Chapter 7:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

In the middle of nowhere, in the most remote corner of the dark sea, an island surrounded by fierce cliffs with sharp rocks composed of a unique mineral with otherworldly properties was hidden in a dense fog.

And on that remote island inhabited by a warrior race on the verge of extinction, lived a young praying Mantis, apprentice warrior although for now he was apprentice tomb guard, his name was L1x3 and within him there was a dream, (although some consider it a curse) to become the greatest hero of all time.

-Master I have something on my mind that I would like to share with you. ....

-Did you finish digging?

-Yes, this time it only took me 3 days without stopping.

-Three days? Remember when you started your training as a grave digger, it took you 3 long months and you used to lose consciousness with only 20 miserable hours of continuous work, how pathetic you used to be, if not for your mother........(the master was silent immediately).

-My mother! Please, master, I am ready, tell me about her.

-I and only I will decide when you are ready, now close your jaws and prepare the table for dinner.

-I have something to tell you; the next moon, will be the registration for aspiring heroes and it coincides with my tenth birthday, I was thinking of traveling to the capital and carry out the tests.

- And how do you plan to do that? You are just a sad attempt at a grave keeper, an orphan raised by an undead, the cemetery is your home, tending and digging graves is what we do, this is your life and this is your destiny.

-No, no master, I know, I can see it in your eyes well where your eyes should be and I know deep down you don't believe what you say, I know you really think I can fulfill my dreams.

-Besides, you are a nobody of any family, you know well that only a few members of clans that have their own church as well as the blessing of their priest can only be summoned with a sacred carbine weapon.

-That no longer worries me, master, you have taught me to always be one step ahead, I contemplated it and since a year ago I started a fight but this time legal, to include the old wake chapel where the bodies rest and are visited by their relatives while we excavate their graves, that one that is abandoned in the corner of the cemetery.

-In the abandoned area! You know you are forbidden to enter that area.

-I didn't enter, I only entered with my camera to take a picture, they asked for it to finish the process and just yesterday I got the answer:

"Dear Lixe of the house Hundred Bone, after analyzing the historical archives of our ancient city, and after discussing it in different commissions, we found that the building with which the cemetery has, was once considered as a church, and according to the law, when a building receives that title, it never loses it again, therefore its registration is improper, it is not necessary to register it again, we appreciate the interest in preserving our traditions and we send a respectful greeting to the great parish priest Lich Hundred Bone and to you."
Atte.- Court Honor and Religion Commission.

-Great Parson Lich Hundred Bones, what the hell did you do now, I am undead, a Lich, not a second rate holy man, do you know how much that title affects my reputation?

-I'm sorry master, if I had told you before, I wouldn't have accepted, and I have to do whatever it takes to achieve my dream.

-Lying? behind my back (that's exactly what I taught him).

-I didn't lie, I just exaggerated the truth.