Chapter 9:

Back and Forth


Resolved. Those with the ability to manifest spiritual energy. A hallmark of any strong civilization, a Resolved is what one can understand to be ‘superhuman’ (or superelf, superdwarf, or superorc to be egalitarian). Capable of channelling their soul into defending against bullets, increasing their strength, or unlocking unique abilities called ‘Idiosyncrasies’.

However, while every mage is Resolved, the opposite doesn’t apply.

Unlike mere Resolved who depended solely on themselves, mages were capable of accessing the ‘Fabric’, the unconscious will and thoughts of civilization. Through attributes and magic vessels passed down through heritage, magic essentially, enabled mages to reproduce the Idiosyncrasies and beliefs imposed by gods, demons, or otherwise.

Case in point, the glass orb of purple fire in front of me, which in actuality is a reproduction of the god Weyaloth’s Idiosyncrasy to, you guessed it, shoot purple fire. 

It's Azamazing really, magic that is.

I mean just look at that thing!

By replicating Weyaloth's skeletal hand in model resin form, what Rainee’s doing is using it as a conduit in the hopes of drawing more from the Fabric, thereby inadvertently lessening the costs of mana while simulta-

“Uh Azama". Cuts in a most timid voice. "You’ve been looking at that for a while now, I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, but like, I dunno, I feel like we should talk, maybe?”

Talk about a mood disruptor! Seriously though, I was almost waiting for him to interfere, prodding him with occasional glances, monologuing and all that just to see how long it would take. Well, almost, because just enjoying the cool magical device would’ve been fine too.

As gramps used to say, maximise your enjoyment no matter what you do.

Best to enjoy wherever life takes you, no matter the path, you know?

“Alrighty then, so where do we begin?”

No shortage of Azamazing topics to choose from really. From the unexpected encounter with the students, the architecture of the school buildings, to the system to which it's taught, or even the specifications and dimensions of the nearby electronic toilet.

“Y-you uh, probably want to know about the Crowns right?”

But while I am interested in everything, some things do definitely interest me more then others.

“Well on my list of things I want to know, I would say it ranks pretty high up!”

Rainee clears his throat and nods, taking a final moment to glance at my chin then eyes.

“W-well, you see, part of the reason I asked you to come here, is because I don’t know how to deal with them.”

Heh, well I’ve got just the solution ready to be served!

“You know Rainee, if you wanted, I’m sure you could blow them all up and no one would care.”

Rainee withdraws his face in horror, as if shocked at my words.

He really does take everything to heart, doesn’t he?

“I’m just having some fun at your expense, don’t worry.”

I didn’t actually mean he should do it of course. I was just curious how open he was to the idea of violence. Which, from the way it seems, isn’t very.

So, let’s try a different approach for now. I want to assess how drastic measures need to be, but also want to have some fun at the same time.

With an exhale of theatrics, I say, in an almost comically indifferent tone, “Look Rainee, they’re just a bunch of kids! I mean what? Are they trafficking drugs, starting gang wars, and blowing things up?”

Let’s see how he responds to my intentionally provoking statement, heh.

“Well, um, well actually yes to all three of your points.”

My, my, my!

I can’t believe how excited I am! So this school really is one big mess after all!

“Azamazing Rainee, simply Azamazing.” I reply. “So how many are there?”

“Eh, you’re not going to humiliate or tell me I’m an idiot?”

Really, Rainee? Come on!

“I mean by conventional standards you definitely don’t know how to run a school, but hey, wanna know something?”

I continue my statement, leaning into a whisper. “I’m anything but conventional either way.”

My body then pulls back into my chair, letting loose a bit of idle laughter.

“So, how many Crowns are there?”

“Well, there’s three technically. Ceylica, Jaiga and Kło.”

His loose emphasis on the word technically leaves more to be desired. As if just ‘technically’ there might be others.

“And who are the ‘untechnically’ ones as you might put it?”

When he receives my question, Rainee takes a second to think. He scratches his chin, then after a second, his eyes light up.

“Valefar, he uh, kinda runs The Tower, though only to some degree.”

Valefar… That’s a name derived from Classical Aoelian, which should suggest he’s a vampire.

More importantly, actually, there’s another detail that seems to be of notice.

Is it just me, or does Rainee know just a little too much?

I mean, if Rainee was the more social sort, I could definitely envision him having an understanding of this place’s social dynamics.

But he isn’t. There’s definitely no way he’s walking around interacting with students.

Which can only mean…

“Rainee, are you spying on these students somehow?”

The mages’ body flings backwards into his chair, a few borderline comedic ‘ha ha’ and ‘ahwellyousee’ escaping his throat all the while.

It takes him a good ten seconds, but he eventually settles back.

“Y-yeah, I’ve got a system for doing that. So yes, in case you were wondering, that’s how I get my info for the most part.”

Curiosity courses through me. There weren’t any cameras in the room I was in, so my natural guess would be magic.

Actually, if I recall correctly, there was a golem roaming outside in the parking lot.

Convenient detail, is it not?

If we put two and two together, alongside linking some contextual clues from conversation…

Got it!

Begin my random monologue which definitely serves no purpose but to tire and impress Rainee!

“I assume you have some connection between you and the golems which allows you to hear, smell and experience everything from their perspective? Only weakness being of course, that the student body is aware of such, and hence barr the golem from visiting during moments of secrecy hence availing you only of surface-level information, and therefore bringing into question whether Valefar is in actuality a crown?”

At that moment, Rainee eyes wide open, sighs.

“I mean, if you really knew everything you didn’t need to say it…”

“I know”. I say shrugging. “I just thought it’d be fun.”

