Chapter 11:

Chapter 11


I was covered in the same armor that I used when fighting Flash. Bookmark here

[Player has used armor. His stats has been multiplied by 600,000 and his rank has been upgraded to special. The player have been given the legendary katana] Bookmark here

[duration: 3:00]Bookmark here

‘Wait from where did you…’ before she could end her sentence I elbowed her in the solar plexus. She flew behind 30 meters but I didn’t give her a chance to do anything. Bookmark here

‘DIEEEEEEE’ Bookmark here

I kicked her gut, then in the chin. A huge amount of Blood rushed from her and nose, she tried to maintain her balance but I didn’t give her a chance. Bookmark here

‘AHHHHHHH’ she cried Bookmark here

Death released a shockwave so strong, I flew like 30 meters behind. The shockwave disappeared and there was Death covered in a grey armor. Bookmark here

‘I will give you an advice kid. Don’t mess with the will of death(WoD) and also never ever think to mess with the WoE(will of evil). I don’t care if you have that armor or from where you got it, the only thing I know is that I am going to kill you.’ Bookmark here

She disappeared then appeared behind me, I tried to slash her but she disappeared again and appeared from above. I tried to slash her times and times but she keeps on disappearing.Bookmark here


‘You are so stupid like your mother, both of you never realize a plan until it is in it’s last stage.’Bookmark here

The surrounding were covered in smoke, I couldn’t see anything. A katana slashed me in the leg, then in the arm. It continued to slash me until I was covered in blood. Bookmark here

[The armor duration have been reached. Now the armor will be released. Your stats and ranking are going to return to the original].Bookmark here

I was about to fall unconscious, I didn’t have a bit of power left to fight. Death was visible in front of me. Bookmark here

‘Sadly you are a weakling so how do you think you can avenge your mother, you don’t have power. The only thing you have is anger but your anger isn’t enough, you need power but you don’t have it.’ Bookmark here

She suddenly disappeared into smoke. Bookmark here

Tti-ring Bookmark here

[the successor failed the quest, he couldn’t defeat the enemy.]Bookmark here

P.S this replica is considered to be 90% weaker than the real WoDBookmark here

[quest status:]Bookmark here

[Enemy: WoD]Bookmark here

[Status: FAILED]Bookmark here

Tti-ringBookmark here

[The skill heal is now active. All the physical damage taken will be repaired]Bookmark here

A green gentle aura surrounded me, it was so gentle that is reminded me of my mother tending my wounds when I was a kid.Bookmark here

‘I couldn’t even win against this replica which is 90% weaker than Death’s real power. Why why why am I so weak why why.’ Adrian said that as he was cryingBookmark here

‘Don’t lose faith son I am sure one day your are going to win.’ A female voice spoke Inside his mind.Bookmark here

‘Mom where are you please don’t leave me alone.’Bookmark here

‘My son I believe in you and I love you so much, please don’t let your heart be full revenge and anger.’ Bookmark here

‘HOW CAN I DO THIS AND WHERE ARE YOU KNOW. MOTHER ARE YOU EVEN THERE AND WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALONE.’ Adrian shouted as he cried more intensely. Bookmark here

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