Chapter 4:

That Vampire, Devising A Plan

A School For Body Stealers

Mission 1–Create a Fake Club to cloak the real plans of the Vampire Break-Out Club…let's just shorten that to VBOC for time’s sake.

The next day after school, me and Kilu went directly to Yuki's office. As we stepped in, we saw what looked like a smaller version of the other lab rooms. Though it was still fully equipped with syringes, chemical vials, various medical tools, translucent cabinets, laptops, flatscreen monitors, and a small examination table filled with microscopes and paper documents.

Looks like Yuki really is a research scientist. Only a crazy person could work with all this shit around.

As I returned my focus to the matter at hand, Kilu softly tapped his knuckles on the sliding door. It seemed that Yuki was too engrossed in typing on his laptop that he didn't notice when we walked in. Then, Yuki paused as he adjusted his glasses and finally gave us his attention.

"Oh! What a pleasant surprise to see you both here. And I trust that Kilu has been helping you adjust to your classes, right Shizu?"

He spoke with a smile on his face. His short silver hair looked a little messier than when I first met him, and he had on his lab jacket with small red vials in the top pockets. He glanced at me and then Kilu.

"Well, now aren't you two getting along like birds of a feather. School life, learning, and making friends are the best memories anyone could wish for. Ahh, how splendidly nostalgic."

I ignored Yuki's casual comments and nodded at Kilu as a signal for him to start off.

"Hey Yuki, we came here to provide this for your consideration."


Kilu handed him a form that we filled out with explicit details of a study research club that was to disguise VBOC.

We thought this would be best, especially since Iris brought up a great issue yesterday. He said that if we all kept meeting up at the library, the scientists would eventually try to find out what we were up to. So, the idea was to make a cover for the real VBOC. Though the meetings were still risky despite there not being cameras or wiretaps in the media room we're using, we wanted to decrease as much suspicion as possible.

"We want to create an after school club for research on the non-shifters and help find solutions for their limitations."

"Limitations? What do you mean?"

"Our proposal is to find a remedy that non-shifters can use to protect themselves from the sun. As Body Stealers, we don't need to worry about it as much because we can use our transforming abilities. However, we thought about how we could help the rest of our vampire kin."

"Hmm, I see…"

"But of course, we'll report our findings and look into existing research about light sensitivity for vampires. This way we can help everyone's transition back to society after treatment!"

We all agreed that if the club was related to research or any subject of the sciences, then Yuki would most likely go along with it. And we planned to go to Yuki, since the other teachers may not be so lenient. Kilu said that Cleo would be too stubborn, as well as Hikage, who happens to be Cleo's assistant. Besides, both of them seemed like tight asses in their own right, to put it lightly.

Reira didn't think Yasu would be easy enough to persuade. Iris thought Jackie would be too ignorant to really understand the purpose. And Nero said Rin would shoot the club down in a heartbeat.

In other words, all the other scientists were no better than vicious guard dogs, while Yuki was the puppy they had to look after. That is why if we can convince him about this club, the rest of them will essentially leave us the hell alone.

This will be the first wall to get over.

Yuki then placed the form next to his wireless mouse and folded his hands together while pressing them under his chin. He looked towards us, and his smile suddenly vanished as he got right to the point.

"Well then, what have you both done so far?"

Kilu and I froze at Yuki's question. Obviously, we didn’t plan for this to happen.

"Uh…what do you mean exactly?"

"You're making a proposal for a research club, but did you even begin to look into the project you're suggesting? I assume that since you didn’t bring any other documents besides the club form, that you’re all pretty confident in its success. By the way, what kind of remedy is it?"


"You should have found something by now, correct? Otherwise, your club would be severely unprepared for this study."

Damnit! Maybe we underestimated this guy!

As I suddenly clammed up, Kilu jumped in.

"We found a special plant that has the potential to be used as a topical treatment for vampires."

"Which one?"


Kilu, you fucking idiot.

I grinded my fangs, trying to think of something else I could say, when Yuki pried into it further.

"That's interesting. I've always thought that sunflowers were no more than mere weeds. And I haven't heard of any reports about them having medicinal properties."

"Ah! But that's because it's newly discovered! Sunflowers are the most abundant flora everywhere. There are plenty of reasons why it can be a valid resource for us! Especially since, they can survive in the sunlight!"

Kilu smiled blatantly unaware of the tension that was growing in the room. I grabbed him tightly on his shoulder, so I could have him stop talking for now.

"What my friend is trying to say is that sunflowers have properties that vampires don't have. Which means they could contain some kind of chemical makeup that allows for light resistance, so to speak."

I did what I could to add in something, but Yuki's brows furrowed, as if he was exasperated with our silly charade.

"Okay, then I would like to ask about one more thing. Did you use anyone for your experiment?"

I nervously grabbed onto one of my bangs, looking slightly away.

"We…. tested it out on Bunny."

I honestly chose her at random because she wasn’t really the brightest out of the group. However, she was super friendly which made her a bit of an easy target.

"I see…well then."

Yuki grabbed the form in his hands, while me and Kilu looked nervously at each other expecting the worst. Yuki reached into his lab pocket and pulled out one of the vials.

Great, we're fucked!

Then he reached in again and pulled out a pen and started writing on the form. He handed the form back to Kilu. I quickly took a glance at it, and unbelievably so, Yuki signed the bottom, officially approving the club.

"Shizu, I must say your research is a very ambitious one. However, I'm not a scientist that settles just for words."

He grinned and stood up, opening his arms out in a grandiose manner.

"I only care for the results! So, hearing about your experiment on Bunny further intrigued me. I look forward to more from your club!"

“Thank you…Yuki.”

“Awesome! Thanks Yuki!”

We both tried our best to smile but thinking about how he just accepted our club because of Bunny being the test subject was a little more than unsettling.

“And of course, you all can use the library for your club. We have a ton of great books and media rooms. Oh! But I should also mention that one media room has hardly anything set-up in it, so I would suggest avoiding that one.”

I almost gasped because his remark was a little too coincidental.

What the hell is with this guy?! Honestly…everything he says, gives me a heart attack.

“Please make sure to hand in a progress report to me every Thursday. I wish you all the best of luck!”

We bowed as a formal gesture and left the room. As soon as the sliding door closed, Kilu and I dashed to the library to meet with the others and give them the good news. It was a close call to say the least, but Yuki seemed more excited about it near the end, so I decided not to dwell on it too much.

Though of course, I'll have to tell Bunny about the club secret. Just in case she gets bombarded with questions later from that eccentric weirdo!