Chapter 30:

Here for You (4)

Don't Die, Will

"Wh-what?" Will couldn't believe his ears.

"You heard me." Arthur said.

Will didn't know what to do. It didn't feel real to him. His horse backed a bit but it was already at the edge. He looked behind. The river, it would eat him alive if he falls.

Oh shit.

"Huh, don't be scared." 

He turned to Arthur.

"I am not going to kill you." He paused, "Not yet."

Not yet?

"Say, Will."


He looked at the herd a bit far away, "You think we can escape that ?"

"That you mea-"

"Yeah." He didn't let Will finish his sentence, "The herd..."


"Nolan is so stupid."


"He thought he could stop a herd with only three people, heh." He added, "Reality isn't what you think."


"I mean, yeah. Maybe it's possible. But not anymore."


"Because, after I kill you, only two of us will be left. You expect us to distract this hell?"

"After I kill you?" H-how can he say such thing so peacefully.

"No." Arthur said to himself, "Rather, it would be easy."


"I forgot." He looked at Will, "Unless it's me, we still have a chance to win. No, we will win for sure."

Will tried to move away. But he didn't have much space behind him to explore.

"A-Arthur, you don't have to do this. Y-you see, why don't we sort it out later? Huh?"

"Hmm..." He scratched the back of his head, "Sorry about that, Willy."

The herd kept moving with a slow speed. It would still take a while it to reach them. Nolan was completely out of sight. Will couldn't see him. All he could see was Arthur's expressionless face in front of him. He was scared. He had to protect himself. He touched his right pocket and felt his pistol.

If something happens, I'll shoot. Though, Nolan told us to not to-

"Put your hands away from your pocket." Sounded like a straight order.


"Didn't you hear me?" He said, "I said move your hand from your pocket."

"And wh-what if I don't?

Arthur clenched his jaw and looked at Will's eyes.

He wants me to be left unarmed so he can kill me easily. But that isn't going to happen. If he tries to take out his gun, I'll shoot first. But before coming to that, I gotta make him talk out of th-

"That horse..." He said, "It looks really familiar."

Huh? The horse?

"Isn't that's...Olivia's horse?" Arthur smiled.


"Aha? I can see through your lies." He slowly went for his gun.

"Don't move or I'll shoot you!" Will took out his pistol.

Arthur didn't even react to that. He slowly pulled out his gun and pointed at the horse, Buck.

"Get off the horse or I'll shoot you both." He threatened, "I'll spare the horse if you do as I say."

"W-wait, don't." 

He knows, he knows that Buck is special to Olivia. Fuck.

"What's wrong? Get off."

Fuck. Is there no other way?

"Get off!"

"O-okay okay." He slowly got down Buck.

"Now throw away the gun."

"You don't have to do this, Arthur."

"Throw the gun or I'll send off your Lovely Olivia's horse in heaven."

"Alright, alright."

Will crouched down to put down the gun.

"I told you to throw it away."


"Didn't you hear me?"



Just then, Will charged at Arthur and his horse. He didn't have anything in mind. He just knew that he had to do something. 


"Fuckin-" Arthur shoot a bullet and hit Will's shoulder.

Enduring the pain, he pushed Arthur's horse so hard that it lost its balance and fell on the ground with Arthur.


A gun shot?!

Nolan was busy distracting away the deads to the west in a small group. As per his plan, it was working flawlessly. If they could do it properly, then half of the deads would move to the west and for Arthur and Will, the rest would fall into the river and would float away with it.

It was a perfect plan. Until he heard a gun shot.

The shot came from Arthur's and Will's side. Hearing the shot, the herd reacted quickly. They all started to head for the sound avoiding Nolan.

"No! Hey!" Nolan moved his horse and tried to bring their attention. 

The deads weren't responding to him much. And it wasn't possible for him to keep their attention to him alone. Most of the deads were heading for the east.

Tch, the gun shot messed it up. Should I also fire one to back them up in track? No, that would be a stupid move. Then the whole herd would come towards me. I might get surrounded by them. I can't take the risk. Looks like I don't have a choice. Gotta go see what's wrong there. And from there, I'll continue my plan.

