Chapter 13:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

And then what happened master? you are the one who caused all this destruction, everyone here believes that it was a punishment from the system for attacking the heroine, a kind of divine protection, but the truth, the sad truth is that all this was caused by you, the thousands of innocent deaths, the almost total destruction of the country, the reason why the few of us that are left live in these conditions, everything is because you wanted to protect that woman, was it worth it? was it worth it?

- Was it worth it, the truth is that I would have ended the life of every insectopia without even blinking my eyes just to have ROSA one more day, MUAJAJAJAJAJA but it is not as if I could do it, I mean blink, I have no eyelids, but to exchange the lives of innocents for her, yes I could have continued doing it until ending with every soul of this vast flat earth in which we live.

However, things are not as easy as exchanging a few tens of millions of lives for another, in real life you must understand that even the most powerful Demon Lord has limits, unfortunately I am not a giver of life, nor a healer, none of my knowledge was aimed at saving it, life can only come from life itself, and I was already undead by then.

I ended my powers by executing this massive technique without proper preparation, destroying a country from the other side of the planet is the same as writing your own name on the tombstone for your grave, but I did not die, because what is dead can not die.....

-Master, are you sure you can say that, I mean .......... legally?

-I meant, an undead cannot die, but even so I was left on the edge unable to move with my brain functions at a minimum, the gargoyles and the defensive systems of my castle were out of order, it was a matter of time before the heroes would try to enter, only my reputation kept them away.

Little by little, my thoughts made sense again, I went from thinking in monosyllables, to words, then to sentences, finally I remembered my name, and after several days I remembered that this was my castle, finally I managed to crawl, I ran into my books, relearning is faster than learning, I managed to read again, I found my log, it took a few days, maybe too many, to remember it, all the time it was in my mind, like a taste, like a smell that is there, but you do not identify, until I read my records was that it came back to my mind. ROSA

ROSA, the last page was not written, I did not know at that point what had happened, the last thing that was recorded about her was that she was going to the island of the swords. So naturally, as soon as I managed to stand up learning to walk again, I took my robe sprinkled with nuclear mass and I started my own journey, I had to cross the whole world, without powers, and just with the knowledge of a recently undead, I took my first step out of the castle through the great door leaving everything I had achieved behind and thus beginning the march of undeath.