Chapter 147:

Dia’s Pretournament Chat

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

The world’s greatest Beauideal, Dia Mond, was in a grand changing room within the arena. A large vanity sat along the wall; ornate wood trimmings danced around the mirror, and a cushioned stool sat neatly in front. On one wall, a rack contained more dresses than the green Beauideal would ever wear in her lifetime. All manners of colors and patterns were present on the wall as Dia pulled her regular white and black dress off.

She tossed the old garments to the side and stared at the selections on the rack. After a short moment of staring, the green Beauideal pulled a nearly identical white dress with black trimmings from the choices.

X, who sat on the vanity in front of the mirror, shook its head as Dia slipped her new clothes on. The process was slightly tricky for her, with the two large wings adorning her back, but with careful fiddling and focused movement of her extra limbs, she got the clothing on and tied it neatly.

Dia brushed her hands over the skirt and flapped her wings to ensure they were free of any fabric.

“This one’s much cuter, isn’t it?” Dia asked X. The white Needaimus shook its head. Without being bonded to her, X wouldn't communicate, but Dia still knew her Needaimus well enough to know what it was thinking.

“There is a difference!” she protested to X, “If you look here, you can see the wavy pattern was made differently and the laces here as well,” Dia explained. If X could, it would have rolled its eyes. Dia picked up on that and responded by rolling her own yellow eyes.

Before she could correct the Needaimus more, a knock at the door interrupted the two.

However, the knock had only been courtesy, as the door was soon opened before Dia could reply. Another green, although a different shade, Aqueenian, entered the room.

Dia squealed and attempted to cover herself as if she was still changing.

“Oh no, a peeper,” she said in a non-serious tone.

“Shut up, Dia,” The newcomer said in a disappointed tone. She pulled a long, skinny bag off her back, set it on the ground, and adjusted the ponytail tie in her silver hair. Then, the newcomer planted herself on an oversized, comfortable couch in the dressing room.

“What brings you here today, Sabia?” Dia asked.

Sabia sighed.

“A pesky Beauideal that doesn’t listen to orders,” she said while looking directly into Dia’s large eyes.

“Oh my, that must be a troublesome Beauideal,” Dia answered with a smirk that showed she knew what Sabia had meant.

The newcomer responded by throwing a pillow from the couch across the room at Dia’s head. The Beauideal easily knocked the soft projectile to the side with her metal wing.

“Why couldn’t you just stay at the base? We have enough going on with the next phase of the plan, you know!” Sabia said in an exhausted manner.

“I told you, I didn’t mind helping out, but my Beauideal fans come first!” Dia answered in a sing-song voice. “If you wanted me to play along, maybe you should have told me what the next phase was?”

“I doubt you would listen,” Sabia said with a sigh.

“Try me!”

The silver-haired Aqueenian shook her head. She would have liked to have tailed the Netzian Hal a little longer instead of babysitting Dia, but the bosses made their orders, and she had to follow them.

“We are planning another assassination, after which we will take control of Nun,” Sabia explained. The next stage of their group's plans was to dispose of Abelard, who was the mayor of Nun; however, the mayor and Dia had history, and they did not know what the Beauideal would do if she got wind of all the details.

“Assassinate, assassinate, assassinate, is that all your group thinks about?” Dia asked as she turned away from Sabia. After getting comfortable in the chair, she made her way to the vanity and began putting on some makeup.

“Someone who lived in luxury her whole life wouldn’t understand,” Sabia said dismissively.

Dia fluttered the feathered wing on her back.

“I’ve hardly lived in luxury that long,” she said with an uncharacteristic harsh glare at Sabia.

The silver-haired Aqueenian made a small cough as if to clear her throat.

“Apologies,” Sabia offered. Dia returned to her happy expression.

“You don’t need to worry about anything! I’ll just win a couple of fights, get some love from my fans, and shake some hands! Then I’ll come right back to the base!”

“Your words don’t reassure me. Nevertheless, I have been tasked with keeping an eye on you today. Please try not to do anything too… well, something like you would do,”

“Are you asking me to be a different person?” Dia asked with a laugh. Sabia sighed.

“Don’t go playing with your opponents, don’t go goofing off after the matches, don’t go trying to make new friends, and for Crenussal’s sake, please do not reveal anything with your loose lips.” The silver-haired Aqueenian settled for a short list of things for Dia to avoid doing.

“Ah, you worry too much. I’m not the best Beauideal for nothing!” Dia put her hands on her hips and moved her wings to appear more prominent.

“That’s why I worry,” Sabia said with a sigh, “Why did we bring a stuck-up celebrity in…” she added too quietly for Dia to hear.

A new knock at the door got the attention of both girls. Sabia quickly jumped off the couch and scanned the room. She promptly identified several possible hiding places.

Dia paid no mind to what her fellow schemer was up to and happily addressed who was at the door.

“Come in,” she said happily.

Sabia flashed an annoyed look at Dia but could only do it for a moment before leaping into a locker to hide.