Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: New world

Your typical Fantasy without any twists.

"Darling, look, he's such a cutie," As the woman reached out and carried me. Me, who is now a baby wrapped in a thin piece of cloth, she carried me like I was the most fragile thing in the world.

"Ohhh, he's got your looks dear".  A man then entered my field of vision. He has a sturdy and well built body, I know this just from seeing his figure. The man then kept laughing heartily.

I thought  to myself "It looks like these two are my parents," I somehow feel like we're a normal family, and I could also see the medieval era vibes just by looking straight ahead and to which I thought it was cool. "I'm really in a fantasy world!" I thought to myself.

"Darling, since he is a boy, we should name him Milo Derfir, we've already talked about this, okay?" The woman looked at the man and pouted for a second but let out a bright smile after.

"Alright, alright, I know" The man nodded and hugged the woman who was still carrying me.

Five years have passed, I now know much or less about this world. 

The convenient thing is that I can understand what they're saying, like it's already translated for me in my head. Maybe this is the gift Elohim gave to me. The one with fast learning skill.

The two people's names are Tero Derfir and Rena Derfir. It also seems that we're in a remote village. This village is ran by a Duke whose name is Moref Von Balhae. He's in his late thirties. He also has a daughter who is about my age, but I haven't seen her even once.

This world also has monsters and other intelligent beings other than us humans. Those from fantasy RPGs like elves, orcs, goblins, and not to mention, even slimes exists here! I know this because I've read stories in some books here in our house. But I've yet to see one since I can't go too far outside our house. Well, I'm a five year old, there's nothing I can do about it.

In this world, the continent that we're in is called Melkia. There are three divided regions here in Melkia. The Human Region, the Beast Folk Region, and the Demon Region. The human region comprises of many kingdoms, the one we're in is called The Kingdom of Barsil. It is said that the Beast Folk Region is only one entity. Much like a single country or kingdom, but in this sense, it would be a large scale area talking about a whole region. The Demon Region is split into three factions. But like the Beast Fold Region, the Demon Region is also a single entity, the three Generals of the Demon Lord are the ones controlling these three factions.

There are different kinds of elements that a person could posses. There are Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, Darkness. There are also very rare elements namely Time and Space, even null magics like healing, summoning, and even necromance.

Author: Yes, healing spell isn't with Light attribute in this story. It's in the category of null magic.

Of course, by having those kinds of rare attributes, one's future would already be secured. Imagine yourself having the profession of a healer, summoner, or even as a necromancer. One could say that all you need is a tank and a damage dealer in a party to make it decent. But no one would complain having  a bit more complex and steady stream of ways to deal with monsters or enemies.

As such, I've been growing now for five years in this world and I'm still trying to figure out how I can get my attributes to work. Could it be that I can't use them, or I don't have any affinity with any of it? But that can't be, Elohim said that he gave me the ability to use any type of attribute not the other way around. While letting out a sigh, I said... "I guess I'll just have to figure it out, in the mean time."

Since we're peasants that work for the Lord of this village, we of course, have limited freedom. But not that limited that we'd suffocate. It's just that we're needed to do our tasks first before doing something that we want.

Today, my parents just came back from work, they plowed the area that they were responsible for before going back. As time passes by, days turning to weeks, weeks turning into months, and months becoming a year. A year has passed, I'm now six years old, I'm now able to read on my own after working super hard in understanding this language of ours. The previous time that I've read was because my dad was guiding me when I was reading that time. My mom would also read it to me sometimes, but she cooks or has something to do when I have free time, so it was my dad who would usually read it for me.

I found a book recently in the upper right shelf at my parents room. It was the first time I've seen that book. If I hadn't seen it today, I might not know that this book was in our house at all. This book was a bit special, I couldn't hide my excited face because it is the book for spells, from beginner magic up to superior magic.

I've been pretending to sleep in my room while sneaking up to their room so that I could read the contents of the spell book. I now know that apart of having attributes, there should be ranks of attribute users. But all of them are the same, just that the attributes are different.
For example, a person could be an intermediate fire user and also a high rank water user at the same time. Attributes doesn't matter even if the one you have may counter what you also have. It just depends on how you use your magic. Like what I've previously mentioned, having a fire and water attribute at the same time would not hinder any of your progress to them at all. Of course, it would depend on whether you would diligently train that attribute or the other, or maybe both.

By the way, as you've guys noticed, even if we're peasants, we're strangely complete in every way that a normal family should and would have. Like a room for receiving guests. Even a kitchen isolated from the living room and also my own room and my parents have their own room. I could only think that because both of my parents are hard working, that's why we have this kind of interior in our house. But the most confusing part of this is that why does mom and dad have a book for spells. Isn't this thing very important and very high valued. How could we could possess this kind of thing.

As I was wandering around in our village, I laid my eyes upon a young girl who was sitting in a bench in front of the village's church. As I was approaching her, she gave me a scornful look, as to which I thought why would she give me that kind of temperament since it's the first time we've seen each other or that's what I know. She also seemed to be around at my age, why would a girl around my age have that kind of look though? As I was about to speak, she suddenly left without even looking back. I scratched my head as I kept figuring out why would she do that.

As I was left in wonder, I came back to our house, seeing my parents both sitting in the kitchen area, I asked them that if they know a girl around my age here inside the village. As I was waiting for their response to my question, they both let out a small grin and smiled at me before mother asked... "Milo, are you perhaps interested in a girl at our village?" I was surprised by my mother's question and blushed for a moment and seriously said "Mother, what are you talking about? I'm just curious because the girl that I met with was cold even when our eyes met, Out of the young generations of our village, she's probably the most cold that I've ever met." Both of them looked at each other then laughed together at the same time. 

"Milo, the one you met was probably the duke's daughter." While they were laughing, I suddenly understand as to why she treated me like that. Mother also added... "Don't worry Milo, even if she doesn't like you, we'll find you a better partner for you" she was giggling while Dad was letting out a small grin while covering his lips.

I then answered "Mom! What are you saying, I'm not even interested in her, besides I'm too young to be thinking about this kind of stuff." Ugh, I'm too young to be in this kind of talk, also there's probably no one who would match up or even be a better match than a duke's heir. Well, of course, other than the princess or something, then none would match that girl. Also, we're peasants how could they even say such a thing.

                                                                                                                       (To be continued)