Chapter 9:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

While my investigations continued, inside my lifeless castle, immersed in my task of discovering and obtaining new knowledge, time continued its course in the world, even without me being aware of how many moons had passed, it must have been enough for the heroine that had been born, to grow up, gain experience fighting against different demons and finally find herself in a position to challenge me, you must believe me when I tell you that I never thought of fighting, defending my title of Lord Demon is what mattered least to me, however when curiosity knocked at my door, I decided to execute a spell of remote vision in my palantir, managing to see clearly ROSA, her presence filled my castle, filled my mind, filled everything in me, I could not allow it, that contamination of my peace was a trap to forget my purpose of the search for knowledge.

I had proposed myself not to do anything to finish with the hero but now it was personal, it harmed every second of my day, the obsession to follow his steps even with the spell of remote vision caused a deterioration in my intellect, it haunted my mind during the day and in a frantic way his name accompanied by his face pierced my mind all night long, In many occasions I stayed in front of the palantir for weeks without moving, watching her in every second of her daily routine, even while she slept, there I was behind that remote vision ball watching her, taking care of her sleep, cursing her name for not allowing me to concentrate on anything else but her.

I enjoyed watching her battles, whenever she met a powerful demon I was always present behind the palantir to appreciate her growth, her way of improving each technique in the heat of battle, even when she was dying I was supporting her, waiting anxiously for the increase of her power in real time, to win in the last breath of life, I found it a delight to appreciate the fire in her eyes, the flame of life they transmitted, to see her in that state generated in me, an addiction.

You must understand, that for an undead, to be able to appreciate the essence of life is highly gratifying, we can only imagine what it feels like but I will never be able to feel it.

However, her incredible battles were not what I enjoyed the most, little by little, I got to see that there was more to her than being the hero of the world, the way she would bend down to appreciate a small flower on the road, without cutting it just caressing it, the peace she transmitted when she whistled as she walked towards the sunset with her hands behind her stopping to watch the sunset, alone but with me.

So little by little as the rain that starts with just a few drops, ends up becoming a storm that sweeps away everything, so ROSA became my storm, everything I knew was nothing, my hundreds of years of information meant nothing, I was completely lost, every second of my non-life revolved around ROSA, even during my observations I came to believe that she knew it, that I could feel myself at her side, that I could feel myself at her side, that I could feel myself at her side, that I could feel myself by her side, with the confidence one has with one's own shadow, with the habit one has with one's own breath, that's how intimate our relationship was, she laughed and talked when she was alone, she had no reason, only that she sensed I was watching her, it must have been that, some hero's skill acquired in battle must have allowed her to realize when she was under a spy's sights.

I had become her companion, my presence even at a distance was impossible to overlook, she conversed with me with words and to her questions she received as answers events caused by me at a distance, sometimes she used spells to make nearby birds sing, other times she manipulated the skies to move the clouds at my pleasure, responding with fluffy figures, I remember once, to a specific question she asked me, I found no better way than to destroy the peak of a large mountain about 5km from her, to manage to roll to her feet just a few precious stones which she took as her answer and thereafter incorporated them into her brooch to hold her cloak.

Years went by, the heroine of the world followed her path, the path of the hero, accompanied by her reason to exist, the Lord Demon, me.

Whenever she could ROSA diverted her path, now I think she did it to not end her journey so soon, the missions she was given, were with the aim of strengthening her, make her grow to the point of defeating the Lord Demon, her destiny was to defeat me, although all the time I was next to her, watching her grow over the years was for me the best flicker Muajajajajajajajajajaj......... of time I've had, although for her it was a lifetime.