Chapter 16:

Chapter 16


'Young Adrian and War you are now an inportant part of his plot. That is why you will enter one of his most dangerous playgrouds: The Eternal Ghost Forest.' Bookmark here

Adriana was losing her body every passing second, her complexion was get paler every passing second. Even so she continued to aid us. Bookmark here

'I don't have much time left so listen to what I am going to say. When you enter the forest search for someone named Zuri. Adriana disappeared as she said that.Bookmark here

In the same time the master was shouting at Angel.Bookmark here


'Master I am really sorry, please kill me because the mistake I made was incomprehinsible.'Bookmark here

'You aren't the problem. I could have easily gone back in time and change the outcome but my da*ned brothed had to go and see the future. Then magically decide to enclose the time string to make this time line in-alterable.'Bookmark here

'Master I know that I displeases you. Please send me to kill your brother.'Bookmark here

'Angel no matter how strong you are or how strong will you get. In the end you won't be able to beat him because as you know he is the king of time.Bookmark here

'Master even if he is the king of time doesn't he has a limit because he is a human after all.' Bookmark here

'Angel there are loads of things you don't understand in this world. He can rewind, upwind or stop time and his power is infinite. Forget about that now go to our guests and send them to the playground.'Bookmark here

'As you wish master.' Bookmark here

After Adrina died I didn't know why to do but I knew one thing and it is that I didn't want War to cry.Bookmark here

'War are you ok.' Bookmark here

She looked at me and smiled but she release a murderous strong murderous intent. Angel appeared in front of us.Bookmark here

'Now it's time for you to enter the playground get ready.' Bookmark here

'You motherfu*ker I know that I am not strong enough to kill you but I swear that I will kill you one day.' War said as she pointed A flaming sword at AngelBookmark here

'Come and try, until then you try to stay alive in the forest.'Bookmark here

A black hole opened over us and was trying to suck us in. Suddenly a virtual shield appeared over us and a red window appeared:Bookmark here

[The skill V-Shield have been activated]Bookmark here

Tti-ring Bookmark here

[The king of shadows and Angel have been marked as enemies and they should be eliminated.]Bookmark here

(By the way the master is the king of shadows)Bookmark here

P.S. The skill V-Shield won't be active for long because the successor doesn't have enough stamina leftBookmark here

The shield broke and we got sucked into a black hole. Bookmark here

A window appeared in front of the master:Bookmark here

[The players have entered the playground.] Bookmark here

The master smilled.Bookmark here


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