Hi my dudes and dudettes!

I am ALTaccounti also known as Benji!

Verified Degenerate and self proclaimed HF Book Roaster! Be sure to check out my work called "The Ultimate Classroom!

And I am decently active so I am sure you are going to see me around. Romance novels are my favorite so if I see that I READ!!!!!!

registered at: Sep 05, 2021
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    Just a regular ol' dudette writing regular ol' school life rom-coms that happen to involve cultists and other times some magic
    Just your average high school student who likes anime and light novels.
    I am an Isekai Trash and a Vanilla Degenerate reading purely for wish fulfillment. ... I also write an Isekai story as hobby. Does not have much experience in writing. Will constantly edit the released chapters if needed. If you want to chat with me about "Overtake The Astral: Searching for Good Life in Another World". You can join my friend's(@Jixekai) discord channel. This channel is mainly for his main story (I Want To Die, Let's Isekai!) but he is generous enough to create a channel inside for talking about my book. This is the link:
    Pearlyn M. / Female / 20+ / Asian OTL
    i watch anime and kdrama, read manga, lightnovels, webnovels, oeln, manhwa, webtoons and manhua. im a dude. when i got bored of reading stories, i set out to make my ideal stories. read my stuff, it's pretty good.
    Enjoy your life ❤ But always look for the truth...
    Amateur Writer
    Some of the series I've written: Redo of a Romanceless Author’s Life Devoid of Love; Another Chance at Youth Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 Genres: Romance, School Life, Slice of Life I was Summoned as a Hero, but I Became the Demon Lord Instead Volume 1 Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Isekai, Satire, Romance, Vampire I Reluctantly Adopted a Wolf Daughter In Sheep’s Clothes Volume 1 Genres: Slice of Life My Adopted Wolf Daughter Has Grown Up and It's Not Good For My Heart Genres: Romance, Slice of Life I AM NPC69 Volume 1 Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Satire, Romance, Harem, Seinen My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend an Isekai Experiment Gone Wrong Volumes 1, 2, 3E, 3M Genres: Psychological, Horror, Mystery, Light Comedy, Supernatural, Seinen There’s No Way My Girlfriend’s a Psychopath Volume 1 (My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend an Isekai Experiment Gone Wrong Prequel) Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Seinen