Chapter 6:

Sawa Strikes

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist

This weekend was probably one of the most confusing and exhilarating weekends I have ever had. Now that we are back in school, it’s my time to fix myself. I won’t let anyone get in the way of my self-improvement. School? I will reach the top grades in my school. Relationships? I will socialise more and improve my social skills as well as be in touch with everyone more. Personal health? No more slacking off, time for workouts and organic foods.

I wonder if there is anything else I should add to the list. Oh, I almost forgot, ignoring Lei Mei. Till a month passes, I will not think or speak to Lei Mei willingly. I won’t mess this up. I want to show her my improvements. No, I need to show her it.

There are only two problems with ignoring Lei Mei. First, she sits in front of me. This without a doubt will be the most challenging part at first. When I overcome this obstacle, I will be undefeated. Secondly, if our families decide to have dinner together again. From what I heard our parents have gotten closer recently, even my mother started helping out at the Lei family restaurant.

The classes started, however, Lei Mei was absent today. I wonder what happened, regardless, this will only make it easier for me to get through the day and manage my academic improvements. Though, Sawa has been looking back at me every chance she gets. Not the most comforting thing, specifically after what she said yesterday.

Lunchtime finally came, as part of my self-improvement, I made sure to have a healthy pack lunch today. Mother was surprised when I asked for one. I hate to brag, but this food is fantastic. I might have to keep getting my mother to make these more often.

A shadow appeared over me.“Taji.”

I looked up from my food and see Sawa standing over me.

“Hi?” I replied while moving back slightly.

“Taji, come eat lunch with me.”

What on earth is happening. Have the gods finally decided to punish me? I don’t even think Satan would want this to happen to anyone. It didn’t even sound like a request. Do I even get an option in this?

“Taji… can we eat lunch together…? Please?”

People in the classroom started looking my way, all whispering to each other. This isn’t what I expected to be happening today. Did Sawa catch a cold or something?

“Can you please respond, goddamnit Taji?”

I completely forgot to reply to her, I haven’t ever seen Sawa speak so nicely to me.

All of a sudden Sawa gripped my wrist and dragged me out of the classroom. This is more like the Sawa I know. Glad to see she isn’t fully sick yet.

“Where are we going? I was eating food.”

“Shut up, you made me say stupid stuff in front of everyone and ignored me. We are going to the canteen to eat.”

“But… my food is in the classroom?”

“I’ll buy you some at the canteen, now shut up and walk on your own.”

She finally let go of my wrist. Why does she have such a powerful grip strength? Anyways, what the hell is wrong with her? She’s ruining my perfect plan of self-improvement, my healthy food… why now? Why?

I sat down in the canteen and waited for Sawa to get back with some food. I wonder, is she going to put something in that food? Maybe spit in it? That’s something I would expect her to do. I need Kingo to get here, he will make it less awkward for me.

Sawa brought some curry but she only had one plate of it. Did she forget about me? Or is she just messing with me? Surely she’s not going to just eat in front of me after dragging me away from my food.

Just as I feared, as soon as she sat down, she began to eat without care. Right in front of me, shamelessly. My stomach was starting to grumble louder. I really wish I could finish my food, I barely got the chance to eat it.

Without any warning, Sawa shoved a spoon of curry at my face and said “Open your mouth.”

I didn’t get a chance to even think about what was happening, my body automatically reacted and opened my mouth. Is being an obedient pet for Sawa just embedded into my mind? I fear that my body would do as Sawa commands me without giving me a chance to decide on my own.

This will be added to my list of self-improvements; becoming independent from Sawa’s commands.

“Open wide… Taji” Sawa looked away as she said that this time.

Being fed by Sawa… what universe am I in? Did I die in my sleep? Did I get transported to another world? Or is this just a dream? Do I really have a desire deep inside me to see Sawa, of all people, feeding me? Being nice to me? Now that I think about it, maybe that is what I want. This could be a good starting point on my self-improvement journey.

I stopped resisting and let it happen. Sawa was eating and feeding me as well. Others around the canteen stared at us. This won't end well… for both of us but if she insists on this then I’ll accept it.

“Haha, Sawa? Since when are you this close with Aguni? This is so unlike you!” Called out one of Sawa’s friends.

Hamakawa Tomoko, one of Sawa’s closest friends and my classmate. She often spends her time with Sawa during school and outside she is usually seen hanging around some college guys. Most of us just see her as a slutty delinquent but what else can you assume? Her personality seems fit for a person like that and I don't think she ever completed a single piece of homework, yet she has no issues in school. Maybe she messed with the teacher… or just bullied some smart guy to do it for her.

Sawa’s mood instantly changed. Her eyes became sharper and her blush instantly faded away.

