Chapter 5:

A Robbing of History (Part Deux)

Bleeding Gold (For You)


“Max! Max! Did you see that fancy guy today? I overheard he was bringing in more paintings. Why would he come here? I have a theory… Maybe he’s a supervillain and he’s in a coup with the director WooooOOoooOOo-“Max stares at his friend Niko and bursts out laughing. “You’re unbelievably weird,” Max says and throws his arm around Niko’s head.

“This is what you get for spilling the states-secrets”. He ruffles Niko’s hair while holding him in a headlock.

A buzzer goes off, alerting the staff that the museum is closing. “Okay, time to head home,” Max says and walks together with Niko to the changing rooms. Niko uses his pass to clock out, and the door automatically opens. Max searches for his employee pass but cannot find it. “Hmm.. It must’ve fallen somewhere.” He thinks. He walks back into the museum and tracks back to where he was talking with Niko.

Max takes out his phone and texts Niko “I’ve lost my pass, you go on home. I’ll be okay”.

A couple of meters further he sees a shiny plastic pass on the ground. “Ah, there you have it. I’m so stupid.” Max smirks and crouches down to grab it. Once in his hand, he heard a loud tapping. More like a banging noise coming from down the hallway. He stands up and turns around to look but-


His head hits the floor. Everything hurts. When he looks up, a man is laying on top of him. Their eyes lock for what would seem an eternity. Sunny-golden eyes, like the rim of most paintings in this museum. Dark brown locks stuffed into a black beanie. A small painting was in the hands of the man, scratching up Max’s three-piece suit. Both of them stare at each other wide-eyed, unmoving.

The man on top shakes his head and whispers “Ah shit”The man quickly stands up and runs away. Max hadn’t noticed that the lights had gone out, or that the banging on the staff’s changing rooms got louder by the second. “What… just happened?"
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Bleeding Gold (For You)