Chapter 0:


False Paradigm

"When destiny is playing with your life, keep it entertained. Why go against its will, if you can just mock it by pretending that it all went according to their plans." Bookmark here

Human’s desire for the greatest authority is truly terrifying. Have you ever thought about the things they could and would do to obtain it? A frightening notion indeed. How wonderful it is to look at how their greed will slowly but surely consume their minds and soul and leave them with nothing but eternal suffering without any room for salvation. Fooling themselves. Bookmark here

Elfina Irasea is just your ordinary average elf who happens to be one of the few that has survived the slaughter of the Elven race 9 years ago. She was just 11 years old back then, twiddling her thumbs while looking at her hometown painted in splashes of red. She hasn't moved even an inch on top of the hill she was standing at ever since the disaster began. She has no more reason to stay at that place. Everything is falling apart. What could've been stopping her from leaving the nightmare she was witnessing?Bookmark here

Isn't it fascinating to see how people tried to cling to non-existent salvation when they're on the brink of ruin? What a bunch of fools.Bookmark here

Mumbling her thoughts to herself, a small smile crept on her thin lips. How did even an 11-year-old know how to say such words or even think that way? Hearing a faint voice in her head as she began to run away leaving everything up to the hands of fate. Whatever may happen, so as the dangers along it didn’t matter anymore. She dashed at full speed not knowing where to go, without resistance, she embraced her full destiny.Bookmark here

The sick and frail body of the young elf was then founded beside a puddle in the forest by an old woman. She was mesmerized by how the mud throughout the wounded body of the elf accentuated her skin and hair which makes it glows more. They were as white as the snow, making it look like a scene created by the greatest painter who dedicated and sacrificed all they have just to finish the masterpiece. The old woman tended the wounds carefully so as to not leave a scar on her beautiful skin.Bookmark here

What a work of God but… she looks too weak. Ah… too weak. Low mana capacity. Frail body. A mess. Disaster… Bookmark here

These thoughts overflowed the mind of the unknown old woman. Without hesitation, she took care of the elf for several years until she passed away 7 years after she found Elfina on the brink of death during the catastrophe of the Elven race. Bookmark here

Returning to the present, Elfina found herself running again. She didn’t know who were they and how they found her. The winds are strong so as the rainfalls. Running through the muddy water. She never felt so free in her entire life, not until now.Bookmark here

Ah, a deja vu. The sweet smell of the grass in the morning dew under the rain. I can’t get enough.Bookmark here

She stopped in her tracks when she noticed the cliff in front of her.Bookmark here

“Don’t you ever get tired of running? Annoying little pest.”Bookmark here

Elfina was seized by the humans who caught up to her. She spat on their faces as she calmly stared at them detaining her hands and feet. The distraught mad faces of the three humans in front of her somehow amused Elfina.Bookmark here

Humans again. It doesn’t matter how hard they’ll try. No matter how grave their sacrifice is. They’ll never achieve it. Bunch of stupid morons. It’ll be fun to watch how they slowly consume their own minds and begin stirring up their anger towards their own comrades.Bookmark here

“Go on. Seize me. I will be useless anyway.”Bookmark here

False Paradigm

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