom's walls a portal opens in the sky, bringing forward a hoard of Demons, led by the Demon King's underling - a mage ranked Class S.Bookmark here

"Rank A Demons, blast into the Castle's walls, burn and destroy the village! Rank B-D Demons, rush into the Kingdom's houses and destroy as much property as you can! This will be the end of the Human's peace!"Bookmark here

*Deep within the Kingdom's walls, the mage begins to hear of all the ruckus happening*Bookmark here

"It can't be, the invasion was not supposed to happen like this, especially not without warning from the knights protecting the outside...unless, they came directly into the kingdom through a portal. This is bad, without the Holy Knights here, I'll have to deal with these demons."Bookmark here

The Demons lunge out in clumps through the portal, chasing humans on ground and soaring blasts through the sky at the castle's walls. The Mage who led them grins with contempt as he watches the protective magic shield that was placed on the castle begin to crumble as the fireballs from the Class A Demons further damage it in a continuous fashion. It would not be long until the shield was down and the castle would be attacked, with both the prince and the King still in there. However, just as the shield was about to be broken, a mage instantly appears before them - the King's mage...Bookmark here

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