Chapter 80:

Lips Like Morphine

Lovely kNight

The day of the Celestial Knight’s death had been agonizingly long for all those who had been so unfortunate to have been involved. For all those who had been enchanted by his endearing character to love him dearly. Though official news of his passing had yet to be announced throughout the kingdom, there is a powerful feeling of unease creeping across its streets and into the hearts of its citizens.

The sands of Bootes Desert blow in the sweltering heat of the evening sun. As it falls far into the distance and rains its light to cast tall shadows that stripe across the earth, a stirring rises from an eerie tower jutting from the barren landscape.

Unfitting to its dry surroundings, the tower is an anomaly fortified in the sand and dunes abounding. Imposing, mighty and large, the glass windows are stained as red as the sunset skies. Its pillars and walls are forged of golds and silvers that shine brightly in defiance to the harsh blasts of dust from the westerly winds. Its walls raise high into the heavens, desiring to touch them and mock their might.

Beyond the heavy jeweled entrance door. Through the halls lined with plush carpets leading way through decorated corridors. Past the final, most extravagant doors and into the highest room streaming with an eerie crimson glow exists one outlandish character.

A wandering form of darkness like a stray shadow having abandoned its owner, it teems with mystery and soaks the already fearful atmosphere with an even more intensely threatening aura. Their long cloak falls to the floor as they cast their legs over the arm of their ornate throne. Every thread and fabric of their dress is fit for an emperor and the book they lay on their chest is thick and imposing in its volume. They aimlessly fiddle with their sharp, bejeweled sword as if it is a toy and treasure to them.

They’re restless, almost bored as they laze without drive nor purpose. Yet that lackadaisical, arrogant attitude suddenly vanishes without a trace in the blink of an eye. They sit up straight on their throne at full attention while their ears stand tall and their nose begins to twitch. They breathe in a scent which wafts towards them and it leads them to rise to their feet. They are lured towards the grand window staring out into the blistering sands of the desert.

As they watch the horizon where the sun touches the earth, they begin to smile to themselves. Their grin grows longer and larger with each passing second as the scent they smell becomes stronger, more intoxicating. They nearly salivate as they fantasize to themselves of the blood and battle that is to come.

The kingdom of Celestia rests beyond the desert in the direction they stare out to. There in its city which now comes to rest for the day, they can feel the sensation they’d so sorely missed rekindle with the fire of the sun.

Pride smiles to itself with demented anticipation.

✩ ✩ ✩

While dusk light rules over Celestia, a consistent, rhythmic beat plays through a hospital room. Every article present is brought to a peaceful glittering as it’s touched by the sunlight. The gleam of metal and the pure white of the surroundings is given a light of life.

A set of feet stumble weakly backwards and a thud sounds as their owner gracelessly collapses against the far wall beneath the window. Her golden hair sparkles in a beautiful radiance and her weary smile is filled with joy as she slowly opens her eyes and beholds the sight before her.

Another set of feet lead their way to her side. The icy haired woman wearily lowers herself as she gives into her fatigue after a long, arduous battle. She joins her friend in looking forward with faith and hope fulfilled in her heart.

“…I’ve… kept my promise to you, Solus… Your son… is safe…”

Though Urania had quickly fallen asleep, Hyla remains awake for just a little longer to relish the joy that blossoms in her soul. She gently touches her lips as she begins to rest. They’re bright with joy while she remembers her most precious first kiss.

Beneath the light of the setting sun shines the beauty of hope for the kingdom of Celestia. Slow and steady. At ease and in health. The Celestial Knight sleeps peacefully as he’s watched over by the sun itself.