Chapter 0:


I Am on Crack

Who am I?Bookmark here

I don't know!Bookmark here

Where am I?Bookmark here

I don't know!Bookmark here

Where am I going?Bookmark here

I don't know!Bookmark here

But I'll get there!Bookmark here

That's my promise to you as Katakira Hoshiko, the brightest star in the universe!Bookmark here

Am I an idol? Am I a celebrity?Bookmark here

Hell no! I'm none of these wackass things! Don't lump me in with those stupid fuckin' freeloaders!Bookmark here

That's right!Bookmark here

I'm comin' right at you, whether you like it or not, and I'm gonna knock you straight outta the goddamn stratosphere! All you can do is retreat into that comfy little space where you watch your favorite streamers do the things that you wanna do, right?Bookmark here

Well, NO MORE! I'm comin' for that ass, CHUGGA CHUGGA!Bookmark here

It's time to be happy even without your make-believe little fantasies!Bookmark here

What's that? Impossible, you say?Bookmark here

Well, how about this? I'll destroy the world!
Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
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