Chapter 9:

Part 1- Chapter 9

Snowflake and Butterknife

Met arrived on the scene. The SWAT team were in a panic, surrounding the building with armed officers and riot shields. His eyes darted around wildly, he was told he was getting back up from Met’s squad, but where were they? Wait, it was just Loghian wasn't it?

“Excuse me, who is in charge here?” Met asked an officer with a calming smile.

The officer looked him up and down. “Another Mageye?”

“Another?” Met said curiously. “Ah, Loghain must have beaten me here, where is he?”

The officer looked at the warehouse. “He died, apparently the suspect killed him.”

Met felt his eyes widen. “Why did he engage? He should have waited for back up, that is standard.”

“Not sure.” The officer said. “I wasnt part of that infiltration.”

Met found the lead officer, getting the run down on the events, then pulling free his phone. He hit redial on the number that had called him not long ago.

“Gema, we have a problem, i'm going to need back up asap.” Met said, beginning to fill her in on what happened. Where was Reynard?

“I'll try him again, I'm calling Loric and Nova to your location.” Gema said, holding back tears.

“Please do.” Met said, looking about.

Met noticed a group of SWAT members about to breach, and rushed to them. “What do you think you are doing!” He yelled angrily. His temper felt shorter then normal.

“We have orders to engage the Mageye and take him into custody.” The captain said.

“I don't care who ordered what, no one enters that building until I get back up.” Met said.

“Sorry, but we don't take orders from you.” The Captain said.

Met felt his pupils shrink at the statement. He suddenly felt himself back in that wasteland of a country, he felt the heat of the sun, he remembered the corpses. There was so much blood, why hadn't they listened? Why why why why

During the day was when Met was at his best. He summoned the light around him to form a straight bar across the doorway, holding it in one hand. He stood firm, blocking the SWAT from moving in.

“Move it Mageye!” The Captain yelled.

“I said, no one enters till my backup arrives.” Met said, his anger overflowing. “I will have no more unnecessary deaths today.”

The captain grunted. “Fine, I'm calling my superiors to get yours to let you through.”

Met knew that wouldn't happen, he worked for the Council, though only as a freelancer. He was almost the same as Reynard in rank, a glorified Peacekeeper.

Loric felt his lunch shoot out of his mouth onto the ground. He held the wall for support, his eyes watering. It wasn't true was it? Yes, everyday they risked death, but Reynard was the best of the best, being on his team meant you were invincible. How could this happen, how could..

“We have to hurry.” Nova said, recovering from his own shock. They had not completed their task, but other Peacekeepers were coming to take over for them.

“Give me a minute!” Loric yelled out. He slammed his fist on the concrete wall. “God, how are you so nonchalant about this!”

Nova walked over to Loric, leaning against the wall near him, but out of the splash zone. “I have lost plenty of comrades, It hurts, but right now what we can do is work to make sure no one else dies.”

Loric shut his eyes tightly, tears falling free. “Fine!” he yelled out, then turned to walk towards the van. He wiped his eyes on his uniform jacket. “Lets go, this bastard is going down!”

Nova patted Loric on the back as he walked. “We owe it to Loghain.”

Loric ground his teeth at the name. He couldn't accept it, there was no way he was…

Edwin panted. The cold made it hard for him to catch his breath. He stood with his hands on his knees as Reynard regarded his work.

“This one was more controlled then the last for sure.” Reynard said, looking over Edwin’s ice sculpture. “Seems to have taken a lot out of you though.”

“Uses a lot more concentration to do that.” Edwin said. “If I just let the ice form without focusing a form, it starts to splinter off and become more jagged.”

Reynard regarded that. “Alright, I got a drink in the car, let's recharge a little before we do more.”

“I just need a second.” Edwin said. “I have a lot of mana left, just a little tired physically.”

“Mana is physical stamina.” Renyard stated. “If you're tired, don't overdo it or you will cause your body issues.”

Edwin accepted it, and the two walked back to Reynard's car. It was an older branded car, made in the country. It was at least ten years old, yet Reynard treated it like it was a modern sports car. His driving was that of a racecar driver.

Reynard opened his door and pulled out two drinks from the back seat, apparently the back door didn't open during the cold. He paused as he began to leave the car.

“What is it?” Edwin asked.

“Put your earpiece in.” Reynard said, getting into the driver seat.

Edwin did as told, and got into the passenger seat.

Reynard put his in, and hit a button. “What is it Gema?” Reynard said, his voice echoing in Edwin’s ear.

“Reynard, thank god!” Gema said. “Its awful! Loghain was killed! Ill send you the location, please hurry!”

Reynard’s eyes showed sadness for a moment, then was followed by anger. He slammed on his steering wheel hard with his palms, over and over. Edwin just stared at the scene at a loss. He didn't know Loghain well, but he did like him. He was a nice guy, and helped him to get Justin out. Loghain was, dead?

“Damnit Damnit Damnit!” Reynard yelled over and over again. Finally, he turned the key of his car to start it, then darted off, leaving the giant ice where Edwin had left it. “I may need you.”

“Don't worry, I will help.” Edwin said. “I'll support you.”

Reynard nodded, then stayed quiet as the GPS Guided him. He pulled out a small flashing light and lowered his window, placing the light on top of his car, then flipped a switch to turn on a siren. Cars began to move out of the way as he drove.

Met stood firmly in front of the door, no report yet.

“My boss said he will be contacting your boss to let us through.” The Captain said.

“Fat chance it'll.” Met stopped as his phone rang. Without loosening his grip he pulled out the phone, his handler was calling.

“Let them thru.” His Handler said. “They have orders to capture the target, do you understand?”

“I cannot in good faith let these men go in.” Met stated. “Also, how can they capture it? They aren't Mageyes.”

