Chapter 7:

Sawa Strikes Again

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist

Yesterday was certainly an eventful day. Of course, annoyingly, I didn’t get the chance to talk to Sawa since, by the time I found her, class started. What made it more difficult is that she got hogged by her friends on the way home. Tomoko was also there and she gave me a weird look as she walked past.

Now to save time I ended up sending her a message on Minceagram. She said that we can meet up at her workplace after school, which is great, we won’t get interrupted by classmates. I am surprised though, never thought that she would have a job, it's quite weird to think about. Wonder what kind of job it is.

For most of the school day, we didn’t talk too much, she seemed to be back to her normal self today, which is great, maybe I won't have to talk to her about anything after all. Maybe I’ll use this as a chance to explain the Tomoko situation.

After school, I finally managed to get some time with Sawa as we go to her workplace.

“So… What did you want to talk about Taji? We have a little bit of time before we get there.” Sawa asked as she walked backwards facing me.

“What’s your job?”

“That’s what you wanted to ask?” Sawa turned back around.

She doesn’t sound too happy with that question. Did she expect a specific question?

“Well, anyway, I work at Lei’s restaurant. They needed help so I thought why not. They also gave me this Chinese maid uniform and it looks super cute! You’ll be the first one to see it from our school. Other than Mei.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Can’t wait to see it.” WHY? Of all places, it had to be Lei Mei’s restaurant. Doesn't she work there too? I was supposed to be keeping my distance for the time being. Damnit.

Shortly after the little talk, we had we arrived at the location. Sawa went to get changed while I took a seat and looked through the menu.

“Good afternoon Aguni!” Mrs Lei called out from behind the kitchen.

“Good afternoon Mrs Lei. How are you?”

“I am fine thank you, how about yourself?”

“I’m good as well, thank you.”

“Have you decided what you will be ordering?”

“Umm, I think I’ll have some Szechwan Chilli Chicken with some rice as well.”

“Okay! Will be done shortly.”

I wonder what Sawa’s dress looks like, she said it was pretty but is her pretty the same as other girls? Does she even have any normal female habits?

To a surprise, Sawa walked out in a Chinese-styled maid dress. The black and red colours matched well with the theme of the restaurant as well as oddly suiting Sawa. She slowly scooted her way over to Mrs Lei and talked to her for a moment.

With a bright red face, she came to my table and said, “I… are… you… Do- Do you want any- any drink… to drink?”

I looked up at her, she was trying to hide behind her little notebook.

“Yeah, can I have some water?”

“Yes!” she replied back.

She bowed down and ran off to the kitchen area.

I honestly never thought Sawa could be this cute, seeing this side of her really makes me think differently of her. Wish she had shown this side of her sooner, maybe we could have ended up dating. Would have been pretty insane, haha.

I received my water soon after Sawa was carrying over my food. Whenever she had a moment away from other customers she stood nearby me and stared at me as I ate.

“Excuse me, I didn’t receive my drink yet!” One of the customers yelled out.

Sawa walked over to the customer. The happy red face she had earlier had entirely vanished. Her sharp eyes met with the customer.

In a deep voice, she asked “What drink was it?”

The customer looked at her for a minute.

Sawa was trying her best to be patient and get a reply but she clearly had enough waiting. “What are you staring at? Did you not hear my question? Or are you too dumb to understand?” she asked.

The customer once again didn’t reply and carried on to stare at Sawa. It was hard to tell from a distance but it seemed as if the customer was smiling. That’s a bit weird. Does he enjoy it when people talk like that?

“Hey! Are you even listening to me?”

It looks like she is about to lose her mind over the customer. He must really be enjoying himself getting yelled at by a high school girl. Utterly disgusting. However, this does remind me of myself. Just sitting there with an empty head listening to Lei Mei speak while I drool my melting brain out.

Explains a lot actually. No wonder Lei Mei has been reacting the way she has been, although some of the reactions she had still make no sense but that’s not the current dilemma. Self-improvement. Remember! Self-improvement. That’s what’s important right now.

Mrs Lei ended up coming to deal with the situation. If Sawa was to stay there any longer she would most likely get fired for beating up customers. Although, the guy would probably come more often if she was allowed to do that.

“Taji! Are you done with your food?” Sawa asked

“Yeah, I am.”

“How was it? Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, it was great, thank you.”

“I will have a break soon, do you mind waiting?”

“I don’t mind, I can wait.”

With a huge smile on her face, she replied “GREAT!” as she ran back to the kitchen with all my plates… and smashed them all on the ground.

After patiently waiting for Sawa to get on her break, she has finally made it and came with some food as well made by Mrs Lei.

“So… Taji! What did you want to talk about?”

“Well… So you see. Sawa… You know-”

Before I could even get anywhere with what I was saying Sawa rudely interrupted me.

“Stop calling me Sawa, I told you this. It’s S - A - K - O - T - O!”

“Right. Okay… So as I was saying-”

“No. Say it.”

“I was trying to say what I wanted to say but you keep interrupting me.”

“No. Say my name. I refuse to listen until you do.”


“Exactly what I said. Do it or I’m leaving and tomorrow, I'll make your life a living hell.”

“What? Why? What did I do?”

“Remember the manga from last week?”

“Huh? Why would you bring that stuff back up? I don’t understand what I did wrong.”


“Okay! Fine! S - A - K - O - T - O.”

“Thank you. Wasn’t so hard, was it? Or were you just too embarrassed to say it?”

“No. That’s not the reason but whatever. Can I just get to what I wanted to say?”

“Yes, you idiot. Just get on with it. I don’t have all day.”

“Ok… Well, so, you know Tomoko?”

“Ugh Yeah. I do. Why?”

“Well. The reason why I call her Tomoko is because we used to date back in middle school. So since then, it’s just been a natural thing for me to do. Also, Tomoko has been trying to get back with me again recently. I found that pretty weird.”



“Why didn't you just say that earlier. Though, that last part we will have a deeper talk about.”

“Ah, well. I thought that it would make you even madder than you were already at the time.”

“Haha! I would never do such a thing!” She said as she was clenching her fists. “Don’t be silly Taji!”

Well, she without a doubt mad. I just pray that it’s not at me. I’m willing to sacrifice Tomoko if that's what it takes to live on.

“So… Taji. Say, what’s that thing you mentioned about Tomoko wanting to get back with you?”

“Well, the other day, I was walking in the hallway and Tomoko just came out of nowhere and grabbed me from behind, she started saying some weird stuff about our relationship and stuff…”

“Oh, really? Please give the details.” Sawa’s fists looked like they were about to mould into a solid block of flesh.

Pretty sure it was starting to bleed from the tension on them but that’s an issue for her, not me.

“That’s about it, nothing much else to it really.”

“Haha, that’s good. Though it doesn’t sound like her to leave it at that. Are you sure she didn’t sexually harass you?”

“Y-yeah. I’m sure of it.” I’m stupid. She’s literally friends with Tomoko, she knows how she acts. Sawa is definitely going to kill either me or her now.

“Okay. That’s fine. I need to head back to work. Bye.” and just like that, she was gone. She left without much issue, which is rather surprising. Usually, she would make a scene and try to publicly shame me.

Now that this is sorted. I might as well go home. As I grabbed my stuff and turned around behind me sat, Lei Mei. I don’t know how long she was there but she could without a doubt hear every word which was said.

This has to be the unluckiest thing that happened to me. Why was she exactly behind me? I understand that she’s there because she is Mrs Lei’s daughter. Just why did she have to be exactly behind me, specifically when I was talking with Sawa.

I just hope that she didn’t notice it was me. That's the best outcome possible.