Chapter 2:

Contenders For The Throne

My Demon Lord Ascension

Across the world, letters of the “Demon Lord Accession” began to reach those who shared the blood of the Demon Lord.

[Grandzania, The Unholy Keep]

A horned raven bestowed the letter held in its talons to a man with a face as fair as a true prince, with large, curving horns and exuberant, scarlet armor with a flowing, black-and-gold cape.

[First Son of Demon Lord Baal: Impervious Prince Beleth | Possessor of the “Celestial Forge System” – System Rank: SSS (Theoretically limitless)]

“I see.”

The taut man held the letter in his hand, only looking at it briefly before tossing it, beginning to walk as his long, silken locks of a silver shade flowed.

“The throne will be mine, then.”

As if the accession itself was hardly an obstacle, he spoke with utter, unflinching conviction as his subordinates quietly followed the imposing prince in his walk.

[The Land of Biting Frost, Swarmia]

An explosion of black flames roared out, instantly putting down the colossal, snow-furred bear that stood taller than the ice-caked frees around it.

Holding his hand high, a burly man, covered in scars and wearing no shirt despite the howling, icy winds, the dreadlock-wearing, horned man laughed out in triumph.


After felling the massive bear, the scarred, tan-skinned man with long, crimson hair was approached by a black-feathered hawk, given a crumpled-up letter.

[Third Son of Demon Lord Baal: Wild Prince Asmodeus | Possessor of the “Boundless Destroyer System” – System Rank: SS (Potentially limitless)]

Reading the letter, Asmodeus simply howled with laughter before burning it away with the black flames exuded from his calloused hand, stomping the black ground hard enough to send cracks along the surrounding area.

“Finally! Something fun is happening! Ga-ha-ha! I’ve been waiting to clobber some real challengers!” Asmodeus called out, his booming voice echoing through the wild, icy land.

[Land Between Desolation, The Battlefront]

War raged on; dragons mounted by demonic soldiers lashed out, breathing flames over the human soldiers. Those who managed to evade the breath of the mighty, black-scaled dragons were ravaged by the enormous orcs that slammed their colossal clubs into the helpless ground soldiers.

Magic was clung from both sides, resulting in fiery, red explosions of flames combating against the azure bolts fired from the human mages–filling the “No Man’s Land” with a constant veil of destruction.

In the midst of this one-sided warfare, the general who led the assault, dressed in decorated, black-and-gold armor with a dragon-faced helmet, sitting upon her mighty steed, received a letter from the dark-featured hawk.

The decorated, horned general was surrounded by her own personal squadron, unaffected by the bloodied war as she held little worry towards its outcome.

“Father is dying, hm? A shame. He was a fine military leader. However, I will carry on the legacy he has carved for our people.”

[First Daughter of Demon Lord Baal: General Princess Zagan | Possessor of the “Spatial Tyrant System” – System Rank: SS (Potentially limitless)]

Turning away from the bloodied, desecrated battlefield as her large, deviled equine began to march opposite of the flaming region, the general ushered her personal party to follow.

“It’s time to plan our next conquest.”

[Illustrio, The Kingdom of Light]

It was a keep beside the castle of the actual ruler of Illustrio, yet it was larger and much more grand, belonging to the man responsible for all of the trade of the mighty human kingdom that allied itself with Grandzania.

“A letter, mm?”

The fair-faced, pale-skinned man with well-kempt, black hair reached his hand out, accepting the letter from the white-feathered owl.

“Oh? One for me, too?”

Sitting across from him, lounging in the spa that was carved into the exuberant chamber, a youthful woman with similar, silken, jet-black hair and pale, blemish-free skin accepted a letter from a similar, white-feathered owl.

The man, dressed in a straight, wrinkle-free suit of black fabric and red undergarments had his eyes widened as he read the letter.


[Second Son of Demon Lord Baal: Cunning Prince Purson | Possessor of the “Galaxy Mind System” – System Rank: Unknown]

The horned woman blinked a few times with her light-golden eyes as she read the letter with her soaked hands.

“Father is dying? Isn’t this good news, brother?”

[Second Daughter of Demon Lord Baal: Twin Princess Vinea | Possessor of the “Dual Fate System” – System Rank: SS (Potentially limitless | Incredibly dangerous)]

Purson chuckled a bit, setting the letter on his furnished desk as he rested his cheek against his knuckles, “Now, don’t say that, dear sister. It’s a tragedy that Father is passing. It was by his hand that the Age of Demons began, however…It’ll be by our hands that it flourishes beyond that.”

Vinea nodded, resting on the side of the spa as she looked at her horned twin, who stood from his desk, looking beyond the window and down at the shining city.

“It’s time to make this world into the “World of Demons”--forget simply just an era; we will ensure the Age of Demons never ends–together,” Purson proclaimed as his eye displayed a digital spiral to itself. 

[Bellabubble, A Tavern]


Slamming the empty mug down, the man with shaggy, light-brown hair and a single, large horn burped out.

“Gimme another, boss,” the drunken, horned man lifted his mug to the passing waitress.

“Are you sure you need another…? You’re awfully drunk already,” the ginger-haired cyborg told him.

“Huh? I’m just getting started!”

The waitress hesitantly replaced the man’s empty mug with a full one, to which the rosy-cheeked, burly man accepted happily by gulping it down–not noticing the letter that was dropped by the bird until finishing the mug.


[Elder Brother of Demon Lord Baal: Forgotten Monarch Belial | Possessor of the “Unholy Restrictor System” – System Rank: SS (Incredibly potent negation)]

“Little brother is biting it, huh? Well then…”

The man sobered up quickly once reading the letter, standing up as he stretched his muscular body, cracking his neck side-to-side.

“I guess I should make sure Grandzania doesn’t fall into the hands of some pompous brats, then,” he smirked.

[???, A Dark Corner of The World]


A man, drenched in blood and entrails sat beneath a crooked tree, shrouded in the shadows of the corner of the world that never saw the light of day.

Countless corpses surrounded the lone man, whose unkempt, dark-blue hair obscured his eyes before the letter was merely dropped onto his lap as the bird left as quickly as it could–frightened of the bloodied man.


As the blood-soaked man read the laughter, he mumbled to himself before crushing it, turning it into ash from his touch alone.

[The Forgotten ??? of Demon Lord Baal: ???]