Chapter 21:

Interlude: Goddess Afa's Second Report

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

The Goddess of Heroes Afa sat on her massive white throne, her perfectly manicured eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she stared at her viewing screen. She didn’t quite understand what she had just seen.

That Gilles Coldwater was still alive. How? She wondered. Those assassin were meant to kill the boy. Sable was supposed to witness this and survive by hiding herself somewhere within the warehouse. But that didn’t happen.

Instead some random no named knight came in and protected the two. Where in the world did he come from? Afa had no idea who this person was. She had no plans for this random. What’s more was how was he able to fight against four of those assassin? Though not that well.

That worthless knight almost ruined her entire plan, being so overzealous nearly getting Sable killed. All her planning was almost wasted because of that idiot. Afa was almost thankful when Bryson Coldwater entered unannounced into the warehouse and saved Sable.

Though, even more questions were raised on how or why Bryson Coldwater and some random girl managed to find the warehouse. But Bryson was able to show her some of his abilities. Bryson showed that he had some power behind him, which meant that Afa’s investment on that front was at least paying out.

But again, why was he even there in the first place? Who in the world was that girl? Apparently she now had a job as Bryson’s servant or something, Afa cared very little about that. Maybe she could be useful for the future, Afa put that thought away for now.

Gilles was alive and that was annoying, but whatever, he wasn’t that important anyways. Bryson being there was weird, but again whatever, she had plenty of other events prepared over the upcoming years. She couldn’t wait to watch them all unfold.

As she was thinking the pixie flew into the throne room, “My Goddess, I have received news that the Coldwater family seemed to have recently been attacked.” She reported.

“Hmm? Oh, yes I know. I helped set it up.” Afa said bored.

“I beg pardon, Goddess?” The pixie asked taken a back.

“Yes. The plan was for them to kill Gilles and scar Sable.” Afa explained.

“Oh…” The pixie emoted, unsure what to say in reply. Thankfully for her, Afa kept talking.

“But for some reason this random knight got involved.” Afa trailed on, pointing at the display screen that now displayed a picture of the young knight Nico Reese, “Then Bryson and this random girl appeared as well.” She said and the screen then showed Bryson and Lila entering the warehouse.

“It’s annoying but nothing serious.” Afa said with a shrug.

The pixie initially wanted to tell Afa that the random girl she was referring to was actually the former maid that had been recently fired. Then, she decided that it would be better for everyone to not do that.

“So, excuse my ignorance my Goddess, but why have Gilles killed?” She asked.

“So that Sable could grow and it would allow that Lottie girl to grow as well.” Afa stated.

“I see… what are your plans for them in the future?” The pixie asked.

“So they can help my heroes of course.” Afa said condescendingly, “I need a good party to help my heroes and a good reason for them to hate Bryson and the greater evil. Now are you done? I’m busy.”

“Uh, no, no. Sorry, I’ll leave you now.” The pixie replied, giving a polite bow and flew out of the throne room. As she flew away one thought went through her head. Maybe Zarall was right about her.