Chapter 17:

Plethora of Emotions

Unconsciously Interested


Now then... I guess I’ll switch things up and have a café au lait instead of fruit-flavored tea.

Hmm? Or how about a peach cola?


There are quite a few drinks available at the school vending machine, but I don’t even know what to grab—what a joke.

It’s our lunch break, and I dash off here rather than listening to Tomoka, Hoshino-san, and Sakoto-san rehash those romantic anecdotes for the day. Constantly talking about love gets old after a while.

I seem to hear about it a lot these days, and it’s starting to grate on my nerves. Tomoka probably knew I was going to escape since she let me get away just like that.

“Yuyo! There you are!” Minori suddenly grabbed my hand from nowhere. “Thank goodness! I managed to find you at last! Come with me for a moment.” 

What’s with her? She looks like a cat on hot bricks.

“What is it? Is this urgent?” My left brow flickered up. It would have been nice if she had let me get my drinks first. My thirst is growing.

“I assure you it is,” Minori replied in a low voice without looking at me.


We’re making our way to the benches beneath the trees where Takashi-san and I did the activity a few weeks ago.

Wait... Just what kind of urgent situation could even happen there?

Minori let go of my hand when we got to the covered walkway. “There!” She pointed at a couple sitting on a bench.

“. . . .”

You’ve got to be kidding me! What the heck is going on?

I ran away from Tomoka’s group because I was sick of hearing about romance, and now, Minori dragged me here to watch a couple on a date?!

“What... Did you drag me here to watch a couple who’s just dating?!” I ended up giving Minori the narrowed gaze. “What’s so urgent about it?”

Minori’s eyes went blank for a split second before she briskly flicked my forehead.

“Aww! What’s that for?!”

“Just dating?! Yuyo, that’s pretty much the issue. Our school frowns upon dating on campus! Where’s your head at?” She glared at me.


Right! Of course... We rarely see cases like this, so I almost overlooked it.

“But why did you drag me here in the first place? You could’ve handled it yourself. All you need to do is warn them.” I glowered. “Here I am, thirsty, yet you dragged me to something like this?!” My irritation is starting to catch up.

Minori’s expression instantly changed from serious to gentle, almost as if it was a response to how upset she made me feel.

“I’m sorry, Yuyo… For what it’s worth, I believe you should be the one to remind them.” 

“Haah?! That is the responsibility of the disciplinary committee, not me.” I’m getting increasingly irritated. 

What’s wrong with Minori?! This situation’s a no-brainer.

Tch~ Who made me the one who had to deal with that annoying rule-breaking couple in the first place?

"Hold on… Yuyo, they don't look familiar to you? You're not wearing contacts?"

"I am, but it’s still quite a distance for me. The contacts I wear don't make my eyes as clear as yours."

"That's Kyashii and a guy from a different class," Minori told me flat out.


At that very moment, I could feel a strange dull thud strikes my chest.

"Uhh… Ohh... I see."

Kyashii is dating someone, huh?

But she didn't bother to tell me. I thought she'd be more open to me about it. That's what she promised.


Why does this make me feel like someone punched me right in the chest?!

". . . ."

Wait... No!

This is not the time for personal issues.

As much as I’m confused by this disturbing and unbearable pain in my chest, I still need to deal with the fact that they are breaking school rules. Arrggh! That makes me even more furious since she doesn’t even realize that! She’s so stupid!

This makes me see red!

My chest tightened as I exhaled hard.

“Yuyo?” Minori looked troubled. “Are you okay? You suddenly got a little bit pale.”

Huh?! I did?

“Ohh... I’m good. I was just surprised when I realized it was Kyashii.” A bitter smile curved my lips.

“Huh?! She didn’t tell you she was seeing someone?”

I chuckled lifelessly. “If she did, we wouldn’t see them right here because I’d always remind her that dating isn’t allowed on campus grounds.”

“Of course... I’m sorry.”

“No, Minori. It’s fine. But maybe you should be the one to remind them.” I doubt I’ll be able to act normally in front of those two.

I can’t seem to shake this downright dejection at this point. Urggh… My emotions are riding a wave of highs and lows.

“B-But I feel awkward interrupting them, Yuyo.”

