Chapter 1:

The First Attempt

A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

Frilled white blouse, knee length light brown skirt and red shoulder length wig made up the perfect outfit for Mitsu’s grand plan. The plan he dubbed; ‘Operation – Steal Akio so he could steal Tomo.’ Okay, so the title need work but the just of the plan was as follows;

1. Create the perfect female persona and introduce her to Akio

2. Get Akio to become infatuated with this persona as to distract him from Tomo

3. Approach Tomo with a more masculine approach and proclaim feelings

4. Have the persona break up with Akio and disappear

Mitsu gets the girl and destroys the over confident Akio all in one plan. Mitsu thought himself of a genius. Other’s may feel other ones but he was confident this plan was perfect. Doing small turns, followed by a twirl in the full-length mirror, Mitsu admired himself. He truly did look to be a female university student. “And a cute one at that,” He laughed to himself, adding a feminine charm to his voice.

Satisfied with his outward appearance, Mitsu gathered his bag (especially chosen for this outfit) and got his shoes before leaving the house. Today was the ideal day to execute the plan. After some sleuthing he was able to find out the schedule to the coffee shop. Wanting to assure he could create the ideal meeting situation while avoiding is sister and anyone he may know. Should this plan come to light, he would be faced to endure public humiliation in not only university but also the entire town. This was played it safe.

Strolling down the pathway, the cool spring air felt good against is face and is newly exposed legs. As he got closer to the café, he took several deep breathes and remembered the reason he was doing all this. He spent time and effort creating this perfect persona to aide in true objective of one day becoming Tomo’s boyfriend. In all the time he has known Tomo, Akio was the only guy she showed any returned interest in. Mitsu could not let that be. He had to show Tomo a new side of him. Once Akio was out of the picture, part two of the part could take place of showing Tomo how capable of a boyfriend he was. “This will work,” He pumped himself up, making a fist of determination as the coffee shop come into vision.

Unclenching his fist, he reached forward to open the door, only for another hand to beat him to it. The bell above the door ran it was opened, Mitsu following it with his head and seeing the middle-aged salary man with creepy grin holding the door open for him. If Mitsu needed affirmation that he looked like a girl, he certainly had it. Laughing nervously, he waltzes in thanking the man for his kindness. This was a part of his persona. A girl who would be appreciative of any act of kindness shown to her. He gulped, holding his bag tighter. The shop was certainly full on this particular day.

On his days off, Mitsu would usually spend playing video games or being dragged around the mall as Tomo’s person bag boy so he hadn’t experienced the shop on this day. All the seats were full and the queue of people waiting for drinks continued to grow as staffed hurried to fill the small backlog building up. With all these patrons, Mitsu was unable to confirm Akio was at the front of the desk but, surely, the intel was right. The queue moved slowly, people starting to bump into one another as they headed in different directions but eventually, the counter was in sight. Mitsu leant to his left, looking to see if Akio was there. To his disappointment, there was a blonde woman serving in his place.

Finally, it was Mitsu turned. He took a deep breath before ordering his drink and daring to ask; “Where’s Akio today?”

This was a daring move but one that may just work to his advantage. The server smiled widely, taking Mitsu’s money and getting his change. “Oh, he had a family emergency today,” That was something Mitsu hadn’t taken into account. Without knowing Akio’s family situation, it wasn’t something he could plan for or even think about. The server winked, “But don’t worry. I’ll tell him a cute girl was asking for him.”

Mitsu felt his face heat up, his voice stuttering as he gave a small ‘thank you’ and moved to the other right of the counter to wait for his drink. This was merely an unsuccessful attempt, is what he tried to convince himself. Though, there was some movement. He smirked, realising what had happened. He had made himself known to a college that there is a girl interested in him. If she tells Akio, Akio will then be expecting to see a cute girl who will be eager to see him. Does this make Mitsu sound stalkerish? Yes, but it’s a fast pass following today’s unforeseen circumstance. To summarize:

Attempt 1: (not a total) failure.