Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: The Duke

Your typical Fantasy without any twists.

They both chuckled lightly and Dad said, "Milo, hurry up and fix yourself, we'll be eating soon."
I nodded and said to myself, "That daughter of the duke probably doesn't like commoners like us. She probably loathes me even though we haven't talked yet". I sighed and added "I was even planning to become friends with her"

I bathed for a while and went out of my room after putting my clothes on to eat with my mom and dad. As we are doing our things, Dad suddenly said "Milo, you're already 6 years old, right?" I was sipping my soup then looked at my dad and while nodding. "You'll be a fully pledge man once you're fifteen, any plans on what you want to do?"

I replied "What is there to do?" asking curiously, mom then said "Well, you can just stay here and accompany us if you like" then mom smiled. Then dad added "Orrrr, you could go to the Swords and Magic Royal Academy". Mom's eyes glared at dad's as if saying "Way to go genius". My eyes lit up, it's been a while since I've heard something uncommon, if not for this, I might've really forgotten that I'm in a world where magics exists. 

I asked them "How do I go to that academy, isn't that for nobles and such?" Dad was nervous but still managed to brush off mom's terrifying gaze and answered, "Haha, that Royal Academy isn't just for nobles, anyone is of course allowed to join. All talents are welcomed". My dad pondered for a second and added "In that Academy, being a noble doesn't matter, what matters is merit. Listen son, if you want to become a student of that school, you must work hard both physically and mentally, or else you might not make it. I know this isn't supposed to be what a dad would tell to his 6 year old child, but, hey, you may never know right?"

"After you graduate from the Academy, you can apply to be a noble's personal retainer or easily become a C-Rank adventurer.  Of course, it would be worth the time to study at the academy, not only would you get knowledge about monsters and whatnot, you'll also skip some adventurer ranks. Adventurers' rank varies on their capabilities, the weakest or the starting rank is an F-Rank Adventurer and the higher one gets, they'll eventually be able to become an S-Rank Adventurer. Also, at this peaceful time, not everyone can get promoted because they do not have any missions to be considered worthy of their promotion so they're all stand by.

"Oh hey, you can also come with the duke's daughter if she wants to become a student at that school. After you guys graduate you can become her master." Dad can really come up with interesting ideas. But unfortunately our discussion was cut off by mom, saying, "Alright, enough talk, finish what you're eating so we can go to bed".

Next morning~

I woke up early and decided to go out for some fresh air.

Mom said, "Milo sweetheart, where are you going, isn't it too early for you to play outside?"
I then replied, "I'll just go for a walk, I'll be home quickly". I walked out of the door and as I was planning on what to do, I unconsciously arrived at the duke's house. Their house is located on a small lump of hill inside our village. Of course it's easy to spot their house from afar. Many of the villagers greeted me, I of course greeted them back, "This village is so nice and peaceful, I might not consider being a student of that academy." But it would be a waste of talent... Or should I say a waste of cheat if I didn't try to utilized what Elohim gave me as a gift.

I approached the Lord's house and tried to look in their yard, as I was trying to look, the front gate suddenly opened. Not surprisingly, of course, the Lord came out with his carriage and saw me leaning at the fence. He looked at me curiously, and said, "Why are you here? Where are your parents?". I stared at the Lord for a couple of seconds and realized that he was still waiting for me to say something and I said "I  was only walking around Lord Balhae". Lord Balhae nodded and said "You shouldn't be wandering around so much, there are bad people here who takes away little kids like you"

The atmosphere was kind of awkward as I thought to myself "The duke literally tried to scare me with this kind of tactic". The duke then said, "Where are your parents? Are they near? I'll bring you to them, come up here"

As I was pointing to the way where our house was, the duke was sweating profusely and was wearing a worried face, it seemed that he couldn't stand it anymore and said "By the way, haven't you told me your name yet? Whose child are you?"

I then replied "I'm Milo, the son of Tero and Rena Derfir" after I answered him, I smiled.

The duke's face was now even more worried than before, as we get closer to our house, my mom saw me outside the window and went out to meet with me.

"Milo, what are you doing with the duke?" mom went to hug me and was asking me nervously. The duke then got off the carriage and said, "so it is-" mom glared at the duke while the duke's lips stopped talking, making the duke frown in nervousness. 

"What is up with this situation?" Asking myself in my head.

The duke let out a light cough and said "It's good that Milo is safe, we just happened to meet each other at the front of my house, and I said that he shouldn't be wandering around too much in the village. Especially, without anyone accompanying him."

Mom looked at me with a worried face and said "Why would you go there?", I looked up to my mom who was still hugging me and said "I just suddenly arrived there, and when I thought that since I was there I might as well look if I can see her."

The duke suddenly interrupted "May I ask who is he referring to?" 

Mom let out a little chuckle "I thought you weren't interested in her? Why are you looking for her then, especially so early in the morning". I was blushing while making up an excuse.

The duke's eyes lit up, as to realizing something. It even seemed like he won a jackpot. He then coughed and said "Are you talking about my daughter? If so, I can let the two of you become friends, she doesn't have someone who she talks to at the same age as hers. You can also come to our place to play." 

Dad came out and said "Why isn't it Lord Balhae..." Mom then glared at my dad realizing something was wrong and seeing her hugging me.

Dad asked ,"What is the duke's visit for this time? Did my son have done anything to you?" Seriously asking, the duke then answered, "No, not at all, this duke came here to bring Milo back home, I saw him outside our house and said that it's dangerous for a guy like him to wander around." Dad let out a sigh of relief and said "Is that so..."

The  duke then said, "Alright, if I don't get moving I'll be late, seeing that Milo has returned home safely, I'll be taking my leave now."

Mom and dad bowed respectfully and went to see off the duke. They even muttered to themselves while laughing that the duke was so stiff.

                                              (To be continued)