Nolan speed up and started heading for Arthur and Will.


"You motherfucker!" Arthur screamed out.

After falling from the horse, he tried to stand up. But Will got on him and tried to take away the gun. Arthur was physically stronger, so Will couldn't do much. He got kicked off a bit far away.

"God damn it! You ruined everything!"

With a bullet to his shoulder, Will didn't have much to do. All he could do was to crawl to his pistol. It wasn't very far.

"All you had to do was die peacefully. What could it take? Just a bullet to the head. Done. But no. You had to interfere."

Will tried to not to listen to him. The pain in his right shoulder was making him dizzy. It was hurting. He couldn't see much with even his eyes open.

Fuck, is this it?

"Come on, get up, you dickhead." Arthur held his arm and tried to stand him up.

Will bit him.

"Motherfu-" Arthur pushed him away.

"What the hell are you guys doing!" Nolan screamed out from behind.

"Don't get in the way, Nolan."

"Arthur! Do you even realize what you've done?!"

"Don't worry about it. After killing him off, we'll distract the herd away."

"Wait, what? What're you doing?" He looked at Will, "Hey, you're bleeding! Wait, does the mean, the gunshot..."

"He is trying to kill me." Will spoke.

Nolan got off his horse.

"Hey, don't come near me." Arthur ordered.

"When I decided to make you two come with me, I had my doubts about you." He added, "I know you hate Will. Everyone knows it. It was stupid of me to even consider for you two to work together. Now look at the consequences."


"You'll get us killed, Arthur."


"And everyone in Rust, their blood would be in your hand."

"Stay the fuck away."

"Hand over me the gun." Nolan slowly approached.

"Oi, what the fuck did I tell you?! Stay away!" Arthur pointed the gun at Nolan.

"Don't make me do this, Arthur." Nolan also went for his gun slowly, "The herd is coming this way. Can't you hear their screaming?"

Will looked at the herd. It was just few steps away from them.

They are going to eat Buck!

He ran for Olivia's horse.

"Wait Will, Where are you going?! Don't go there!" 

Just when Nolan let down his guard slightly, Arthur came with a great speed and punched him directly on his wounded area.

The pain, it totally grasped him.

"Sorry." Arthur whispered to his ear.

 He lost his balance and fell down on the ground. He couldn't move his limbs. All he could do was growl.


Will moved Buck away from the herd. Their continuous screaming was echoing in his head. Also the gun wound was affecting it to happen even more. He felt like he would lose his sense. But he tried his best to move away Buck. Suddenly, he felt his right leg slipped of the edge.

Woah, careful.

One of the deads laid it's hand on Buck.


But Will managed to move him away.

What am I suppose to do now?

"Nolan! We gotta retreat!" He looked behind.

All he could see was Arthur standing behind him.

Huh?! Nolan?!

His eyes went to Nolan then, lying on the ground.

"Now it's your turn, Willy." Arthur grabbed Will's hand.

"No! Stay away! Get the fuc-" 

He couldn't finish his sentence. As he was backing off, his leg stepped on the air, there was no land. He lost his balance and slid of the edge. 

"What the fu-" It also pulled Arthur with him.

They both fell and rolled into the raging river.


T-they...fell. Fuck, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have brought Arthur along.

Nolan saw it clearly. He tried to stand up. But couldn't. He stared crawling away from the herd. it was just only a few steps away. 

Getting scared of them, Buck started run away towards the opposite direction, to the Rust.

Nolan looked at his horse, it was already getting eaten by bunch of cannibals. 

Fuck, this is it. Now I'll be the one to get eaten. Haha, why am I laughing?..I am laughing at myself. After eating my whole being, they'll head for home. Then it's over. I am a failure. Well, It won't matter anyway 'cause I'll be dead soon. This pain, I am losing my consciousness. I'll be soon coming to you, brother.

He saw a cannibal coming to his away. But he didn't try to move away. He didn't have any strength to use. So he closed his eyes. Just then before losing his sense, he heard a faint gunshot.