Chapter 9:

Chapter 9


Death rushed towards my mother and all of a sudden she disappeared. Suddenly! Death emerged from behind my mother and stabbed her in the gut. Bookmark here

‘No no why did that happen no please mom don’t die please please.’ before he knew he was crying. Bookmark here

‘Your were brave Reina but you became naive.’ Bookmark here

‘It was fated for me to die here Death but my death won’t be in vain. CORE TRANSPLANT.’ Reina shouted as she coughed a huge amount of blood.Bookmark here

A blinding white light was released from my mother, so bright that couldn’t see anything. After the light dimmed I saw my lying on the floor dead.Bookmark here

‘No no no please not this. Why Reina why is it always you why is it always that your are an obstacle in the face of our plans.’ She said as she was stabbing my dead mother in the head.Bookmark here

Adrian felt a surge of anger and a very strong one as he ran towards his dead mother. He was crying more intensely as he tried to wake his mother up but she didn’t respond. Bookmark here

‘Mom please wake up it is me your son Adrian, we are going to the Central Park today remember mom please wake up.’ Bookmark here

The girl Death stood, she tried to take something from her pocket. Suddenly! A black hole appeared.Bookmark here

‘Heheheheh you did your mission didn’t you, good now it is time for me to do mine.’ A voice from inside the black hole said. Bookmark here

Death was sucked into the hole but her expression conveyed one thing: fear. Adrian memorized Death’s external appearance: her short white hair, her white eyes and her slender limbs. Bookmark here

‘I swear you that I will avenge my mother’s you son of a b*tch. I will kill you motherfu*k*r.’ Bookmark here

He was transported into the place where he died, in front of him was the guy who chose Adrian as his successor. He was looking at Adrian. Bookmark here

‘Young one are you sure of what you are doing, are you sure that you want revenge. Depending on your reply things are going to change and by the way my name is Shinichi.’ Bookmark here

‘I will kill her and that guy called will of evil, I swear that I am going to make them pay for what they did.’ Bookmark here

‘That is a bit odd but I guess seeing your loved ones killed in front of your eyes without being able to do something really does.’ Bookmark here

A window appeared.Bookmark here

Dear player;Bookmark here

You have been exposed to the first half of your past and due to your strong urge of revenge you will be shown a bit of the future. Bookmark here

There were two paths. In the first path world was just a living hell, there were wars, diseases, hunger and an uncountable number of corpse lying everywhere. Bookmark here

‘This place sucks so hard.’ Bookmark here

The other path was better. The life was normal. There were no wars, diseases, hunger, poverty. The life was what you might call neutral.Bookmark here

Dear player;Bookmark here

Your were shown the possibilities of the future, now both paths will exist in the world but you are to choose which one to follow. Bookmark here

‘I don’t care about the f*cking future or about the death of people, the only thing a care about is killing the son of a b**ch Death.’ he said that as he clutched his fist so hard. Bookmark here

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