Chapter 8:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

It seems I couldn't dissuade your heart again, walk with me it's time for a walk.

I'll tell you a story that for me happened just yesterday if you saw it with my eyes or well with my eye pits Muajajajajajajajaja a is a little joke of the skull-faces, literally a lifetime ago for you, but just a sad blink for an undead well if eyes we will have left to blink Muajajajajajaja, there was a beautiful creature whose power was only comparable to her beauty, a warrior Mantis without equal, the greatest heroine of her time she, she was capable of incredible feats as a hero of all insectopia, her fame reached any corner of the vast and flat world in which we live, her magic sword had been created from the hardest metal of this world, the carbine, and with it she was able to cut everything, this sword could be separated in two to use one in each hand and thus make the most of the original style of mantial combat.

I remember her well, her image is still engraved in my pupil, well in my skull Muajaajaja, Rosa, that was her name, when I pronounce it my mouth is filled with hate and love, it was also her color, her whole body as well as her sword was a pale pink, a perfect specimen Hymenopus Coronatus, as beautiful as deadly, you know well that we undead have lost our feelings and other things in the pursuit of absolute wisdom, but with her, I definitely didn't need them to understand that this heroine provoked in me, the same amount of repulsion as attraction, I guess that's what it feels like to be in marriage Muajajajajaja.

At that time, the system assigned me the title of Lord Demon, in response to my latest creation, finally after long years of research in alchemy, physics and advanced wizardry had paid off, I managed for the first time to materialize and shape the unsurpassed "nuclear paste" the densest material in the universe and therefore indestructible, even with carbine weapons nothing can even tear it, but to get it, I was labeled as a villain, I was already a Lich so I did not care, With that ability and with what I am for the system it was obvious that I could only use these creations to do evil, remember that the system is as stupid as its creators, who do not understand that there are forces beyond the categories of good and evil, my ambition for knowledge led me to be chosen as the Demon Lord of Insectopia, believe me it is a title that I did not seek because it only brings problems and problems keep me away from the peace necessary for my research.

Since then every day, and every night dozens of warriors came to my castle, some were brave and noble, many others were just a bunch of idiots with expensive armor that did not honor its wearer, these used to have the heart so corrupted that should have been classified as criminals, none was worth as a warrior, my little gargoyles were more than enough to completely liquidate their most adventurous efforts, soon the front pit of my castle had filled up with corpses, so the gargoyles began to leave them lying around the castle, before long the whole valley was surrounded by corpses, now we had a health problem, nearby villages fell sick and died, the Lich's plague they called it, I swear that had I sought to cause a pandemic, I myself would have wiped out every insectopia in the blink of an eye.... .... . Muajajajajajajajaja you know what was next you know...

So while I continued to be fascinated with my research on the "nuclear paste" to find the best uses, my reputation as a Demon Lord continued to grow behind my back, soon the natural archenemy of a Demon Lord had emerged, the system had assigned the title of hero to a creature of your species, a warrior mantis born with the mission to defeat me, with a life story whose outcome would lead her to have a final battle with the Demon Lord.