Chapter 13:

Shocking new's


When they arrived back to the village they got an shocking new that the capital has been attacked and the 9th Lightning King Yashira Kojuseki had been defeated by an former demon commander's reincarnation on the 9th Fire King Kushiro Miyamara. Edymaro Yakaza and Isogita had been teleported in to the capital by Yakaza himself and what they had seen was absolute horror all the city was in fire much of the people had been killed by an demon army and Yashira somehow escepaed but with he's right hand had been sliced down by Kushiro. The remaining soldier's in Kuri had told to them that Kushiro was transformed into an demon form and he was been with two commander's and with Azuwa Nagatsume the best friend of Edmyaro and with the 4th Sand King Kurojima Matakumo. This shocked him but he was angry that somebody has been influencig him snd that he cannot believe that Azuwa had turned bad by he's will.

So after the arrive of the 11th Water King Nogishi Kuzen the 7th Ice King Zamaya Kuzen and the 6th Air King Honda Atsukasu Yakaza had gone to attack and to defeat he's lost comrade. When they arrived they had been already waited by Kojuseki and Kurojima so Yakaza take's on Kojuseki and the rest of the Elemental King's Kurojima who was under demonic influance as well and Isogita had to face the remaining commander while Edymaro has gone to search he's best friend Azuwa.

So the first fight got underway between Isogita and the demon commander. He attacked the demon with the 7th Lightning Technique the Thunder Blast but it was countered by the demon who used the 4th Moon Technique the Endless Moon and the two massive attack's had countered each other. Isogita had been thinking that he need's to use an Light Technique but he had  enaugh manna just for a single attack so he needed to play it smart. The demon commander had attacked him with the 1st Dark Technique the Dark Slash but he countered it quikly with the 1st Light Light Technique the Divine Slash and after this he used even quiker the 3rd Light Technique the Heaven's Blast wich is an attack wich make's a lot of tiny deadly slice's and he sliced him into thousend's of piece's and Isogita defeated he's enemy.

The battle is between the 3 elemental King's and Kurojima Matakumo who was manipulated by the demon commander's reincarnation and he was ready to kill each of he's opponent's. The first who attacked was Honda the Air King with the 7th Wind Technique the Gale Suden Gust's wich was a multiple ranged and from different direction's high powered slashe's and after that Nogisha the Water King used the 9th Water Technique the Turbulent Water wich was a flowing attack wich had an long slice trough it's enemy and Zamaya the Ice King used the 5th Ice Technique the Ice Age wich transformed all the terrain into ice and theyr enemy as well and these 3 attack's were countered by Kurojima with the 7th Sand Technique the Sand Prison wich by a single slice he countered and inprisonated all 3 of the Elemental King's and after this he used the 5th Sand Technique the Sandstorm wich was a single slash wich all te sand in the sand prison turned into an storm and damaged heavily all the Elemental King's.

After this massive blow taken they needed to think to an tactic so they could beat this extremly powerfull enemy. So Nogisha and Zamaya would go on to use an combined attack, Nogisha used the 8th Water Technique the Waterfall Basin wich made an huge waterfall by a slash and after this Zamaya quikly used the 7th Ice Technique the Hoarfrost-Boddhisatva wich turned him into an immansely huge Buddha statue and he sliced with that an even bigger and colder freezing slash and due to the water caused by Nogisha the whole air freezed and Kurojima couldn't attack them so Honda used the 8th Wind Technique the Primary Gale Slash wich was a single massive wind powered slash wich shattered the ice and sliced down heavily Kurojima.

They hoped that these attack's could keep him down or at least to take him out from the demon's control but he get's up and switche's into an demonic form and said that he didn't take them seriously but it seem's that he need's to use all of he's power's and he uses an to this point unseen techinque the 14th Moon Technique the Moon Dust Storm wich was an incredibly fast and powerfull slash wich cloned into 3 more crescent moon's and sliced where it was the most voulnerable but Nogisha could counter it with the 5th Water Technique the Whirlpool and he sliced uppwords he's attack Honda Countered it with the 6th Wind Technique the Black Wind Mountain Mist and he sliced up the surpising attack but Zamaya couldn't use an strong techinque because he's last one needed a lot of manna and he doasn't had much left so he used the 2nd Ice Technique the Freeze Slash but it wasn't enaugh so he get's sliced down and injured very heavily.

Nogisha became extremly angry and raging he used the Concentrated Water mod and he used the 2nd Water Technique the Waterwheel and the 4th the Striking Tide in an insane speed and power but it was countered by Kurojima who used the 6th Sand Technique the Erosion Samsara wich was an single slash enpowered with demonic manna wich when co.tacted with Nogisha's attack's turned them into sand dust and it made slice's on himself. Honda said that they need to be composed and smart to win against an this strong opponent but even he was out of idea's.