“But yeah, so a few problems. I uh, only kinda understand what’s happening and even so, I uhhhh....”

Leave it to me to finish your sentence for you!

“You don’t know what to do right?”

I have an idea then. A concept both completely serious and humorous in its existence, motivated by an idle thought of me yelling intentionally offbeat slang and remarks.

“Yo, let Azama Meyos integrate as a student, bro”.

“Huh, what.”

To him, that intentionally off-beat and strange question must come out of nowhere. 

In fact, it shocks him to such a degree, that his first question isn't to ask what it infers, but to reply with “That doesn’t even rhyme!”

It certainly doesn't!

The astonished figure scratches his head and asks “Like, in what sense anyway?”

He probably saw some merit in the idea, and knowing him conjured up some charming image of his favourite show as a result.

“Bro, like me disguising as a student yo!”

“Would you please stop.”

“Sure”. Should he ask, then why not? “What I really mean to suggest is that because a good chunk of people have seen my face and acknowledged my existence as teacher, that it be best that I disguise and pretend to be a student as to integrate into the school community and get a firsthand experience into their mindset and situation.”

“Eh, isn’t that like a bit of a stretch?”

“Whatmore, is that I, the Azamazing Azama Meyos, think it will be extremely funny.”

“Are you uh sure that isn’t the main reason?”

“Definite, by approximation maybe half, but it certainly isn’t important or overpowering enough to be the main reason, I feel.”

It’s then that his face slightly changes, bringing with it, a whole new realm of possibility and suggestion.

“Now now Rainee, what’s going on in that little head of yours?”


Lies, lies lies!

“You never cease to amuse me Rainee, likewise, you never cease to stop inhibiting yourself either.”

I lean forward from my chair, slumping my arms on the desk in front.

“Why hold yourself back? You're the strongest mage you know, having all that power, and yet you’re afraid of standing up to a mercenary, much less, talking about your desire?”

“Wait, where’s this coming from?”

“The bottom of my heart of course, where else would such desires emerge? The depths of one’s loins?”

The word loins seems to have some sort of delayed effect, causing a frivolous rotation of his arms and head following a second of pensive thinking.

“Wa-wa-wait, weren’t we talking about the school just a while ago?”

“We were, and still are, if I’m not mistaken, am I mistaken Rainee?”

Hopeless and unaware on how to proceed, the mage mumbles a half-hearted “No-yes-no.”

He’s awfully tense, to the point where it’s almost uncharacteristically so.

It’s the sort of tension that lacks the pent up frustration and resentment found in his public appearances, while simultaneously being strung by anxious bits that displays a lack of complete comfort and security in lonesome privacy.

Some peculiar sort of roundabout woe that one ill finds in most places, but may stumble upon in certain circumstances. Some very inconspicuous occurrence, fulfilled only by the checking of a few conditions.

“Rainee, are you thinking about pretending to be a student with me?”

“First of all, I don’t think a man in his thirties like me should be doing such a thing!”

“Why not? Who’s going to stop you, the anti-degenerate thirty year old policing disciplinary committee?”

As if doubtful, he scratches his own chin, contemplating the matter for a moment.

“You’ve got the hair, the magic, and the mental acuity of your average anime high schooler outcast who’s in over their head, so why not?”

“O-ok, well, who’s going to do the disguises anyway, cause I uh don’t have any of those types of spells.”

“Wrong excuse to use Rainee! If you want to disagree, consider not mentioning the matter from the perspective of an inability to do so, but rather an want to not!”

Rainee’s voice rises as he asks. “W-why not?”

A question, to which I have the perfect response to.

I hasten to pull out a pouch from my inner waistcoat. The contents of which pour onto the table forming a crescent shape.

“That’s my sister.” declares the great Azama.

Enraptured, the mage ogles the pictures, regarding them with the same awe others leave for miracles.

“W-woah, she’s cute.”

“Actually, that’s me.”

“Man, you know what, I’m not even gonna care.” Shredding any sense of self-worth, Rainee presses his head closer, the images now tucked between his fingers. “This is actually amazing, is that a Raegnor cosplay, did you make it yourself?”

Antithetical to what one might suspect, the character Rainee infers is not a big bosomed female character, but rather an armour-clad knight with a giant red sword.

Besides going to show that his mind is not solely occupied by delusions of feminine attention, it also displays that he does have a certain degree of cultural appreciation.

What a man you are Rainee. Diversity in thoughts is the key to a fun life after all.

I mean just look at that fine red and black plate, Raegnor really is awesome!

“Yeah, sure did.” I answer, exuding a little air of pride all the while. “Had to do it for a particularly difficult mission that one. Guy had really tough security, but was a big old softie for his favourite show, doesn’t that sound like someone I know?”

There is a barely audible sigh as Rainee glances upwards. “Me, yeah, I admit it, I like watching these shows.”

“Good, now when are you going to admit that you definitely want to dress up and pretend to be a student with me?”

“Uh never, that’s just weird.”

“Picture this, a novel named after your Azamazing journey. Something like ‘I'm Just Your Average Mage Academy Student, But Actually I'm The Strongest!? Wait Why Do I Have a Harem Now!?'"

“Uh, still no. Also, there's some weird implication there I'm not even gonyna address.”

“What about now?”

Prepared, I reach into my waistcoat, and pull out yet another work of genius. The precise sort of object used to curry favour from an unsuspecting devoted fan of a particularly popular show.

“1/8 Ayalië Maid Outfit Ver, part of a limited set of only 100 made, got it from a convention in Faerin, what do you think?”

He leers at the newfound product placement, widened eyes all the while. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Well, why do you think Rainee? Because I’m having fun, obviously.”

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