Chapter 4:

Arc 1 - Chapter 3: The Traitor

Six Holy Knights

Sometime during Ardelien's recovery following his loss against the Holy Knights...Bookmark here

The demons all crowded around the fallen God. An atmosphere of disappointment and mourning flew through the midst of the realm. That is... until the God's left hand, a demon warrior who Ardelien planned to have take his seat one day, showed up, his own right hand mage following behind. Bookmark here

"This is no time to mourn! We must mobilise another set of demons, make them stronger and go forward with the plans to take over the humans!"Bookmark here

Ardelien's right hand replied:Bookmark here

"Optimistic as usual...However, there is no way we can afford to rush into combat with the Holy Knights again. The casualties we suffered this time were far too high, we cannot afford another heavy blow like this again."Bookmark here

"The casualties are minimal, new demons are being born every minute. We have more than enough demons to overthrow the Holy Knights and hit hard back!"Bookmark here

Ardelien butted in:Bookmark here

"My young warrior, Zaltras, while I do admire your spirit, you should listen to your brother more. The Demons are far too weak to even scratch the Holy Knights and I have no intention to keep losing. We will wait until my magic is fully recharged and then we will strike, with my magic to strengthen these pathetic demons of ours."Bookmark here

"Hmpf, do as you will.... I'll continue to train the rank A demons."Bookmark here

Zaltras and his mage left the area, leaving Ardelien to recover in his throne and recharge his magic. Zaltras had not even given thought to the events that would soon follow...Bookmark here

"How much magic has the orb absorbed so far Zanthus?"Bookmark here

"About 35% master, It should only take a couple days for the orb to be charged fully and your magic finally at its peak, will we strike right after?"Bookmark here

"No...I was reckless during that fight, but moreover, it showed the demons were nowhere near ready to face the Holy Knights, if we stand any chance without Zaltras, we'll need to train other demons to rank S."Bookmark here

Zanthus' tone shifted to a more ominous tone as he said:Bookmark here

"I see.. Well it's a good thing you have no intention of fighting anytime soon Ardelien... Since the orb is already recharged!"Bookmark here

~Dial Magic: Binding Chains of Magic suppression~Bookmark here

*Chains began to rap around the God as he sat on his throne, sending him into a flying rage and causing shock among all of the demons at the ballsy move of the mage* Bookmark here


The Mage continued with his rebellion.Bookmark here

~Sealing Magic: Dimension of sealing~Bookmark here

*Ardelien began to sink into a new dimension as another dial showed up underneath him, dragging him into another dimension, a prison, screaming in pure anger and rage*Bookmark here

It was clear the mage had been preparing for this moment, so delicately forcing his master to retreat to his throne, when at his lowest, lying about how much magic Ardelien had possible to use against the Holy Knights in their prior conflict. Following the fall of Ardelien into the other dimension, the mage turnt to all the demons preparing to attack him and said:Bookmark here

"The end of the Holy War is coming..."Bookmark here

*A portal showed up in front of the mage, and through he went, just seconds before the demons' blast of fire would've reached him*Bookmark here

Following all the noise and ruckus, Zaltras and his mage returned to the scene, demanding to know where Ardelien had gone. When the Demons had explained Zanthus was the one who betrayed and sealed away their leader, he froze in shock and with an expression of boiling anger said:Bookmark here

"To brother would betray the demon clan. I will never forgive him...WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM. What are you waiting for!? Find him and bring his dead body back!"Bookmark here

The Demons did eventually manage to track down where Zanthus had fled to, the human realm, but they could never find him specifically from there. Zaltras, however, had no intention of letting his brother go freely, he had a clear vendetta that would never dissolve and so he took on the role of the leader of the Demons as their king, promising the day would come when they would enslave the humans, destroy their property and finally find that traitor...Bookmark here

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