Chapter 15:

Chapter 15


I opened my eyes slowly because the light was so intense. I was in a place where no one would want find themselves in and that place was a desert. Beside me was War and apparently she unconsciousBookmark here

'There is something that I don't understand and it is that how are we here, there wasn't a nearby desert in the area.' Bookmark here

'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.' War shouted as she shot upwards Bookmark here

'Hoy are you ok.'Bookmark here

The minutes I touched a vision burst into my head, Adriana was there and she was fighting the girl named Angel. Adriana was wearing a strange white armor, her eyes and weapons were made of fire. The girl Angel was wearing an armor made of smoke and she was carrying a scythe. Bookmark here

'Adriana you weakling, you can even win againest me while I am using my X level mana transformation. The problem is that you are using will transformation which is supposed to be 10 times stronger than X level mana transformation.' Angel saidBookmark here

'weakling or not I am going to defeat you here and save those children.' Bookmark here

'Still foolish, I don't even know why you got the will of war. I am stronger than you and still you got it. Bookmark here

'Adriana die.' The master shouted Bookmark here

Adriana's expression was full of fear, Angel didn't waste a second as she advanced to kill Adriana. She stabbed her at the heart with the scythe.Bookmark here

'CORE TRANSPLANT.' Adriana shouted before she died. She released a brilliant light.Bookmark here

'Oh shit.' Angel shouted Bookmark here

'I know miss Adriana is so strong, she can't be beaten.' War said as she looked at meBookmark here

I was crying before i knew although i didn't know Adriana for a long time but it was as if she was a part of my family.Bookmark here

War shouted at me and then started crying so intensely in a way that is so heart tearing. I didn't what to do but something inside me didn't want to see War crying. I hugged War and told her to cry on my shoulder. Bookmark here

'I didn't know her for long but she was like a family member to me, I lost my family in a early age. I don't even remember how they look, I didn't have relatives so I ended up staying at the streets. The streets were a rough place to stay in, you could go for 10 days and never find anything to eat.' she said that as she cried more intensely.Bookmark here

Suddenly! War elevated from the floor, she was enveloped in a massive red aura. The red aura vanished and War was wearing the same white armor that Adriana wore when she fought Angel. Bookmark here

'War please stop crying, you are going to ruin you cute face.' Someone saidBookmark here

Adriana appeared in front of War, she was a ghost.Bookmark here

'War I gave you my will and my power, you are the new mistress of war.' She said that as she put her hand on War's head.Bookmark here

'Why me, why did you chose not any other person.' Bookmark here

'My girl the will of war chooses the person who deserves war and it chose you because it saw somethint in you.' Bookmark here

War started crying again. Bookmark here

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