Chapter 11:

Follow the dream to crush it (end)


Sitting there in disbelief, with his hands pulling on his hair, Liam recalled all the moments his parents stopped him from being around girls or even speaking to them.

'Those little…'

Quickly grabbing his phone, Liam dialed his father's number. His eyes had anger in them as he stared at the words "calling DAD."

On the other side, Jared noticed his phone ringing, he was sitting inside a small office, wearing a suit. He appeared to be typing on a computer placed on the desk in front of him.

As the phone rang, he looked to the left to see who was calling, the phone was placed next to the keyboard, giving a hint that he was either waiting for an important call or was called a lot regarding his work.

"What is it?"

No hello or any greetings, Jared went straight to the main topic. Which wasn't an odd thing to do for an office man, considering how occupied their brain cells usually are.

"A. C. S. Huh? Is this your way of letting me join a mixed school?"

As Liam's words slowly reached Jared's ears, the hand with which he was holding the phone started shaking, his eyes moved towards the phone, opening wider with surprise.

'Shit… he found out too soon… I was hoping it would take him a few weeks at the very least.'

Jared was surprised but didn't let Liam know that, he quickly thought of an excuse and spoke as if there was someone else in that empty room alongside him.

"Click on the highlighted part… Were you saying something, Liam? I couldn't catch that."

"Yes, I was saying that…"

"Give me 10 minutes, I'm busy at the moment."

-Beep Beep-

Jared cut off the call with his still shaky hands, sweat was slowly forming on his face.

On the other hand, Liam tried calling him again, his frustration was increasing with every call Jared didn't pick up, and after a few tries, Jared's number got busy.

Blank in his thoughts, with no clue of what to do or how to handle this situation, Jared called Sadie to seek her help.

"Wha… What should we do now? He is going to make a big scene out of this," Sadie's voice was high-pitched.

"Call in sick?"

"You realize he is our son, not your boss at work."

"A sudden work trip?"

"Can work, but we gotta return someday."

"How about pretending we never knew about it in the first place."

"You could have said that when he called, now we are in a bigger mess."

"Don't blame me, I panicked."

"And that's why you should let me do the talking when we reach home, you were never good at hiding stuff."

-sad- "Okie…"


Narrator: Finally out of hibernation Woop Woop.

Now you might be wondering, why are Liam's parents being… against his wishes to be with a girl.

If you are, then allow me to explain the reason behind the cruelty against their flesh and blood.

These two as you might have probably guessed are too young to have a 15-year-old son, and the reason behind it is love.

They were an inseparable couple in their high school days, with great chemistry and love so strong that they were seen as a role model for any couple around them. A couple with hopes and dreams, a couple with all the happiness in the world.

However, that changed when the summer after their first year in college brought them a small gift, none other than Liam, born on August 28, 2007. 

Which in short crushed their dreams and hopes of having big careers as one of them immediately started working in a small firm and the other became a teacher after finishing college to support their newfound family.

So now, they use any means necessary to stop the same fate from befalling both of their offspring, by throwing them in an environment where opposite genders won't be anywhere near them.


03:20 pm Drama Club

The room was decorated with a party vibe of a party. Confetti was everywhere with a flash banner hanging in the middle of the room.

The banner had a colorful wording on it, specially made for welcoming newcomers. 

However, with all this decoration and food present on the big table, there were only two people present inside.

Zoey who was constantly looking at the time on her phone was still hoping for Liam to show up. 

Meanwhile, Henry was playing around with food in boredom.

"Everyone already left, so we should do too, he won't be coming here," Henry spoke in a bored voice yet concerned in a way.

'We are alone, yet not alone. Wish I knew if that freak also left, so I could enjoy my alone time with Zoey.'

Zoey leaned back on the chair, relaxing her body. "Perhaps you are right, seems like we will have to repeat the same thing we did with Genesis."

"Wait, no, no… I'm sure he had something to do or forgot about it, can't we give him one more day?"

"Nope, he ruined the party and violated a rule of the club -Never miss a meeting without informing- my hands are tied."

"Sure, do whatever you like, but count me out, I will clean this up and head home."

"You heard him, Quinn, operation fix-a-dummy is a go."

Zoey and Henry looked around, there was no reply or anyone in that room other than them.

"I think he left as well," Henry proclaimed.

Zoey points a finger, gesturing to Henry to wait, "he is here, I'm sure of it."


A male voice was heard in that room, which didn't belong to Henry, it was coming from one of the lockers. 

Boi Mathew Shaw