Chapter 10:

Chapter 10


Adrian was transported back into the blank world but this time it colored in blood red instead of white.Bookmark here

[Dear player you got a message from the great sage;]Bookmark here

[Adrian you are now in a world called Armada and it is the personification of your power. You can’t exit this place unless you complete all the requirements for exiting. The requirements are:]Bookmark here

[2 Attack skills]Bookmark here

[2 defense skills]Bookmark here

[2 survival skills]Bookmark here

[Completion of all the requirements of the physical mentor skill which are 90 days without punishment.]Bookmark here

[KML(ki mastery level) of 7]Bookmark here

[When all of the requirements are met you will be returned upon request to the last saved checkpoint in Cerberus.]Bookmark here

[P.S. Any item needed will be found at the inventory.] Bookmark here

‘So how do I do all of this.’ Bookmark here

[You get the skill by showing a certain level of mastery. You develop the skill by using it until you master it. You get KML by learn ki. You raise the level of KM by mastering certain attacking and defending skills.]Bookmark here

Another window appeared. Bookmark here

[the skill physical mentor has been initiated to support player’s growth]Bookmark here

[Daily preparations]:Bookmark here

[PUSH-UPS(0/50)]Bookmark here

[BICYCLE CRUNCHES(0/50)]Bookmark here

[SQUATS(0/50)]Bookmark here

[RUNNING(0/5km)]Bookmark here

[Any incomplete exercise by will cause severe punishment to the user and the user won’t be able to leave.]Bookmark here

[Time left: 6 hours]Bookmark here

[Days done: 0]Bookmark here

Adrian began running. One, Two, Three… He ran the 5 km, a window appeared.Bookmark here

[Congratulations you ran the 5 km] Bookmark here

Adrian did the rest of the exercises. He was bathed in sweat from head to toe.Bookmark here

[Congratulations on achieving the daily preparations for physical mentor, the successor will be rewarded.] Bookmark here

[random gift]Bookmark here

[heal]Bookmark here

[dash]Bookmark here

[please accept your rewards]Bookmark here

‘I accept’Bookmark here

Tti-ring Bookmark here

[Stat window is now available]Bookmark here

[Inventory window is now available]Bookmark here

[Congratulations, the successor received two new skills: heal and dash. The successor also received a random gift which can be collected at the inventory.]Bookmark here

[heal: Ranking: normalBookmark here

Heals all the physical injuries that the successor recieved and divides the damage taken by 50%.Bookmark here

Ki/mana usage: 2]Bookmark here

[dash: Ranking:normal Bookmark here

Increases the successor’s speed by 100%. Ki/Mana usage: 1] Bookmark here

‘Firstly I am going to see the stats window then I am going to see the inventory. Open stats window.’ Bookmark here

[Name: Adrian]Bookmark here

[Ranking: uncommon](armor: special)Bookmark here

[strength: 5](armor:3,000,000)Bookmark here

[speed: 5](armor:3,000,000)Bookmark here

[Intelligence: 5]Bookmark here

[sense:5]Bookmark here

[skills]Bookmark here

[dash](level:1)Bookmark here

[heal](level:1)Bookmark here

[sun soul](level:1)Bookmark here

‘So I thing that I understand is that I am the lowest of low but when I use armor I become super strong. Bookmark here

Tti-ring Bookmark here

[a new quest is available]Bookmark here

‘Open quest.’ Bookmark here

Tti-ring Bookmark here

[An unknown quest is available want to try it.] Bookmark here

[yes/no]Bookmark here

‘Yes’Bookmark here

Nothing happened, Adrian waited more but still nothing happened.Bookmark here

‘Hello young Adrian how are you doing.’Bookmark here

It was the same voice of the one he wanted to kill the most: Death. She was standing there doing nothing just staring at Adrian. Bookmark here

‘You dare show up you f*ck*r.’ Adrian shoutedBookmark here

‘Don’t shout my dear just relax, I am here to see how you are doing. Just let us talk you know. She said calmlyBookmark here

‘You killed my mother and you come here demanding we talk.’ Adrian shouted again. Bookmark here

‘Oh you are talking about Reina, yeah yeah but I want to ask you a question dear how did she become this weak. I personally know the answer but I ask you do you know. It is you, you are the reason Reina became such a weakling.’Bookmark here

‘ENOUGH’Bookmark here

A really massive black aura covered AdrianBookmark here

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