Chapter 44:

7.5k reads Milestone Raffle For A Parody (2nd Ed)

ALTaccounti's Roasting Book! (Discontinued)

Hello there maidenless fellow weebs just like last time, you have to comment below to get included in the online raffle.

This time there are 2 options that you can choose:

#1 Parody style: It's when I alternate character personalities and tweek the plot a little but for the most part to be loyal to the general direction of the book.

(Check TEP: Down Bad Edition from the 5k special as reference.)


#2 Bullshit style: I basically take your characters to a whole new setting basically making it read like a cringe fanfiction, however for this option you only get 1 chapter as I have to work it from the ground up!

Also make sure to state in your comment which of your books that you want to get adapted and what style, it makes my life easier.

Alright, the time limit is 3 days from the days this chapter is posted, so be quick!

P.S if you choose parody and do not wanna make me suffer. Giving me a google docs file with the 3 chapters would help a bit. If not then imma just go through the hard blood, sweat and tears, which ain't a problem either!

Kuromaru (クロまる)