Chapter 31:

Here for You (5)

Don't Die, Will

Few Minutes Earlier

It had been a while since Will and the others left. After they left, Grace notified the situation to the others of the Rust. It didn't take much time to spread the fear and terror among them. But Grace decided to left out the traitor incident.

Everyone was busy packing up their stuffs. Nobody knew the outcome of the situation. They had to prepare for the worse. The first priority was to defend the place. If things get out of hands, then running away would be the only option.

Olivia stood still facing the gate. She was nervous and impatient. The atmosphere around her wasn't really soothing.

Rust holds around 50 people. But the cannibals are twice the number or more. If they fail, how would this place hold up?

She was so nervous that she couldn't even move. She remembered, Will told her to look after Julia while he was gone. But she was too frightened to get back into that room.

"You look very nervous." Marco said from his post.

"I am."

"Yeah, me too." He said, "But I keep saying it to myself that it will be alright. Everything will be played out just as Nolan planned."

"You think so?"

"I do."

Olivia signed, "I hope so too." She added, "Do you see anything up from there?"

"No." He asked, "By the way, how is Julia?"


"Is she going to be alright?"

Olivia couldn't bring herself to tell the truth, "Well-"

"Olivia!" A voice came from behind.

"Emma." She saw Lucas and Himari with her. They all had bags on their backs.

Lucas looked really down. Olivia guessed that Emma told him about Julia.

"Everyone is in a hurry." She looked around and suggested, "I think you should pack your things too."


"Where is my dad?" Himari asked.

Olivia knelt down and pet Himari's head, "Don't worry, sweetheart. Your dad is a bit busy doing something else. He'll be here soon."

"C-can I see Julia?" Lucas asked hesitantly, "Where is she?"

"Julia..." Olivia felt guilty for some reason, "Come with-"


A massive gunshot came from behind them.

"Nobody fucking moves!" Nia held her shotgun against Grace, "Try to move and I'll blow off this bitch's head!"

Everyone was shocked. Nobody noticed them since everyone was busy with their own things. But some of them did react quickly. They pulled out their guns and pointed at Nia and her partners, Brad and Diana. They were also as frightened as the others. Only Nia's actions were holding them together.

Grace cried out, "Oh please, no!"

"Shut up, bitch!" She ordered, "Kneel down on the ground."

Grace did as she told her to do.

Nia looked at the others with guns pointed at her, "Shoot me but before you even know, your leader's head will be flying away."

"Don't shoot!" Olivia screamed.

"But she'll kill Grace!" One of the people said, "And she is only one, she'll lose anyway."

"She knows that." Olivia said, "That's why she dared to pull such an action. If she dies, she'll take Grace with her."

"You're a smart one, aren't ya?" Nia smiled.

She put her life on the line for this. And the timing is also perfect. Just when everyone is bu-, wait, how did they get out? Did they took out the guards? That seems unlikely. Not that it matters now.

"What do you want?" Emma asked.

"Oh, you know what I want." She smiled, "I want to kill him."

"Kill who?"

"That motherfucker who killed James! I'll kill him."

She is talking about David. Olivia thought

"You've said we are getting out of here! What's this?" Diana asked impatiently.

"We will. After I take that bastard's head."

"Nia, we are only three people, with only one weapon. They are few dozens in number."

"Don't you think I see that? Shut your mouth and let me do my job for once!"

"But I am with child. What if they shoot?"

"They ain't that stupid. We have their leader in hostage."

"It's risky." Diana turned to her husband, "Say something!"

Brad was shaking nonstop. No one would believe that this man once captured this place and took everyone hostage.

"David isn't here right now." Olivia said.

"Where's he?"

"He...he went out somewhere."

"When will he get back?"

"We don't know for sure."

"Don't play games with me! Tell me where he is!"

Nia pressed the shotgun against Grace.

"You don't want to do this." Olivia said, "If you kill her, you'll also end up dead with countless holes in your body."

"I don't care."

"Think about your friend. Isn't she pregnant? Think about her child. You're putting an innocent child's life at risk."

"Shut up!"

"I am gonna shoot her!" Raged out one of the people.

"No! Don't!" Olivia screamed.

"Everyone put down your weapons on the ground! Now!" Nia screamed looking at everyone.

Nobody moved a muscle.

"You people deaf or what?! I said put down the fucking weapons! Are this bitch is gone for!"

