Chapter 1:

all luck no skill

super isekai yes!

BOOM my entire room exploded and then i DIED but first let me introduce myself:Bookmark here

my name is kirigaya tatsuya im your average highscholer in america and i am the presiednet of the anime club at my school.Bookmark here

i have 15 grilfiends and they are all super into me one is a tsundere one kuudere 1 deredere etc. u get the idea i even have yandere gf but she sometimes kinda scary so i run (bad idea btw)Bookmark here

anyway i was coming back from school and i open my computer see there is a new chapter of my favoriete webnovel GEP
Bookmark here

why is my favrite?Bookmark here

well the main character daren is kinda lame he dont wanna respect Erica Park (the best girl) but Erica makes the story 1000000000% better anyway, i am reading and then all of a sudden i heard the doorbell dingdingding!Bookmark here

tatsuya: helloBookmark here

delivery man: your packkage is arrived sir.Bookmark here

tatsuya: okBookmark here

delivery man: please sign here *shows paper*Bookmark here

tatsuya: *signs paper*Bookmark here

delivery man: have a good nightBookmark here

I closed the door and then instantly opened my 69"x21" package that the delivery man gave me.Bookmark here

FINALLY!Bookmark here

it was my favorite Erica Park dakimakura limited edition that took me 420 morbillion days to arrive.Bookmark here

tonight was goign to be a good night but suddenly...BEEPBEEPBEEBEPPBEEPBookmark here

tatsuya: oh ym god! my Erica Park dakimakura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bookmark here

there was a BOMB that someone hidden inside the dakimakura!!! i was ok if they wanted me dead but now they want to hurt Erica Park? my wife no way i will not allow that!Bookmark here

i look in my window and i see the delivery man laughing at me. it is DAREN CHONG MY WORST ENEMY.Bookmark here

think fast tatsuya! i jump on top of the dakimakura and cover it with my body...Bookmark here

BOOM and i am dead the last thing i see is Erica Park's beautiful faceBookmark here

but suddenly i open my eyes and i am in a classrom???Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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