Chapter 14:

Chapter 14


Suddenly! I felt something strange in my heart, it was as if someone was pulling my heart outside of my body. It was the same feeling I felt when the I used that prism. Bookmark here

'HOY ARE YOU OK, HOY' War shouted.Bookmark here

It was so painful that I lost consciousness. I woke up and in front of me was me but I think i was 3 years old, I was calling someone. Bookmark here

'Brother come, brother that is me your younger brother Adrian.'Bookmark here

I couldn't see him clearly because his image was blurred. He didn't reply, I didn't think he even heard me because he was in another dimension where there was just water. Bookmark here

The scenery changed, I was eight years old and the guy I was called brother was calling me from the other dimension. Bookmark here

'Yo brother, come to your older brother here.' Bookmark here

The scenery changed again, I was under the sea and the guy I called brother was looking at me. I don't know how but he was made of fire.Bookmark here

'That is so cool.'Bookmark here

'Come find me Adrian, I am waiting for you.' He said as he smiled Bookmark here

My mother came, she was wearing a white greek chiton .Bookmark here

'Adrian search for your older brother, find him at all costs.' She said.Bookmark here

'Wait since when do I have an older brother and if I had one why didn't I ever meet him.'Bookmark here

I Woke up inside the tent and beside me was War.Bookmark here

'Good you are awake, I really thought that you died out there.' Bookmark here

'I won't die that easily, after all if I died you wouldn't find a rival stronger than me .'Bookmark here

She started laughing.Bookmark here

In the same time in the throne room the girl Angel came. There was some light in the room and some of Angel's exterior features were a bit visible: she had black hair and white eyes.Bookmark here

'Master I told the guy and the playground is set.' She saidBookmark here

'Now let us start the game.' The master said as he laughedBookmark here

'Young Adrian are you ok, War told me about what happened.' Adriana saidBookmark here

Suddenly! A voice spoke inside their heads.Bookmark here

'Are you ready for some entertainment. If you aren't get ready because you are going to enter my playground.'Bookmark here

'Wait how are you alive, this shouldn't be possible.' Adriana's expression was full of fear as she said that.Bookmark here

The girl Angel appeared in front of them.Bookmark here

'Adriana you know too much about the game and master fears that you will spoil the game.'Bookmark here

The scenery went blackBookmark here

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