Chapter 3:

Arc 1 - Chapter 2: The King's Mage

Six Holy Knights

~Protection Magic: Shield of Absorption~Bookmark here

*A shield appears before the mage, absorbing all the damage from the blasts being sent out by the Class A demons.*Bookmark here

"What the hell!? Who is that mage? doesn't matter, he will soon fall to the Demons."Bookmark here

With the blasts being sent straight into the shield of absorption, it seemed that the shield that protected the castle's walls was safe from anymore damage but it was still in bad shape, and with the demons flooding downwards to the streets of the Kingdom, it seemed this one mage wouldn't be enough to stop the demon invasion by himself. Until a huge dial appeared from the sky...Bookmark here

~Dial Magic: Rain of Time~Bookmark here

Droplets of rain began to drop upon most of the Demons, except their leader who had managed to shield himself with his own protection magic. At first, the droplets seemed harmless, doing no damage to the Demons themselves. However, within just a couple of seconds, the Demons began to froze in place, as though their time had suddenly been stopped, preventing any further movement. The Demons were now stuck in place, as their leader watched in pure shock and disbelief in the power of the King's Mage.Bookmark here

"How can a mage like him exist!? Time Magic is supposed to be only possible to a limited amount of mages over the span of all time, exposing itself only at the death of prior time magic users. For the King to have a time magic user...this invasion is over. With these pathetic demons all frozen though, I can't just escape simply, I'll need a diversion."Bookmark here

*The leader of the demon invasion summons a new portal, allowing in a set of Class A Demons, said to be at the peak of their class with exceptional magical firepower.*Bookmark here

"Fire at the Mage, Kill him and burn down this stupid castle at once!"Bookmark here

*The new Demons fire immersive rays of fire towards the Mage*Bookmark here

The shield of absorption seems to be taking in a lot of the damage from the rays of fire sent towards the Mage's direction however with the simultaneous attack from the demons, it seems the shield will not be enough to stop their attack getting through eventually. Moreover, the King's Mage is pinned, unable to retaliate as is, or so the leader thought...Bookmark here

~Time Magic: Orbs of Frozen Time~Bookmark here

The King's Mage teleported straight in between the demons and sent orbs flying straight towards the demons freezing them in place, only to await the second attack that would come their way.Bookmark here

~Dial Magic: Rays of Hellfire~Bookmark here

Dials showed up around the frozen demons and began to shoot rays of hellfire, the strongest type of fire that exist, rooted from the demon realm. The rays made quick work of the demons, turning them to ash.Bookmark here

"Hellfire!? That's supposed to only be accessible to mages from the demon realm...To think I would have to deal with a time magic user who can also use demon clan magic, but cant be that treacherous bastard who betrayed the Demon Clan. I must retreat before he attacks me..."Bookmark here

*The leader quickly vanished into a smaller portal he had generated behind himself and retreated back into the demon realm*Bookmark here

It seemed the Kingdom was safe for now, thanks to the royal mage who dealt with the demons and stopped them in their tracks.Bookmark here

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