Chapter 1:

2. Strangers in Different Cells

The Legend of One Piece: A Journey Across The Divided Seas

A strange sound creeps out from the cell across from Eloia.

What kind of snoring is that...

The noise stops as she hears a gasp and a hiccup. A juvenile voice suddenly calls out.

"Hey! You can't hold me here forever!"

A young face approaches the cell bars and looks over at Eloia. His pale hands reach across the bars and exhaustion instantly escapes his face. His eyes were big and round, a faint grey. They told a story of forgiveness. Naivety embraced his face with warmth, and Eloia found it to be irritating. His hair was white and puffy, resembling cotton. He seemed sapped of his energy and quickly fell back. At that moment, Eloia noticed the shark tooth that dangled from the beads across his chest. She gently turned to face the wall, crossing her arms as she closed her eyes.

"This whole place is engraved with sea stone.." He mutters. The curious boy crawled back onto his cells bench and stared up towards the blank stone wall.

If I can't get out of here by force.. then what .. He thought to himself.

A realization captures his thoughts.

He pushes himself up and stares at the strange girl sitting in the cell across from him.

"Girl!" He shouts across towards her. An annoyance quickly struck Eloia's face. She ignores him and continued to sit quietly. 

She might not be any use after all.. 

A frustration arises within him as he sighs.

She's obviously deaf.. 

He cluelessly shakes his head and presses his back against the wall. He sighs again.

"I don't even remember getting here.." He looks around.

He begins to rub his chin as he tries to recall everything that got him to this moment.

"I remember a huge wave taking me away and suddenly I was here on this island.. it wasn't long till I was approached by a Navy Captain..''He rubs his chin some more.

"Next thing you know..-"

Shoutings began to enter the room as new prisoners were being forced in cells.

"This is ridiculous, I get sent to jail for making eye contact with a Yakuza!?"

"The navy has become a joke!"

"Hey! Get your hands off of me!"

He lets out a deep sigh. He decides to try to speak to the girl once more.

"Hey! I'm talking to you! What are you doing here." He shouts. Eloia continues to ignore him.

"Boy, I recommend you leave that girl alone." A voice, loud and clear, escapes from the cell besides Eloia. The boy curiously looks over to find an old man.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"She's just trouble, that's all, think of her as a demon in disguise and avoid her."

The boy gives a frustrated look. 

"Tell me your name, boy. I am Shirahoshi."

"My name is Nortus, but everyone calls me Cloud. They say my head looks like one!" He points to himself and laughs.

"Hm. I see." They both share a laugh. The old man starts having a coughing fit before he pauses.

"I heard you muttering of a navy captain earlier.. he is part of the Yakuza.."

Cloud looks surprised. 

A disturbed look strikes Eloia's face. She begins to listen closely.

"The Navy has been corrupted for a long time.. ever since that Emperor of the Sea started calling himself the Demon King of the Sea."

"I heard of it... that he was a Yakuza boss. They say he is a man without a face.." says Cloud.

"Yes boy, the one that no one has seen, they say the ones that have seen his face are either dead or have lost the ability to speak." The old man coughs again.

"The Yakuza have been spreading themselves throughout the seas dividing and corrupting all systems of power. Steadily rising, conquering all that they can.."

"There was a time when Yakuza only belonged to the land of Wano, but Wano then opened up to the world and a corruption deeply rooted within started to spread beyond the walls.."

A loud sigh interrupts him.

"I still don't get how I got here.." Cloud shrugs scratching his head.

"Are you even listening to me?" A coughing fit once again escapes the old man.

"Oh, never mind then, boy." He says as he calms down.

Eloia opens her mouth to speak.

"Well, if I were to bet, i'd say it's your idiotic face that got you here." Eloia lets out a snarky laugh.

Cloud quickly turns to face her with a frown on his face.

"So you're not deaf?"

They finally meet eyes. She gives him a look that says he is beneath her.

"Well, you imbecile, you continue on talking to yourself all you want, I'll be out of here soon."

Clouds eyes brighten up.

