Chapter 5:

Arc 1 - Chapter 4: The Aware one

Six Holy Knights

*A portal opened up into a desert, throwing out the young mage, stranded in the middle of nowhere*Bookmark here

"Seriously? What the hell would Seth be doing here?"Bookmark here

Still confused, she continued to search around the proximity, trying to identify where the Holy Knight is. It only took her a few seconds to realise, he was nowhere to be seen.Bookmark here

"Dammit, he's gone already..."Bookmark here

*Just as she said that out loud, a dagger placed itself against the mage's neck, the other around her belly, as though she had just been targeted by a bandit who was more than ready to strike*Bookmark here

The Mage remarked:Bookmark here

"Hmpf... You always liked fancy entrances didn't you?" Bookmark here

A cheery voice responded:Bookmark here

"Of course, I can't just let people track me down so easily. Besides, how could I know it was you after me and not someone else?"Bookmark here

"You've made that many enemies?"Bookmark here

"Woops... said too much."Bookmark here

*As the figure dropped their hands, releasing the mage from the fixed position she was in, her orb flew up, equal to her eye level*Bookmark here

~Release~Bookmark here

*The orb along with the mage teleported elsewhere within the proximity, revealing the figure that lingered in the background during this sneak attack*Bookmark here

"Look's like you've still got a ways to go to hide yourself from me."Bookmark here

"What... How did u figure it out so quickly!?"Bookmark here

"Well, you didn't think the mentor would just send me to a random location you'd be nearby when he knew exactly where you'd be at a certain time?"Bookmark here

"Well, well, well... What a cheater you are, you spoiled the fun."Bookmark here

"Hmpf, still as childish as ever."Bookmark here

The tone of the mage shifted to a more serious one, as she then mentioned:Bookmark here

"The Holy Knights are being called upon."Bookmark here

"What for!?"Bookmark here

"The Mentor believes the demons are planning an invasion, on a huge scale."Bookmark here

"When?"Bookmark here

"He said it should be in a few weeks however, he is not certain on this, which is why he sent me to recruit you all back now, in case the invasion happens earlier than he predicted."Bookmark here

"Really... Well I guess my fun's over then. Have you found any of the other knights?"Bookmark here

"The Mentor sent me to collect you first, we will be going for Mark next."Bookmark here

The Holy Knight responded, with a grin on his face:Bookmark here

"Lover boy? How interesting... I heard he set up a bar that seems to be quite popular, would be fun to see him in action."Bookmark here

*Suddenly, a portal opened behind the two knights, and just as the two knights looked back, a swarm of demons flew out, full assault towards the knights...*Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Six Holy Knights

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