Chapter 7:

Chapter 7

Killing demon as a deity

‘I definitely had it, if I picture it moving like an actual muscle in my body then it’s easier to manipulate.’Bookmark here

The small wooden sword covered in scratches raised into a readied position, about to strike at him again.Bookmark here

Kira envisioned his mana running through his body and was able to feel his body growing lighter.Bookmark here

As the wooden blade shot through the air, Kira dodged it with ease and jumped back to create distance between them.Bookmark here

“I’m moving faster…I could see it so clearly as well.” He said happily.Bookmark here

‘So this is what mana can do, I wonder how far I could take this?’ He thought.Bookmark here

The sword danced around him, trying to strike him with each swing but missed every time.Bookmark here

Moto watched from one of the nearby trees, perched up so high in the branches that he felt like he was sitting in the stars.Bookmark here

He grinned at Kiramaru dodging the sword with ease.Bookmark here

The next day Kira grabbed the sword before it was able to strike him and could feel the resistance from its movements cease.Bookmark here

“It stopped moving?” He asked with a confused expression.Bookmark here

“It took you over a week but you finally got it right, you really don’t catch on to my teachings well do you?” Moto sighed.Bookmark here

‘What teaching…’ Kira wondered.Bookmark here

“Next you’ll be learning how to fight for real; take this on with more caution.” Moto said.Bookmark here

He lifted a finger and with a single bend from his index finger he summoned a regular sized sword with a hard wooden handle and steel blade. The steels shine ran fear down Kira’s spine as the blade began to move forward.Bookmark here

It bared a strange symbol along the hilt of the blade that caught his eye.Bookmark here

“Bare handed against a real blade, are you crazy?” He asked nervously.Bookmark here

“You’re right; maybe I have been going too easy on you…” Moto pondered seriously.Bookmark here

Kira had stepped towards the blade with a stern expression,Bookmark here

“Sorry to bother you, I’ll get back to training…” He said nervously as he turned to the blade.Bookmark here

The blade cut through the air at an incredible speed, with the sole intention of passing through Kira. He managed to dodge it and back flipped away to create a meter of distance but the blade began spinning towards him.Bookmark here

‘Why’s it spinning, this one has a different attack pattern than the practice blade!’ Kira thought.Bookmark here

The blade cut his cheek as he rolled to the side, dodging out of the way.Bookmark here

The sword flew around the air at an incredible speed but Kira held on quite well, almost matching its pace perfectly. He had definitely gotten faster than before.Bookmark here

‘There’s no point in trying to use my flames, even if I could get it to work I would need to touch the blade to burn it.’ Bookmark here

Kira frantically scratched around on the floor for anything that he could use to defend himself, eventually grabbing a long stick and wondering if it could work.Bookmark here

“Seriously… Something. Anything else!” Kira said angrily.Bookmark here

The blade pierced through the air and was less than a meter away from him, aimed to his head at full speed.Bookmark here

He forced his body backwards, dropping down to the floor in an instant. He flooded a large amount of mana into his legs by instinct and was able to use them at an inhuman degree.Bookmark here

‘I have been pouring mana in to my body in sections or all together to make myself faster, could I do that with objects too?’ He wondered.Bookmark here

The blade turned back around in a swift and elegant manner. No matter how much time passed it would always focus back on him and try to take his head.Bookmark here

‘Just imagine the mana flowing from my body and into the stick…focus….focus…’Bookmark here

Kiramaru smacked the sword away using the stick, which brimmed with a dim glow from mana.Bookmark here

As the blade relentlessly followed with a flurry of attacks from every angle it could, Kira continued to hold them off using the stick and occasionally a stone he would imbue with mana as well.Bookmark here

Although it worked, Moto occasionally came down from his meditating to make fun of Kira. HE followed with remarks like ‘Monkey Boy’ and ‘jellyfish legs’.Bookmark here

He continued training for a few months only growing better until he was able to see it. He had improved to the point where the sword was moving slowly to him and he could dance around it with confidence.Bookmark here

The sword span rapidly like a saw towards him, Kira waited for the blade to reach his face and then he caught it. He trapped the blade between the palms of his hands and held it without a problem.Bookmark here

Moto clapped his hands as he watched down on him from the tree above. He released that look again, the same scary stare that struck fear into Kira’s heart in an instance.Bookmark here

