Chapter 0:


The Last to Fall: First Drop

100 years ago Earth was invaded by the Valhen. A species of human-like beings with abilities Earth’s humans could only describe as Magic. The Valhen, being far more technologically advanced than humanity dominated the war. With inventions such as the HyperGate that allowed instantaneous relocation of their warships from one place to the next regardless of distance, and their Volisin amour that amplified their natural elemental abilities. The Valhen were as close to ancient Gods of War as modern society could imagine.

After 20 years of intense battles and billions of casualties. These “Gods” who flew through the sky by their own power and commanded the elements into weapons of mass destruction, had humanity’s leaders on their knees begging for mercy. This mercy was granted and Earth became an auxiliary planet of The Great Zenith Empire.

The Valhen brought their technology down to the once human owned planet and developed it to a standard acceptable for an entity that was to be part of their empire. Thanks to their Han core technology; teleportation, flying cars, robot assistants and augmented reality have become normal aspects of everyday life. Inventions that the humans once thought wouldn't be achieved in their life time were now at their fingertips. Technology that allows humans to mimic the abilities of Valhen has also been introduced with many humans now getting body enhancements that grant them super strength, flight and even terra-kinesis.

Humanity gradually accepted their new rulers in awe of the new way of life they brought to the planet, as well as fear of what would happen if another war broke out. Though some still tried to resist the empire’s control they were quickly snuffed out and silenced before they could do any harm. Now in a state of peaceful co-existence between species the planet is thriving and all is going well. At least on the surface.

Arashi Sensei