Chapter 20:

Warehouse Report

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

As Bryson and Lila were descending down the stairwell, Bryson was dreading the conversation he was going to have with his parents, or perhaps lashing would be more appropriate description. He could already tell the trouble he was going to be in. He had quite literally run from home and fought a bunch of assassins. He couldn’t have gotten himself in more trouble if he tried.

As Bryson was busy in his mental turmoil Lila asked him as they walked.

“So… I don’t know much about magic, but your eyes glowing like that aren’t normal are they?” She asked cautiously.

“Uh… no, I don’t think so.” Bryson replied. Now that someone else had brought it up, he realized just how strange his glowing eyes were. He had seen on the Aether Net magic users cast spells before. Certain more powerful spells would cause irises to glow and change colour, but that’s only as a by-product from the spells they cast. Whenever his eyes changed it seemed that it made everything easier to accomplish. He had no idea what was wrong with him.

“Do all spellcasters cast magic like you?” She asked.

“Like what?”

“The thing with the siege car, I didn’t see you do anything but look at it and it moved. That not like what I’ve seen from watching display screens.” Lila said.

“I don’t know, it just felt natural to me. It was just a solution that I seemed to discover.” Bryson said with a shrug before recalling something, “Oh yeah, one more thing.”

“Hmm?” She emoted curiously.

“Here.” He said as he tossed her bracelet back to her.

“Ah!” She yelped as she fumbled with the bracelet before catching it. Noticing what it was she looked back at Bryson in surprise.

“Oh! This is my bracelet that I ‘sold’ to you.” She said looking at the bracelet, “It looks brand new.” She marveled.

“Yeah, I played around with it.” Bryson said.

Lila then noticed the two-metal letter Ls glow with a faint blue, “Does this still have some of the energy from the blast you absorbed?” She asked.


Lila suddenly held it further away from her face.

“Don’t worry, it won’t blow up, it would only activate if you command it to.” Bryson assured.

“Oh okay, thanks.” She said as she carefully placed the bracelet onto her arm. Bryson then opened the door that led to the main hallway and walked towards his parents. Lila hesitantly trailing behind him.

His mother who was taking care of a still unconscious Gilles bolted up and immediately rushed over to him, patting him all over for any sign of injury.

“Bryson are you okay, are you hurt?” She questioned.

“Bryson.” His father rumbled, “Explain.”

“Oh, um, well father.” Bryson began, then froze as he had no idea what to say.

“Go on Bryson, answer your father. Why did you leave your vehicle?” Duchess Coldwater said once satisfied that Bryson was unharmed.

“Gilles had mentioned about wanting to visit this place. But it turned out it was a trap set by a bad man.” Bryson said carefully.

“Yes, we found Petr unconscious.” Duke Coldwater said, “I will make sure that he is punished accordingly.” That last part gave Bryson goosebumps.

“Yes, then Lila here found out about his ploy.” He said gesturing at Lila show was now standing stiller than a statue and gave a slow nod, eyes wide, “Then Nico came and saved Gilles and Sable.”

Nico who was currently being treated for his wounds looked back and gave a small nod.

“Then Lisa and I came entered the warehouse we saw Nico fight off the assassin.” Bryson continued.

“What of the ruined siege car, and the damaged wall were you two were standing.” Duke Coldwater questioned; his eyes bore into Bryson.

“The masked stranger shot a crossbow at me.” As Bryson said this, he could feel his mother tense and his father’s eyes flashed with anger, “But Lila here saved me!” He hurriedly said.

“She did?” Duke Coldwater said before glaring at Lila.

“Y-yes sir!” She stammered out.

Duke Coldwater then stared back towards Bryson, “Continue.” He commanded.

“Well… then the masked guy with the crossbow and the magic person started shooting. I didn’t see what happened, when I looked up the big car hit the guy and the magic man was lying on the ground” Bryson said, trying his best to sound innocent. It would be best right now for his parents not to know about his weird abilities, that would only cause more problems at the moment.

His father stared at him in silence for a moment before his cold gaze locked onto Lila.