Moto dropped down from the tree that stood at least forty meters in the air, landing down onto the ground with a large slam. The earth under him left two small craters beneath his feet and cracks spreading from those points.Bookmark here

The air dispersed around him in the shape of a circle and ruffled Kira’s clothes and hair.Bookmark here

‘This guy…he really is a monster?’ Kira thought with a nervous expression.Bookmark here

“You should already know what’s to come, so what are you standing around for?” Moto asked while adjusting the material around his wrist.Bookmark here

His entire stature had changed, the more Kira examined him the worse he felt his odds had become. Moto was in outstanding condition and seemed to have even more muscle definition than before but retained his lean build.Bookmark here

‘I know that he is a monster but…but I can’t help feel a little excited for this one.’ Kira thought.Bookmark here

He burst forward and closed the gap in seconds, about to release a massive attack on Moto from below.Bookmark here

He threw his foot in an upward sweep position but felt a growing pressure holding his foot down, resulting in him freezing on the spot.Bookmark here

Kira held his shaking leg right beside Moto’s body and wasn’t able to move from that position.Bookmark here

He locked eyes with Moto and couldn’t look away from the two glowing green eyes that looked as if they were warning him about a sudden death if he had finished that attack.Bookmark here

“Normally in a fight you should always keep your eyes attached to your opponent but-” Moto paused.Bookmark here

The air around Moto suddenly moved upwards at a speed that became visible, he was commanding a large aura that seemed to titan over Kira.Bookmark here

“In this case you shouldn’t do that.” Moto said sternly.Bookmark here

Kira jumped backwards on instinct and created a massive distance between them while he tried regaining composure.Bookmark here

(Gulp)Bookmark here

“There’s no way…he is going all out on me, there’s no way.”Bookmark here

Kira grabbed his leg that he used earlier to attack with, it was shaking profusely and wasn’t able to settle.Bookmark here

“How can I be this weak? How long have I been here? How much time has Ko had to grow stronger? How much more time am I going to let her suffer in her own body?!”Bookmark here

Kira shifted his attention to Moto’s feet and rushed in again, this time he wasn’t afraid.Bookmark here

He threw a straight right but missed him completely. He lifted his leg up and brought it around for a large hook kick, missing again. Then a punch. Then a combo of punches.Bookmark here

‘He is seriously fast…If I speed up then I might be able to hit him but my arms will go numb in minutes from that amount of stress.’Bookmark here

Kiramaru started letting larger amounts of mana into his muscles and felt the speed of his movements increasing.Bookmark here

It started getting harder for him to track his own movements but he was still too slow to hit him.Bookmark here

Each punch felt like hell to him because his muscles were screaming from the fatigue and physical stress. Bookmark here

“Tsk, damn you!” Kira screamed.Bookmark here

“Oh-ho, you’re getting angry? I would have thought with all those months you would have been a little stronger.”Bookmark here

Moto drove a flat palm into Kira's chest, stopping his movements entirely and causing him to fall over unconsciously for a moment.Bookmark here

‘What did he…do to me?’ Kira thought.Bookmark here

He landed flat on his back, feeling the mana slip out from his muscles and felt slightly relieved.Bookmark here

“I wasn’t able to even touch you…” Kira said shamefully.Bookmark here

“Of course you weren't, you were using mana like it’s a temporary boost to help you get stronger or faster.” Moto said.Bookmark here

He placed his hand over his face with disappointment and sighed deeply.Bookmark here

“Spread the mana out evenly throughout your body. Indefinitely.”Bookmark here

Kira closed his eyes and was able to feel the flow of mana within him but this time as a large flame that sat in the centre of his body.Bookmark here

He was able to sense his mana instead of envisioning it himself. Bookmark here

The flame moved along with his thoughts and did as he wanted, like a sixth sense. It spread throughout his body and filled him with mana.Bookmark here

Instead of flooding his muscles like before, he simply redirected the mana to store and flow in his entire body permanently instead of at the centre. Bookmark here

Kira stared at his hands with confusion but smiled, he felt rejuvenated from the feeling of mana merging with his being.Bookmark here

‘I feel slightly stronger than before, with such a simple fix.’ Kira thought.Bookmark here

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