Chapter 12:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

Soon the attack began, warrior after warrior with incredible techniques attacked without stopping, they had the belief that the system would reward them with the title of hero if they managed to defeat ROSA, one after another fell under their swords, when suddenly, without warning, the strength she had since she was a child, disappeared, in an instant, all her power vanished, or rather moved, her gifts of hero went to her unborn child, losing the natural protection she possessed.

Immediately like a crushing rock, the fatigue caused by the march of death that had made her cross almost all insectopia in a few days, embraced her suddenly, her body weighed immensely, her agile movements were hindered by the weakness of her current body, the circumstances were not favorable, she only survived thanks to her refined technique, the perfect way of moving every cell of her body, the discipline and the correct sword technique turned her weak attacks into something decent enough to face the thousands of warriors, however, she knew it, she knew that it was only a matter of time to begin to fail, little by little small scratches managed to make wounds in her body.

Soon, the reinforcements had arrived, the whole force of the great mantis army was against her, she was completely surrounded and where before there were scratches now there were big wounds, little by little, her body began to be cut deeper and deeper, a single carelessness would mean to be dismembered in seconds.

I could see the fear in her eyes, but it was not fear of dying, it was a terror of failing the one inside her, her greatest desire was never to be the heroine of the world or defeat the Lord Demon, her real dream was to have a happy family, take care of her flowers in the morning, watch the sunsets in peace and go out to the lake on hot days, she could see her illusions shatter along with her dwindling strength, just when several cuts led her to fall kneeling on the ground, full of blood and tears she looked at me, she turned her gaze right to where my palantir showed me her image, but even through the remote vision she looked directly at me, because she knew I was there, she knew I was always watching, that I was always beside her.

--I know you are here, please, no matter what, save him.

I could not believe it, her hero powers were gone, how was it possible that she was talking to me, how was it possible that she was even aware of my presence, it was clear that the connection we had developed was beyond my knowledge, there was no time to think about it or try to explain it, it was time to act.

I went immediately to the top of my castle, on the other side of this great flat world, and even hundreds of kilometers away I dedicated myself with all my strength to perform the maximum distance spell I knew, I sacrificed all my power in the hope of saving them in time.

Suddenly, in the city of swords, the sky became completely black, a dense cloud of darkness covered everything, and it was then that the drops began to fall, first as a light rain, and soon as a wild storm that encompasses everything, but soon everything alive in the island of swords realized that the drops were not of water, they had transmuted their chemistry into a lethal acid, and now, everything they touched was pierced, the screams of the thousands of warriors were heard throughout the country, the mantises fell to the ground with no other destiny than to die melted.

Some badly wounded, managed to escape to take refuge in the buildings, but the storm only increased, and now, rivers of acid ran down the cobblestone streets, soon the thick columns of the glorious and ancient buildings gave way, the roofs crushed those who were inside, warriors, women, children, it did not matter, soon, the whole island had changed, the storm would last all night, the island would no longer be known as the island of swords, now by the action of the acid storm, it would have to change its name, and so at dawn, what was once a great country, had become the island of broken swords.

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