Things are getting out of hand now. Thought Olivia. That gunshot, I hope it didn't screw up the plan.

"Nia, stop this! Let's just get out of here!" Begged Diana.

"Not before I kill that bastard."

"You're putting our lives at risk!"

"No! I am keeping us alive!" She looked at the people, "What did I say?! Put down your weapons!"

Everyone looked at each others. They didn't know what to do. Shooting her would be risky, might even hurt Grace. Not having anyone else to lead, they were confused about what to be done. Suddenly, some of them started to lower their guns. Seeing them, others also were doing the same.

"Good. Now that's what-"


In a split of second, it was all over. Nia's body fell down on the ground with her half head blown away.

Diana screamed out and fell on the ground.

Everyone looked at the shooter, Juan. He was a bit far away  behind Nia and her crew with Ruby along side.

Juan was shocked himself. He never shot anybody before, moreover, never killed anyone. After hearing a massive gunshot, he looked through the window of the patients' room. Seeing everything, he took his gun and came down the building.


It was finished in an instant. Everything went back to normal. Nia's dead body was thrown away. Diana and Brad were watched over by Synthia and Katie. More importantly, the herd took the priority.

It had been around an hour or more since the incident. Marco was guarding the post. He would notify the others if he see something. 

Olivia packed her things and got out of her room. She also saw Manny coming out of his room.

"Where the hell were you?!" She asked.

"I-in my room?"

"All this time?!"


She sighed.

"I was scared, okay?" He said, "I was terrified."

"Did you pack your things?"

"I did."

"Where is your bag?"

"Inside." He added, "I was going to go ask for help to carry my bag."

"Let me help you."


Olivia took Manny's bag.

"It's really light."

"Well, I didn't pack much stuff." He shrugged, "We don't know whether even if we are leaving."

"Just is case."

"Well, yeah. Besides, I am already disabled. Wouldn't be able to run away faster if I have a heavy bag with me. I doubt someone else would carry my stuff if we get outrun by the herd. Which I hope won't happen."

He looked at Olivia, "You know, I've been thinking about it."

"About what?"

"About what Nolan said when we were in the discussion room." He tried to mimicry Nolan's voice, "We are all alone. We are carrying our own burden here."

Olivia smiled sadly but it melted away just as that.

"So, I've decided. That I would try to look my own back."

"But you were asking for help to carry your bag."

"Ah, about that." His own words backfired him, "Never mind, I lost."

She smiled.

"By the way, where is Lucas? And how is Julia's condition?"

"Lucas went to see Julia with Emma. And About Julia..."


"I hope she'll be fine." She gave a guilty smile.

"I hope so too."

They both came in the front yard. People were rushing as usual.

I wonder what are they doing now? It's been a while. Hope they are fine. 

"You've packed up." Said Emma.

"Emma, where is Lucas?"

"He...he wanted a moment alone with Julia."


"Hey." Emma rubbed her left arm, "Is what Juan saying true? About Julia?"


"What?" Manny asked.

"That she..." Emma looked at Olivia.

Olivia looked away.

"What is she saying, Olivia?" Manny looked at her.

Olivia said, "S-she-"

"Hey! Something is coming this way!" Marco called out.

He took everyone's attention. Olivia and Emma run towards the post. Manny followed them.

"What? Are they back?" Olivia seemed impatient.

"No." He replied, "It'a horse."

"A horse?" Olivia climbed the post.

"Look." Marco made space for her to stand.

She looked carefully. A horse, it was coming from the north with full speed, as like it was running for it's life.

"It's Buck." Olivia mumbled.


"Open the Gate!" She said while climbing down.

They both got down. Opened the gate. Everyone was tensed. Wanted to know what was happening. They all gather around the yard.

Olivia got out just when Buck reached the gate.

"Woah Woah, easy easy!" She handled Buck, "What's wrong? Where is Will? Where are the others?"

There is a saying, it gets calm and quiet before a storm. Olivia seemed to remember it suddenly. She looked around. Cold breeze was blowing. The people of the Rust, they were all quiet, wanting to know what was next. Just then, overtaking the breeze, a sound came. Though it came from the horizontal line, the calmness around helped them to hear the growling sound.

Olivia looked carefully ahead. In a few seconds, some heads started to peek from the horizontal line. By the seconds, the scenery was clear.  Countless cannibals heading their way, making the sound of terror, continuously approaching.

They're here.