Chapter 25:

It's a Date!

My Childhood Best Friend is a VTuber! (OsananaV)

As I change out of my work clothes in the back of the convenience store after my shift, only one thing is going through my mind.

Why did this have to be today?

I’ve missed almost the entirety of Mayu’s multi-day stream, and now I’m more behind on my anime watching than ever – not to mention the vtuber clips I’m going to have to catch up on.

Let’s not forget what I said at the beginning of this story!

This was all about me chasing virtual cuties and even at that point, my efficiency in consuming all said media relating to them was at an all-time low.

Now that I can’t even watch Mayu anymore, I feel like I have left my anime brothers in the dust – gallivanting in the real world.

Like a normie.

Despite this, I’ve got a date with Sakura, who is admittedly not the person out of everyone I’ve talked to lately that I thought I’d be going on a date with.

Not that I thought I’d be going on dates with any of them of course!

I manage to clasp the last button on my black dress shirt, quickly adjusting my jeans as I do so.

Yes, I wore a dress shirt to this occasion.

I may not have wanted to come out on this date, but I’m not going to half-ass the first date I’ve ever had!

Walking out of the store and onto the street, I check the address that Sakura gave me once again.

The place is what I would consider a fancy restaurant, although, to me, a fancy restaurant is probably anything that doesn’t have a takeout menu. It’s the sort of place that a shut-in like me would never eat at because they would have to dine in the company of others with no hope of exiting with their food.

As an aside, at least in this situation, Sakura can’t just hang up on me when I want to know more information. She just dropped that bomb on me – actually two bombs on me – when we last spoke, like it was nothing and then just disappeared.

I’ve been too exhausted to give it much thought since that conversation and it’s probably better that I didn’t anyway. As Chika has said, I come to a lot of assumptions by myself in this little brain I have.

Keeping myself busy is probably a good way to combat that.

The air outside is chilly, with every step I wish more and more that I had my sweater with me; cursing the decision to ever decide to look nice and fancy today.

As I get closer, I can feel my chest getting tighter, a part of me says it’s due to the cold air but another part of me says that it’s because I’m going on a dinner date.

A dinner date with a cute girl, mind you, but just not one that I’ve seen in this context before.

Could Sakura have something she wants to tell me? Even if so, I don’t see why she couldn’t have just done so over the phone.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe she has feelings for me, in which case, I’m going to have to figure out how to let her down easy.

I only have eyes for one.


Who else did you think?

The restaurant is within sight, and the minimalist logo with a light neon hue radiates throughout the dark street. As I start to get a better look at the building, all the outside walls seem to be comprised mostly of glass, so all the customers are on display.

Now I remember why I never go to places like these.

Why do people have to pay more money to be paraded in front of passers-by like this?

I would pay just to not be seen at all.

The glow radiates from the building and the sign, getting brighter the closer I get – for a moment, just a few feet away, the light is blinding.

When my eyes manage to adjust, there is just one girl waiting next to the entrance.

A girl I recognize.

The highlights in her hair make her noticeable instantly, it’s just these weren’t the blonde highlights I was expecting.

These ones were pink.

What is Koi doing here?

I don’t think Sakura mentioned anything about someone else coming here, actually, I’m sure she didn’t because that fact may have made this gesture a whole lot more comfortable than it was just previously.

A friendly hangout is something I could’ve wrapped my head around much easier!

She doesn’t notice me as I approach, her gaze glued to her phone as she leans on the restaurant’s glass window.

Although she’s wearing her usual ripped black jeans, it’s her heeled boots and elegant frilled top that tell me she’s here for something more than just a friendly hangout.

Could she be here for a date too?

This is going to be kind of awkward if I’m here on a date with Sakura and Koi is here on a date with someone else.

My heart sinks at the thought of Koi on a date with someone else for some reason, there’s an uncomfortable feeling radiating throughout my body that I can’t quite describe.

Maybe that’s the reason why she hasn’t been in contact with me lately…

“You look nice.”

In racking my brain, this was the most normal thing I could come up with for an opening line. It also subtly brings up the fact that she’s dressed nicely and gives her reason to talk about why.

“Oh, thank-“

Koi looks up from her phone, eyes wide as if she’d seen a ghost.

“What are you doing here?”

Or, you know, she won’t continue on the conversation, and she’ll just cut right to the actual question we would both be asking in this situation.

Why did I start off with you look nice?

“I-I’m here on a date… kinda?”

So much of my soul wanted to lie, in all honesty, I know I could’ve phrased that another way, so Koi didn’t get the wrong idea here.

It was a date; I just didn’t want her to see it that way because…

Well, I don’t know, I just didn’t.


Koi pushes a rogue strand of hair back behind her ear and looks down at the ground – a contemplative sadness in her eyes. Her face is expressionless, yet so telling at the same time.

She’s disappointed.

Would Koi really be disappointed in knowing I’m out on a date?

I try to cut through the pensive cloud hanging above our heads.

“What about you?”

Koi looks up and forces a pained smile; her mouth has curled up but her eyes have remained unenthused.

“I’m meeting up with Sakura here.”

Before I can even think about my response, or whether or not these words should have been said in this situation, I reply.

“Me too.”

Koi’s eyes widen for a moment, but then her face morphs into something terrifying when she grits her teeth.

A flicker of flame can be seen clearly in each eye.

“What did you say?”

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