“Is this true?” He asked.

Lila froze for a moment before nodding her head rapidly in reply. Turning towards Sable who had been overhearing the conversation he asked her, “Is that what happened?”

Dang it. Bryson thought, he had forgotten about Sable. Sable who was being checked on by one of the guards with medical training, looked over towards Bryson. Her brow furrowed a bit in confusion before she slowly said to Duke Coldwater, “…Yes. Can we go home now?”

“Alright then.” Duke Coldwater nodded, “Take her home.” He commanded two of the guards who nodded and led her into one of the cars once the medic was done with their checkup.

Without sparing a perplexed Bryson another look she headed towards the car and was driven off. Duke Coldwater then spoke again, “You are unharmed, correct?”

“Yes, I’m fine… thanks to Lila Frost.” Bryson said giving a small gesture towards her. Lila gave a cautious nod at this introduction, rather wishing Bryson wouldn’t bring her up again.

“You.” Duchess Coldwater spoke.

Lila tensed in fear as she bowed her head towards Bryson’s mother, “Yes Duchess.”

“You… you seem familiar.” Duchess Coldwater said, her eyes narrowed a bit, “Have I seen you somewhere?”

“Um… yes, I used to work for the Coldwater estate as a maid Duchess.” Lila spoke, trying not to let her voice shake.

“I see. No matter, for keeping my son safe you deserve a reward. Right Alexander?” Duchess Coldwater said to Duke Coldwater.

“Yes. You deserve the reward.” Duke Coldwater rumbled.

“Oh… no Duke, you are to kind. I don’t deserve such kindness.” Lila said, her fear turning into hope as it seemed that she would actually receive a reward rather then a punishment from the Coldwaters this time.

“Nonsense, you deserve a reward!” Duchess Coldwater exclaimed, “You also mentioned that you used to work as maid correct.”

“Uh, yes.” Lila replied innocently.

Bryson paused as he realized where this conversation seemed to be headed.

“Perfect! Seeing that you helped Bryson once already.” She said. Bryson wanted to open his mouth to interject, but his mother was faster, “You are now officially Bryson’s personal attendant!” She said with a happy clap. She then looked towards Duke Coldwater, “Wouldn’t you agree?” She asked.

“Yes, you deserve a reward as great as this.” Duke Coldwater commended.

Lila Frost gave a blank look of shock towards, giving a confused, “Huh?”

Duchess Coldwater, who paid her no mind. Instead, Duchess Coldwater now directed her attention towards Bryson, “Isn’t this fantastic Bryson! We were looking for a personal servant and one fell right into our laps.” She said cheerfully.

“Uh, wait mother-” Bryson began.

“Come now Bryson, I know your tired, let’s get you home now.” Duchess Coldwater interrupted and pulled him into a car, Bryson was unable to get any words across.

Duke Coldwater then turned towards Lila, “You will begin the beginning of next week.” He spoke and with a single cold gaze from him, Lila could only nod her head. With a satisfied grunt he turned and joined his wife and children.

Lila simply watched him leave. She had been nearly killed today by magic assassins and now she was forced to stay in the city. She had planned to leave the city of Darlington and the continent of Wrabuth and travel south to somewhere warmer, somewhere she wouldn’t need to see the Coldwaters again.

However instead she was now forced to stay here and not only that, but it seemed that she had been given a permanent job working for the Coldwater family. Denying this offer would be insulting the continents most powerful family. So, she would have no choice but to agree to this proposition.

Right now, Lila Frost wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. However, apparently, she had to now prepare to be a maid for the noble family once more. She was never any good in the first place.

On Bryson’s side, as he was in the car and waiting for his father to enter a couple of thoughts ran through his head. Okay, well it seems like Sable and Gilles are safe and I’m not in trouble…but now there’s that Frost. I feel like this is going to cause more issues for me.

As Duke Coldwater entered the vehicle and the cars began to pull away, leaving Lila to find her way home alone. Bryson watched this out of his backdoor window and felt a bit guilty for her. He hoped that this was going to be the wildest thing to happen to him for a long time.