Chapter 14:

Old friend's


Finaly Honda has an idea that he heard from he's ancestors if the Air Concentrated Mod will be combined with an water element user's Concentrated mod it could unleash the power of Ahusiko the God of Destruction. So both of them switch on to their concentrated mode and made an fist bump after this both of their elemental power's goes up to the sky and using this both of them had acces to a whole new techinque from their element Nogisha used the 12th Water Technique the Devastating Flood wich made an immansely huge tsunami wich flooded all the city and traps Kojuseki in the water after this fast Honda uses the 10th Wind Technique the Tornado Slashe's and combining these two attack's made an huge water tornado in wich center was their enemy who couldn't use any techinque beacause of the huge water surronding him. But Nogisha wanted to be sure that Kojuseki was imobilized and used the 11th Water Technique the Dead Calm and sliced through the whole water tornade and made an immanse slash on Kurojima and all the water went uppwords to the sky due to the force of he's attack. Kurojima Matakumo was defeated by the 11th Water King Nogisha Kuzen and the 6th Air King Honda Atsukasu. Zamaya was injured baddly about he's health state we don't know much at the time.

Edymaro was searching for he's lost best friend using the techinque that he's father told him that with the power of the Lightning Element u can swing from cloud to cloud and to travel at amazing speed and altitude and he just did that until he saw he's long lost friend Azuwa and there he get's down to the ground. What he had saw made tears in he's eyes that he's best friend who had made a promis to him now is half turned into an demon(he had corn's on he's head and had sharpened teeth's). He just asked Azuwa if that thing even was Azuwa anymore, that what happened to him but he's response was an direct attack he used the 5th Fire Technique the Flame Tiger wich was an slice wich made an huge tiger jaw wich nearly got Edymaro but he countered it with the 6th Lightning Technique the Rumble and Flash with wich he simply cut trough the tiger. 

Now Azuwa said in a demonic voice that how foolish can the human cind bee to make such strong feeling's for their 'friends' but in the end they will get or betreyad or that loved person will die this is why he couldn't get an 100% control over he's body because he has some strong bound's that keep him to this world. Edymaro raging attacked him saying that strong bound is him their friendship and rivaliti is wich makes Azuwa to keep fighting in he's mind and dont let the demon take full control so Edymaro uses the 1st Moon Technique the Dark Moon wich is a slice wich make's  the form of an crescent moon but it is countered by Azuwa using the 7th Fire Technique the Hell Fire the 2 attack's collided and made an an huge blast of fire fastly Edymaro used another Moon Technique the 3rd one the Moon Chains wich made a lot of chains to appaer from nowhere and tie Azuwa's hand's and foot to a point and he cannot move a step after what came an direct short range slice wich appaered from nowhere and injured Azuwa badly but the demon inside him said that he isn't an ordinari human and that he will take him seriously and switche's into an demonic mode and attack's him with an insane speed with the 1st Sun Technique the Dancing Flash wich is a fluent cut wich makes more slice's on Edymaro's body he wasn't fast enough to counter it so he get's injured heavily and fall's down full of cut's through he's body and before he could pass out he had seen Azuwa's face before him asking for help.

And this was just enough for Edmyaro to stand up and take on with even more enthusiasm Azuwa and to defeat him so they can help him turn back into an human. So he switche's into the Concentrated Lightning Mode and uses the 4th Lightning Technique the Distant Thunder wich was an long range huge slice but before Azuwa could react to that Edmyaro with an insane speed uses the 5th Lightning Technique the Heat Lightning wich make's an huge ball of electricity and pure energy wich blast's Azuwa into the nearest mountain and get's heavily injured. If it wasn't under demonic influance he could even die now but when Edymaro wants to get a closer look at him he attacked with the 4th Sun Technique the Burning Bones Summer Sun wich is an immansely hot slice wich seem's to be from long range but before Edmyaro could counter it Azuwa apeared in front of him and sliced him with an close range slice surprised by this attack Edymaro again get's a massive blow but he prepares to end this fight with he's next move.

So he get's up and says sorry to he's friend if this attack will kill him but this is the only thing that can stop the demon raging in him and he uses the 7th Moon Technique the Moon of Missfortune-Moonlit and he's sword turn's into that demonic long sword with smaller blade's at it's top and slice's him with this attack which are multiple crescent moon's cutting Azuwa from different range's and when he try's to counter it with the 5th Sun Technique the Settling Sun but he noticed that Edymaro's attack suddenly hits him from behind this is the 7th Moon Technique's speciality that it make's an unvisible mirror and an attack will cut the enemy twice. Even before Azuwa could have a reaction to this Edymaro uses the 10th Moon Technique the Drilling Slashes-Moon Through Bamboo Leaves wich are multiple long range slashe's wich make a lot of crescent moon's and after this a cut from above wich makes all of the crescent moon's to turn into bamboo leaves and cut Azuwa from thousend's of direction's and this was too much even for an demon. Azuwa passed out and fall's to the ground Edymaro injured and exhausted after such an incredible battle but he was happy that he could beat another strong opponent and to get to he's new goal to found an squad wich travel's from country to country and to search and kill all the demon's remained in the land's so there wont be any devastating eveniment's like this. Azuwa  lyes in the ground and Edymaro was stressed because he did not know what to do now that he managed to knock out Azuwa.