Chapter 11:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

Boy you should know that at that time, the island of broken swords, was an incredible place, the prosperity of the country rivaled the kingdom of sunflowers, abundant food was sold in the stores, elegant clothing stores always full of customers, artistic events and especially demonstrations of sword fighting, the capital city was full of life, Hundreds of mantises came and went happily passing through with the security of having one of the best economies of insectopia, with all the necessary comforts for a good life, all in exchange for preparing one of the children to be a proud warrior, and those who could do it because of their lineage, to become a hero's apprentice.

The capital city had that glow day and night, and in the middle of it all, the great castle of stone and towers with golden domes, where King Magnus Golden-Sword gave orders to his trusted staff, that day, in the middle of the royal session for the agriculture and trade sector the great gate of the entrance was fully opened announcing the arrival of the great heroine, ROSA entered and immediately all the noise stopped, a great silence embraced everything, while she walked straight to the king looking him straight in the eyes, without smiling, without speaking, without revealing her true feelings.

No guard stood in the way, she was the heroine of all insectopia, her presence was much more important than that of any king, as she walked every mantis knelt down, when she arrived in front of the king, he could only stammer a couple of words before being taken to the royal room by ROSA, she was the protagonist of this story and things would happen the way she decided.

For me, seeing that ROSE in that situation was so contradictory, the consummation of the act before the wedding, that was the reason to get to the palace after the death march, to contract nuptials and give her an heir, but she was ROSE and she could overlook all the formalities and go to the point, at last the act was right in the middle, their bodies were in connection, after which ROSE came up to MAGNUS' ear and said:

-Come with me

The absolute silence was cut by a thin whistle of air as imperceptible to the ear as the fluttering of a butterfly, ROSA from the bed with MAGNUS glued face to face, walked to the large window of the room from where all the splendor of the great city could be seen, then she said:

--What can you see my highness?
-A great nation with a great future, a future that I am eager to share with you and our son, now with an heir at last I will be able to turn this kingdom into a whole empire, we will conquer together insectopia and no bee or any other race will be a match for our superior army.

ROSA, who continued to be glued cheek to cheek, head to head, turned slowly, making him turn as well, turning her back to the window, looking back into the room, facing the bed, and with her most sensual voice she said:

--That woman you called wife, that woman whose life you took away for not serving you as you wanted, that great woman, she was my older sister the only person who saw me as someone and not as something, VIOLET HUNDRED PETALS and now I ask you again, what can my highness see?

-No, it can't be... my my mmi body............ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

ROSA had perfected her wind cut so much that she managed to detach his head without the King noticing, delaying the pain for a minute, sealing his wounds instantly with the cleanest and most perfect cut possible decapitating him but keeping his head conscious when MAGNUS saw his headless body still on the bed he couldn't bear the scene giving such a frightening scream that he alerted the royal guards, Hundreds of inhabitants were awaiting their meeting and had gathered outside the palace to hear their king make some kind of announcement, they were excited by the presence of the heroine and when they saw the window open up high they only began to applaud and shout with excitement.

Suddenly the citizens saw how the still conscious head of their king fell from the top of the palace, screaming as it rushed to its painful end, exploding and splashing all those nearby, turning the screams of excitement into screams of panic, and so the prophecy of the unmarried widowed mantis had been fulfilled, ROSA knew that her purpose was fulfilled, now she had the seed of the king within her, and now the island of the broken swords had been left without a king, she opened the door to find the entire oligarchy of the kingdom to whom she threw the headless body of their leader at their feet, the screams of terror of all resounded throughout the palace, alerting the soldiers who had immediately surrounded the castle.

Two thousand warrior mantises and all the apprentice heroes were ready to face their idol, their greatest hero, as well as the private armies of each nobleman, but no one did it for love of their king, or to comply with the law, every mantis blinded by power, only sought to kill the royal heir, to prevent him from being born in order to have the opportunity to claim the throne, the respect they had for their heroine was surpassed by ambition.

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