Sawa stood up, looking straight at her she said “Listen, Tomoko. Why don’t you go back to letting college guys fiddle with your body? Unlike you, I have my own ways of doing things.”

With an agitated look, Tomoko leaned over and replied, “What are you talking about? Do you think that I consider myself that easy? Please! I probably have more dignity than you when it comes to men. At least I don’t make a guy I like, think I would kill him.”

Sometimes I wonder how did those two become friends, then again, the same can be said about me and Kingo.

“WHAT?” Sawa grabbed Tomoko by her shirt. “What are you even talking about? You get smoked out here, so watch what you’re saying.” she pushed her back and sat back down.

“Sawa, Sawa, Sawa… We will see how you will be talking to me when I take away what’s most precious from you.” Tomoko said as she tied up her clothes. “And when I do that, you will be on your knees begging for my forgiveness.”

Tomoko finally left the canteen, relieved she is gone, now I don’t have to listen to these annoying arguments. I might have a different issue to deal with… Sawa looks like she is on the verge of starting a world war.

“Hey… are you alright?” I wanted to try to take her mind away from Tomoko.

“Do I look like I’m fine? Come on Taji, you’re smarter than that, right?” Sawa mockingly replied.

“I was just asking… but ok. What’s up between you and Tomoko?”

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Also since when are you on a first-name basis with her?”

Ah… I slipped up. How do I explain this in a way which won't get her mad at me? I can’t tell her that we dated during middle school, right? Though I doubt she would even believe that…

“Ah, we went to middle school together. We used to be friends back then, so it's a bit of a habit now.” Hopefully, this will work, since it’s not entirely a lie more of just missing parts of the truth.

“And she calls you Aguni? That doesn’t seem like a mutual friendship if you ask me. Don’t be stupid Taji. You don’t even call me by my first name, yet you call HER by her first name? What’s wrong with you.”

Sawa started to sound more and more frustrated. She was fiddling around with her hand. It must be bothering her a lot. Wonder if I started calling her by her first name she would feel better.

“Sa- Sakoto… is this better?” It feels weird calling her this. All these years of her acting distant from me, made me feel like I have no right to call her by her first name. Yet here we are now, her complaining about not being called by her first name.

“Yes!” Her mood instantly changed. Her eyes opened up and she had a huge grin spread over her face.

Though it may feel weird, at least she's happy. Makes my life easier this way.

Lunchtime was finally over. We headed over to our next class, luckily for me, it was gym class. I’ll be able to get away and get some peace from Saw- Sakoto. I really need to remember to call her Sakoto instead of Sawa now. I can never tell when she feels like ripping me apart or when she's happy with me.

Once again, we were playing football for gym class. The girls were playing netball on the court next to us. Sakoto spent most of her time staring through the fence, I cannot lie, it was really distracting. I wasn’t able to concentrate on the game at all while seeing Sakoto in the corner of my eye.

The game finally ended and gym class was over. I will need to have a talk with Sakoto because this is getting rather discomforting. Maybe this is why Lei Mei started getting annoyed at me? I feel like I may have made her feel the same with all these random times I stared at her.

Now, I just need to find her. She vanished after we went back to get changed, I wonder where she went off to. While looking around the hallways I ended up getting snatched by someone by the back of my shirt.

“Hey, Taji~” A soft voice whispered directly into my ear.

Her arms wrapped around me tightly, I wanted to escape but she wasn’t letting it happen.

“Do you mind letting me go?”

“Maybe in a moment” she replied as she licked my neck.

This is too much. I grabbed her hands and finally set myself free. I really don’t feel like I need this kind of treatment. This is the exact reason why I stopped dating.

“Why are you doing this, Tomoko?” I asked while wiping my neck from her saliva.

“You used to like it when I did that, what changed?”

“I didn’t like it, you were the one who liked it. The issue is not what changed but what hasn't changed. Which in this case, it's you.”

I really don’t want to be mean to her but she was one of the few people who actually managed to bring me to a state where I talk back to them like that. Being serious is not my personal go-to but in times like this, it seems to be my only choice.

“Oww, you’re so mean Taji! You should be a little nicer.”

“I will when you finally change.”

“So… if I change myself, you’ll finally come back to me?”

“No. That’s not what I said.”

“Indirectly you did. Come on, you know you want to.”

“I really don’t. Not interested in that stuff anymore.”

“Then I’ll make you interested in it again. Just you wait.”

Tomoko ran up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips only to just run off.

“You’ll be crawling back to me soon Taji.”

Why does she have to be like that? Though, I do wonder, will she actually manage to change? Would her changing actually make me want to go back to her? Not seeing so much Lei Mei has been making me feel empty, even though I wanted to keep my distance, it just doesn’t feel natural being apart. I really have fallen deep for her. Love is really crazy, huh.

Sakoto was actually in the classroom the entire time. The only place I didn’t check.