Haaah?! Is she under the impression I won’t feel the same?!

And she should be more assertive than this, considering she’s running for student council presidency. What exactly is her problem?!

Just as I was about to say something, a voice behind me cut me off. “What could the charming and eloquent future presidential couple be doing here? It looks like you are blocking the way.”

“Ooh!” Minori exclaimed in surprise.


“Aha-ha… Heeh...” A funny laugh echoed through me as I turned my attention to the source of the voice. “Ezaki-san! We’re sorry! We’re just talking about something important.” I quickly apologized while Minori nodded for confirmation.

“Hmm? In a place such as this?” He mused as he smiled.

“A-ah... About that…” I suddenly glared at Minori, sending her a telepathic message that she should be the one explaining things.

Her eyes grew larger as she looked at me but decided to say something to Ezaki-san nonetheless. “Umm… We’re just trying to figure out who should break it to that couple that they can’t date on school grounds. A-ha-ha…” Minori smiled awkwardly, pointing her index finger toward Kyashii and the guy.

Ezaki-san followed Minori’s hand with his eyes. He then narrowed his eyes to figure out who the couple was.

“I see...” he focused his eyes once more on us. “If I had to guess, considering Mikami-san is your mutual friend, you’re not sure who’s going since the thought of interfering makes you both uneasy?” A slow smile worked its way across his face.

Ezaki-san figured it out just like that, huh? He has some serious brains. That intuitive sense is uncanny.

Minori sighed and nodded. “Ah... Yes, that’s exactly right.”

“Would you like me to go in your stead?” Ezaki-san proposed.

Minori cocked her head. “Is it all right, Ezaki-san? In a sense, the student council members should be doing these things. But we are somewhat conflicted.”

Minori, you’d better be stricter than this! You might be the future student council president! What are you doing?!

“Hmm... I’m also on my way to where they are because that’s where I usually eat lunch. See?” He lifted his lunchbox. “So, that’s no problem at all. Moreover, Shibasaki-san would find it much more difficult to confront them than you, Kamiwaki-san.” He glanced at me.

Ah-re?! What’s with the emphasis on me?

“It’s just that–” I was about to say something about Ezaki-san’s remarks when Minori interjected.

“We’ll take you up on that, Ezaki-san. I ask you to remind them that dating is against the rules at school.”


Ezaki-san nodded at Minori before looking me straight in the eyes.

Uhh? Okay… Now what?

“Would you like to join me for lunch after I say a word with them, Shibasaki-san?”


Where is this invitation coming from?

I turned to Minori, but she looked up as if she was thinking about something. “Ohh… Right! I still have some errands to run. Kuroda-sensei asked me to report on the details of yesterday’s school trip meeting. Now, please excuse me~…”


How could you put me in this situation after you dragged me here?! Don’t you dare leave me here, Minori!

Ezaki-san’s presence isn’t uncomfortable for me. However, right now, my personal issues concerning Kyashii are making me want to be alone.

“Wait!” I shot Minori a death glare, but she paid me no mind.

“Thank you so much, Ezaki-san. We owe you one. Please let Yuyo repay that favor.” After a brief bow, Minori strode away without a backward glance.

Haaah?! I have to repay the favor? Me?!

Minori Kamiwaki! I can’t believe you! Come back here! I’m screaming my protest in my head.

How can Minori let me be in a situation like this?! That girl has been undoubtedly awful today!


What the blue hell is going on?! A plethora of emotions has taken over my entire being!

“Is that okay with you, Shibasaki-san?”


As much as I wanted to refuse, I feel bad for Ezaki-san, who is just trying to help us out. This whole situation annoys me to no end!

“Sure, Ezaki-san. I’ll eat with you. It is our way of saying thank you.” I forced a weak smile at him.

Ezaki-san stifled a smile. “In that case, please wait for me, Shibasaki-san.”

I just nodded in response.

Ezaki-san then made his way to Kyashii and the guy’s direction.

I breathed a heavy sigh.

Just who is that guy anyway? I never heard anything from Kyashii about him. And I thought she likes Ezaki-san?


Another sharp pain pierced through my chest.

I assumed that since I’m Kyashii’s best friend, I’d know a lot about her, but it turns out that’s not entirely the case, is it?

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