“Those are the orders, you and Reynards Peacekeepers are instructed to remain out of this matter.”

“What!” Met yelled out. “These men are going to their deaths without us!”

“A diffrent squad of Peacekeepers will be arriving shortly to support them, you must remove yourself and Reynards branch from this understood?”

Met bit his lip, what was this about? Why target them? Met released his light and stepped aside, hanging up the phone.

“I pray for you all.” Met said, grinding his teeth. He burned the images of the SWAT members' faces into his mind. They would join the others, the people he would refuse to forget.

He stood and listened as gun fire sounded, then screams. Finally, all he could hear were tears. Met hated himself, why did he sit here, why didn't he break protocol? He could have saved them, he could have, yet he stood by. Just like back then. Had he truly changed? He felt blood in his mouth, he had bit his lip so hard it was now filling his mouth with blood.

Met faced the building, no more. No more, why the hell would the Council let these men go in to die? They knew, they had to! They got the report about what the thing did, how it used its hand to kill Loghain, they had to know!

“Met!” The voice broke Met’s concentration. Two vehicles pulled up, one was the Peacekeepers van that had Loric and Nova, the other was the older beater that had Reynard and Edwin. Reynard was the one who called out to him.

“Reynard.” Met said, hollowly.

“What is going on?” Reynard said. “Where is the SWAT team?”

Met felt tears fill his eyes. “Dead.”

Reynard regarded the warehouse. “Alright, one entrance? Lets move people, Nova get ready to provide support, Loric with me, Edwin cover us, Met you stay with Edwin keep him safe.”

“We cant engage.” Met said angrily. “The Council sent word down.”

Reynard gave Met a look. “And?”

Met noticed it then, they all were ready to charge this building no matter what the situation. Orders be damned, the Mageye in this building had killed a member of their crew, and they would engage no matter the cost. What else should Met have expected from Reynard.

Met gave a slight smirk. “Alright, let's do this. They want him captured though.”

“We'll do our best, Edwin can you freeze wounds shut?” Reynard asked.

“If need be yes.” Edwin said.

“Good, cause he might not have limbs when we are done with him.” Reynard said.

Edwin took in a breath, he was resolved to fight. He could capture this Mageye, he was sure of it. Nova rolled his arms, then began to concentrate, his skin began to turn a deeper shade of red. Reynard rolled his neck, Loric psyching himself up.

“Nove.” Met said, facing the building. “Once you get our cover, I need you to create a hole somewhere.”

“Will do.” Nova said, his voice strained. The veins in his face and neck popped out. “Ready Reynard.”

“Right, lets do this.” Renyard said.

They moved out, Reynard and Nova taking lead. Met formed light into two long whips in his hands, following behind with Loric. Edwin took the rear, feeling at his reserves. He couldn't get too crazy with his ice, but he could help out.

Reynard kicked the door down, then Nova rushed into the warehouse. Edwin got a good look in, spotting the Mageye crouched in the corner of the room, he turned his eyes toward the attackers. Edwin saw it, sadness in the Mageye’s eyes. His body was covered in stitches, and he was almost naked. What was he?

Nova got to the center of the room, the Mageye getting to his feet to attack. Suddenly, steam began to fill the room, Nova as its center point. It was hot, very hot. Yet it cooled quickly.

Reynard and Loric attacked towards the left, Met and Edwin going right. Edwin could barely see in front of himself, but it seemed the steam was starting to clear already. Met and Edwin broke the steam, finding themselves on the Mageye’s left side. Reynard and Loric appeared on the right, yet they didn't break the steam.

The Mageye spotted Reynard and Loric. “I won't go back!” He yelled, he wiped his arms out, they stretched out towards Loric and Reynard, hitting the two and passing right through them.

The illusion faded after being pierced, making the Mageye confused. Suddenly, chains shot out of the steam towards the Mageye. There were round balls on the end of them, and they slammed into the Mageye’s side, sending him flying back into the wall.

Met charged, lashing his whips to catch the Mageye. Edwin spotted it, the mageye had recovered from the attack quickly and was turning on Met. Edwin placed his ice against the ground, sending it forward along the ground. It took alot of focus but he got the ice under the Mageye foot, his footing thrown off.

The Mageye had whipped his hands at Met, but because of the failed footing he swung too far forward, slamming his hands into the concrete. They bleed from the impact, clearly shattered. Met lashed the whips around theMageyes shoulders, grabbing hold of him.

“Don't move or it will rip your arms off!” Met yelled out.

The Mageye did not hesitate. He simply struggled against the restraints, and let his arms be sliced off. Edwin stared in horror as the creature reeled back from his bindings, armless.

“What the hell!” Loric yelled out.

Suddenly, from the bloody stumps, new arms began to form. Small at first, but quickly growing.

“What kind of power does he have!” Loric yelled out.

Edwin looked at the fallen arms, they just sat there. Wait. Edwin rushed to the arms, running up alongside Met as he stood in shocked horror. Edwin saw it, a bracelet on the wrist of the fallen arm.

“Edwin get back!” Reynard yelled out.

A boom sounded, Edwin noticed a lot more light coming in, Nova must have made that hole. He held the bracelet in his hand, having pulled it off the fallen arm.

“Holy shit.” Edwin said.

“Met, Lets get his throat!” Met stated. “If he slips out again we will have to kill him!”

Edwin looked at the Mageye, his arms regrown. He looked scared. He looked back and forth between Met and Reynard who approached. Suddenly, his body erupted into flames.

“Stay back!” The Mageye yelled.

Edwin was at more of a loss.

“That's..” Loric choked out.

“Loghain's ability.” Reynard said, dumbfounded. 

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