Chapter 2:

The Second Attempt

A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

While attempt number one was unsuccessful, Mitsu was currently feeling confident in his next attempt. Though he had to wait a while, he hoped that the time left Akio stirring in his head with the rumours going around about a cute girl asking for him. He smirked as he stood in the queue. The past couple of visits with Tomo confirmed Akio knew about the pretty girl asking for him. The seed was planted and with that, attempt number two was currently underway.

Reaching the front of the queue, Mitsu put on his best smile as to look friendly as he asked for his usual mocha order. Remembering what the staff rumours said he was the ‘pretty girl who ordered a mocha’ so he will continue to always order a mocha. “That will be 750 yen please,” Akio’s voice was monotone. Mitsu’s mood dampened. Akio’s voice usually had a lot more charm to it but it seems somewhat flat today. Handing over the money, Mitsu observed how sluggish Akio’s movements were, almost like he was on auto pilot on his shift today. On closer inspection, his skin was paler and there were notable circles around his eyes.

Akio didn’t even look at Mitsu. He just handed over the change and receipt and asked Mitsu to step to the side to wait for his order. Mitsu sighed, coming to conclusion attempt number two was an utter failure. He grabbed his drink hurrying to sit on the table in the corner so he could continue to observe Akio.

For Mitsu, it was rather amusing watching the university pretty ball fall over himself and knock into tables. On the other hand, it was kind of sad to watch. At school Akio would never be seen without a smile (and a girl by his side), perhaps this was a doppelganger of sorts.

After about half an hour, Mitsu had seen enough. He wasn’t going to be able to get Akio’s attention today and he didn’t want his persona to be associated with a bad day. Imagine being told, ‘you’re that annoying girl who keeps stalking me’ all because of a bad day. That was not the impression Mitsu was going for.

Finally, home, Mitsu started to remove his shoes, in the corner of his eye he noticed shoes that weren’t there when he left. His heart rate quickened, his palm getting sweaty. No one was meant to be home yet. He pulled his sleeve up, looking at the time. “Oh crap!” He exclaimed. He was running behind.

“Mitsu?” Emi’s voice called out. The voice sounded as if it echoed. Mitsu was able to determine she was in the kitchen. His feet quickly carried him to the stairs, his hands palling up the skirt to avoid further embarrassment of tripping up the stairs. Emi sighed, following Mitsu up the stairs, barely catching a glimpse of him as he slammed his door such. “Mitsu? What’s got you panicked?”

“I-I,” The panic wasn’t subsiding, Mitsu’s brain starting to ache as the braincells tried to collectively come up with a good excuse. Anything, so anything brain. “I ripped my pants!”

The heat in his face rose hearing the loud and obnoxious laugh from the other side of the door. “That’s hilarious,” Emi cried wiping a tear from her eye. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down to form a cohesive response. “Alright, I’ll leave you to change. If you want me to sew them up for you, leave them on the dresser in the living room.”

“Thanks sis,” Mitsu pulled off his wig, sliding his back against the back of the door and falling to the floor with a thud. That was a close call. He held his hands in his head. It was a safe assumption too say;

Attempt 2: Massive Failure