"Hold on. Let's think of a plan, we can get out of here together."

Eloia rolls her eyes.

"The weak should stay in their place." 

A man who asks for help is a man of no good. She quietly tells herself.

"Hey, at least you'll have no problem finding yourself an exit." She turns around to face the wall.

Cloud sighs in total hopelessness.

Time to get out of here. She thinks as she holds out her arms.

She clamps her hands across from each other to form an 'X' and forcefully pulls them apart, shattering the hand cuffs. She shrugs it off as she faces the wall. She positions herself. 

She concentrates as she slowly places her hand on the wall across from her. She closes her eyes and lets out a deep breath.

There it is.

 She quickly strikes the wall and a small crack begins to form.

Clouds stares at her with a quiet curiosity.

She opens her eyes and scans until they land in one particular area.

There it is.

She begins striking the wall repeatedly as huge craters start to form.

Cloud stares in amazement. 

She brings back one arm, farther than before and gives one final strike to the wall. The wall in front of her completely crumbles apart and she walks out. She sighs and stands up staring at the grass and empty field that surrounds her. She silently disappears into the distance.

A rumbling sound starts to spread throughout the walls. Clouds expression quickly changes into confusion. Everything begins to shake and one by one walls start falling apart. He feels a sharp weight thud against his head and his vision becomes filled with darkness.

The sharpness of the dirts graze under his skin, as a presence is dragging his body out from under rocks. He feels the heaviness on top of his body being removed and light starts to peak through his vision. He opens his gaze to an older man of graceful manner.

"Hey boy. You’re alright now." Cloud recognizes the old man from his voice. The old man helps him sit up as he catches air.

"I could have died. Thanks grandpa, I owe you one." Cloud gives him a kind smile. He stands up dusting himself off from dirt. He looks around and sees men helping each other from under the piles of rock and dirt. He shifts his attention off to the distance where Eloia has gone.

"Where are you headed to now, boy?" The old man asked.

"Well, I can't leave a favor unturned." He smiles mysteriously, his thoughts stuck in the distance.

"You don't plan on finding that girl, do you?"

"Well, she did help us escape. It seems like she might be heading into trouble anyways." He looks down towards the old man.

"It was by chance that the rest of this place fell apart. She was far too strong to not have purposely done that." Cloud paused before he opened his mouth to speak again.

"Anyways, something tells me if I follow that girl i'll finally end up where i've been meaning to for some time now." He stares back into the distance.

"Grandpa… one more question..” The old man looked towards Cloud.

"Where is this place, exactly?" A confused look strikes the old man.

"You don't know where you’ve been this whole time?" The old man shakes his head, lets out a sigh and shrugs the dirt off his body as he stands to face Cloud.

"This is the East Blue, an Island called Shanks."

"This is a criminal land. These are only pirates and people that have no home to go to. There is a bounty on most people on this land. That girl there has one of the highest bounty on this island. She seems to despise every person she comes across leaving males to no exception. A bitter woman indeed. You want to chase after that girl, good luck. I'm afraid only misfortune will follow. Take your chances now and get off this island boy, it seems she’s gone with the wind."

Clouds face has shifted into an eager look and the old man is struck with the realization that he may have just convinced him even more.

"Gone with the wind, you say." Cloud laughs.

"Thanks, again, for everything. I owe you one." Cloud beings stretching his body.

"Well, if you owe me one, why don't you kick these men out of this island.” The old man's voice was filled with sarcasm. Cloud looks over to him.

"Sure, why not." He gives him a sure smile.

The old man peers over and notices a genuine determination that looms beneath the grey of his eyes.

 A strong wind begins to concur.

The old man lifts his hand to cover his face, as he peaks through he notices a wind surrounding Cloud. 

A realization hits him.

 The lower half of Clouds body begins forming into wind. As dust continues to fill the air the prisoners look around confused trying to shield themselves from it all.

That boy done ate Wind Wind fruit! He thought to himself in shock as Cloud rapidly takes off towards the same direction Eloia has gone.